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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Huntik Preview: No Rest for the Wicked! -
  The Organization will stop at nothing in their quest to control the Titans. They use sneaky tricks to push their minions harder, and eliminate the competition without fighting fair.
Huntik Launch Event This Weekend! -
  Give your local hobby store a call and ask them if they will be holding a Huntik Launch Event so you don’t miss out on your chance to get these Limited Edition EXCLUSIVE cards!
Huntik Preview: Sabriel and the Everfighters -
  The card previews so far have centered on some of the strongest Seekers from the world of Huntik, but what’s a Seeker without their Titans? Today, we’ll look at one of the toughest Titans you can put in a deck: Sabriel!
One Card at a Time: Stormwind City -
  Each week, Glenn Jones takes an underappreciated single card and dives head first into it, squeezing every drop of strategy out of it. This column focuses on a place most MMO players are familiar with- Stormwind City.
Huntik Preview: Suit Up! -
  The Huntik Trading Card Game lets you build a deck using the villainous minions of the Organization, and they’ve got plenty of tricks up their sleeves to control their Titans and defeat the Huntik Foundation.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Organized Play Canceled in North America -
  Upper Deck remains committed to the Yu-Gi-Oh! community and will continue to fight Konami’s actions in court.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion Packs Orders Go Unfilled -
  North Las Vegas, NV (January 13, 2009) — Upper Deck regrets to announce that hobby tournament stores nationwide will not receive their orders of Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Champion Packs. Despite contractual obligations, Konami Digital Entertainment failed to send the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Champion Packs to Upper Deck for distribution to hobby stores.
Star City Events Holds Judges' Conference in Roanoke, Virginia -
  Star City Events will be hosting a judges' conference on Saturday, August 7, in Roanoke, Virginia at the Star City Game Center. The conference is for current Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) judges and players interested in becoming judges . . .
Greensboro, North Carolina Hosts $1,000 Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament -
  On Sunday, August 15, Star City Events will host a $1,000 Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina. This event will be open to Yu-Gi-Oh! players of all ages . . .
Greensboro, North Carolina Hosts $1,000 Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament! -
  On Sunday, August 15, Star City Events will host a $1,000 Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina. This event will be open to Yu-Gi-Oh! players of all ages, and the Top 8 finishers will share $1,000 in cash prizes!
Looking At the Overlooked: More Dark Armed Return -
  Dark Armed Return is proving to be overwhelmingly stable, not a hit-or-miss strategy like the Magical Explosion OTK.
Looking at the Overlooked: Dark Armed Dragon Return -
  It boggles my mind how simply and easily we’ve accepted that Dark Armed Dragon is supreme as-is.
Looking At The Overlooked: Perfect Circle -
  I want to take a look at this specific archetype because I feel that certain cards out there can benefit it.
Soul Control vs. Beastdown: Tech Against Fang -
  Evan Vargas’s Soul Control deck has become one of the most net-decked archetypes in the country since he introduced it in Los Angeles on April 2, one day after the new Limited list was released.
Living the Metagame: Tough Love in Tournament Play -
  This article will address many of the issues both players and judges face at a premier event . . .
Living the Metagame: High-Level Monsters -
  Why use any high-level monsters at all? Two reasons: gamebreaking effects and/or the ability to special summon the monster through its own special requirements.
Living the Metagame: Winning Trap Lineups -
  So how many traps are the top players using, and which ones? We have had three months of Regional tournaments across the country. I have analyzed over 150 of the top decks, and the trap lineups for winning decks are very consistent.
Living the Metagame: Fanning the Flames -
  Slowly but surely, each set released has improved the cards of Burn decks. Magical Scientist, Wave Motion Cannon, and now Chaos Emperor Dragon and Stealth Bird make the Burn deck viable as a serious deck type in the current metagame.
Living the Metagame: The Time of Chaos -
  Invasion of Chaos has just been released at the time of the writing of this article, and the buzz around the set has been incredible—for good reason. This article will not review the entire set, but instead will focus on the expected impact it will have on the metagame.
Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Treacherous Trap Hole -
  This card just yells field control, and it’s extremely strong in the early game.
Best of 2008 - The Practical Duelist: Group Playtesting -
  Thumping on your local tournaments’ weekly lineup just isn’t enough, and Bryan broke it all down to show you the simple processes you need to test effectively. If you seriously want to top a Regional, Shonen Jump, or go to Worlds, you should absolutely read this article.
Looking Back on Fundamentals: Revisiting Time Management -
  The principles of time management are predicated on the simple fact that your time exists in a limited quantity.
Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Night’s End Sorcerer & Tempest Magician -
  Tempest Magician is an example of a Synchro monster geared directly toward its monster type. The card is built to support Spellcasters...
Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Secret Village of the Spellcasters -
  Right off the bat a certain thought comes to mind: "one-sided Imperial Order."
The Practical Duelist: Looking Back on Fundamentals -
  To be honest, I don’t think any goal is too ambitious. You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to.
Deck Archetype: Big Beater -
  This week, I’m presenting a fairly new deck archetype, which I call Big Beater . . .
Player Beware -
  How many times have I had my own deck stolen? Staring at my hands, I looked down and counted at least seven times to my memory within the past two years that it has happened . . .
The Art of the Duel -
  Has monster removal got you down? Can’t sleep at night for fear that Chaos Emperor Dragon is going to appear and blow up your field? Are you depressed that your hand disappears faster than the speed of light?
Summon vs. Summoned, and Much Much More -
  “Do you have a question?” I asked. I could tell from the look in his eyes that I was going to be standing there for a while . . .
