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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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2008 United States National Championship
Metagame Staff

It’s over, and Texas’s own Chris Bowling is your new US National Champion!


Bowling began his victorious sweep today facing off against Zachary Lechtner, Day 2’s only Anti-Meta Gadget duelist. Despite Lechtner’s wealth of main decked tech prepped for the Gladiator Beast matchup, Bowling managed to achieve victory in spite of the odds. From there he competed against well-renowned veteran Hector Heras with Dark Armed Dragon, and took a narrow 2-1 victory.


After clinching his spot in the World Championships, Bowling went up against Miguel Flores in another Gladiator / Dark Armed Dragon matchup. Again, Bowling claimed victory in three games. Finally, he went up against Shane Scurry in a Gladiator Beast mirror match. After losing game 1, he came back to sweep games 2 and 3, becoming National Champion in the process.


Congratulations to all the competitors here at the US National Championships, and special congrats to the four American representatives the US will be sending to Worlds. Robert Ackerman, Miguel Garcia, Shane Scurry, and Chris Bowling were opponents here today, but when they head to Berlin this August they’ll do so as teammates. Good luck to them — together, they’re inarguably the strongest team the US has ever sent to Worlds.

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Adam Corn
  Robert Ackerman
Robert Ackerman
  Shane Scurry
Eric Taylor
  Shane Scurry
Shane Scurry
  Chris Bowling
Chris Bowling
  Chris Bowling
Hector Heras
  Chris Bowling
Miguel Garcia
  Miguel Garcia
Mike Kinsley

Day 2
It all came down to this! Shane Scurry, master of the impossible win, was up against Chris Bowling for the title of U.S. National Champion!
Some prizes can’t be bought or sold, and a trip to Worlds is one of them.
Both players are headed to the World Championship and are two wins away from the U.S. title.
Team Yu-Gi-OhETC’s Chris Bowling was fresh off a win over Gadgets in the Top 16, while Florida’s Hector Heras had just beaten down Skyler Hunter’s Gladiator Beasts.
Robert Ackerman and Adam Corn are two of the top prospects for the win here today.
Adam Corn is the reigning National Champion and has managed to make it to Day 2 yet again.
Neither Frank Schifano nor Eric Taylor has made waves in the past, but what better place to start than with a Day 2 appearance at the National Championships?
I now present to you some interesting and relevant rulings that you should really be aware of if you intend to compete in either Canadian Nationals or Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia.
Yesterday, 627 of America’s best duelists faced off, and, after ten rounds of dueling, just sixteen competitors remain.
Day 1
The metagame here today was surprising.
Shane is the multiple Jump-winning competitor from Team Overdose who has become a mainstay on the circuit, while Robert Lim has a wicked Macro Cosmos/Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi deck to his name from the 50th Jump in Costa Mesa.
It seems like a great chance to look at more of the tech picks that defined the Day 1 field, and shaped the Day 2 roster.
While the loser of this match might sneak into Day 2 on tiebreakers, the winner was definitely headed to the Top 16, and a one in four chance of going to Worlds.
After defining and redefining the metagame at nearly every Jump he’s been to since March, Jerry Wang’s now fighting for his life in the tournament at 6-2.
This match was going to pit two drastically different control decks against each other.
Ryan is here today with a Dark Armed Dragon deck featuring Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter that he’ll need to pilot successfully against Lux’s Dark Armed Dragon in a potentially nasty mirror match.
Chris Bowling needs no introduction, but his opponent Paul Blair is a relative unknown. Traveling here from Michigan, Blair has made a name for himself today with a unique Monarch deck.
Pete Navarro arrived on the scene today as one of many players wielding a low-utility, high-power Lightsworn deck.
Wow there’s a lot of tech here today!
This matchup would pit two of Texas’s greatest duelists against each other.
Shane Scurry and Jessy Samek have both won Jumps in the past, and now they’re meeting once again on the biggest stage in the States.
This is the first Gladiator Beast mirror match we’re featuring today, and it should be a good one.
Jordan Nasser is returning once again to the Duel Dome after his third-round match against Tray Massinger.
A lot of decks saw a ton of hype prior to the release of Light of Destruction, but only one has failed to appear in major competitions thus far — Twilight.
While Michael Kalish's Monarch deck has a favorable Gladiator Beast matchup, the pilot of that deck is none other than two-time Shonen Jump Champion Shane Scurry.
With the 50th Shonen Jump Championship still within our recent memory, I find it quite appropriate that the winner of the very first Shonen Jump Championship is here, undefeated thus far.
Today’s metagame is very interesting, because there are four top decks that were obvious picks: Gladiator Beasts, Dark Armed Dragon, Lightsworn, and Monarchs.
Fredella is the definite odds-on favorite in this matchup with far more real-world creds than Bodkin. A win here would be huge for Bodkin’s reputation.
Tray Massengale is now 2-0 going into the third round against previous SJC Day 2 competitor Jordan Nasser.
Albert Perez traveled here this weekend from Miami, Florida while his opponent is Jeff Baumgartner, a well-renowned duelist from the suburbs of Chicago.
It’s always tough when you have to play against a teammate, but it’s even more difficult when you come up against a teammate in the second round of the National Championship.
Jon Moore isn’t the only duelist drawing inspiration from the Chaos era here today.
Vincent Tundo is back this weekend with an all-new version of Royal Magical Library OTK.
Today, Mike Pianka is banking on Lightsworn to take him to the Top 16, but first he’ll have to get by Shonen Jump Montreal Champion, Cesar Gonzalez, who has chosen to arm himself with Monarchs.
Over the past year, no Shonen Jump Championship regular has given us more highs and more lows than Jon Moore.
America’s greatest duelists convene today right here at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, and while hundreds have made the trip from all corners of the nation, only one will emerge from the weekend as National Champion.
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