Crazy Talk: Using Advice to Your Advantage -
  In the year 228 A.D., the Battle of Jieting was fought in what is now the Gansu province of China.
2004-2005 Tournament Appeals Announcement -
  At this time, we are closing the books on tournament appeals and prizes for Premier Events for 2004 and 2005.
The Challenge: Type A Responses -
  A few weeks back, I had issued a challenge to all the readers out there. My challenge was to come up with the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Type A deck. Let's see how some of you intrepid readers fared, shall we?
The Challenge: The Pro Circuit -
  Ready for more Organized Play information, friends? So far, we have covered premier events, and this week we're going to look at the Pro Circuit.
The Challenge: Organized Play Part 2, Premier Events -
  What are premier events? They would best be described as events that go beyond the normal scope of weekly tournaments . . .
The Challenge: Organized Play, the Overview -
  To make sure that everyone is on even footing and knows what is going on, let’s start out by answering, “What is Organized Play?”
Nasty Waters Ahead -
  With the release of Invasion of Chaos, Water attribute monsters are getting a huge boost. In fact, they are getting such a boost that I would go so far as to say that they are going to become a tournament-viable archetype with this set release.
The Apotheosis — Competitive Morphtronics?! -
  Go figure — a Morphtronic deck that can actually win games, sometimes at a shocking pace!
The Binder: Greenkappa -
  I’m really tired of Solemn Judgment, and playing my own copies of it to fight back just doesn’t make me feel warm and tingly inside. This guy, however, comes with tingles aplenty!
Seven Days: January 26 -
  It’s Monday, January 26, 2009, and less than two weeks remain until thousands of duelists get their shot at a copy of Gold Sarcophagus!
The Binder – Karma Cut -
  To understand why Karma Cut is a competitive tech choice in this format, you need to understand how it varies from Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.
The Apotheosis — Dark Warrior Toolbox -
  The thing to remember when you build a theme deck is that if you want it to be more than just a handicapped oddity, you need to take full advantage of your theme.
Ultimate Duelist Challenge #4: Take 'em Down! -
  Today, you’re going to have to take your opponent down to 0 life points by the end of your first battle phase. Before you start saying “That’ll be easy! I’ve done that in duels before,” make sure you read the fine print.
Reader Challenge 8 Solution: Infinity in a Jar -
  Well, Chase H. did it again!
Reader Challenge Seven Solution: Mokey Mokey’s Favorite Poem -
  Julia and I promised some truly sadistic challenges, and we delivered on this one!
Reader Challenge Seven: Mokey Mokey In Blue Sky Over Green Grass -
  Mokey Mokey flaps his wings like soft blue pillows. He brings your challenge.
Reader Challenge Six Solution: Night of the Living Decks -
  The first joint effort between Julia and I contained more red herrings than any previous Reader Challenge.
Force of the Breaker Card Preview: Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle and Crystal Promise -
  This week, I’m back with a new pair of combo-oriented cards for a brand new deck type that I can’t wait to see in action.
Force of the Breaker Card Preview: Backs to the Wall -
  Combo-oriented decks have been increasingly successful in high profile events lately, and I’m going to talk about a card that will fit nicely in with that trend.
Solid Ground: Getting Your Friends To Play -
  I’ve found two things to be true when it comes to friends and trading card games—playing a TCG is a great way to meet new friends, and it’s also fun to drag your existing friends in.
Agents of Judgment: Pairings Team -
  This week, it’s time for a close-up look at the pairings team!
Solid Ground: Side Deck Tech from Strike of Neos -
  I still don’t have nearly as much Strike of Neos as I’d like—I really enjoy this set. Apart from the cards that have made it into main decks of all descriptions, there are some really good side deck options in the set that you should consider.
UDC #5 Solution: String ’em Up! -
  “Hmm,” we thought to ourselves. “We need to do something splashy for the final Ultimate Duelist Challenge.
Ultimate Duelist Challenge #5: String Them Up! -
  This time, rather than testing you on some torturous tricks with the cards, we’re going to test your knowledge of card art and recurring characters.
Ultimate Duelist Challenge #2: Weird Science Solution -
  For this challenge, entrants had one turn in which to special summon as many Fusion monsters as possible using Scientist’s effect, beginning with the standard 8000 life points.
Solution to Ultimate Duelist Challenge #1: You’re All A Bunch Of Animals -
  We got a good response to our first Ultimate Duelist Challenge!
Ultimate Duelist Challenge #3: What Not To Wear -
  Win the challenge, and get a box!
The Kyle Holzwart Benefit Fund -
  Together, we held a special tournament in Kyle’s honor on March 18, 2006.
Force of the Breaker Preview: Harpie Queen -
  Harpie Queen doubles as a field spell card and as a Harpie Lady monster. It’s safe to say she’s probably the most versatile monster card in the game.
Force of the Breaker Preview: Goe Goe The Gallant Ninja -
  In the absence of disruptive tools like Delinquent Duo, The Forceful Sentry, and un-Limited Spirit Reaper, players have begun amassing some rather large hand sizes.
New Grounds: Teching the Metagame with Aggression -
  We’ve already discussed the fact that both DDT and the Ritual OTK deck base themselves around an inordinate amount of spell cards that must resolve successfully to give them victory. However, both decks also suffer from a few more weaknesses that I’d like to exploit.
New Grounds: Teching the Metagame with Counter-Traps -
  As you can see from the results of Shonen Jump Championship Columbus, the environment seems to have shifted.
New Grounds: Revisiting the Shrink Equation -
  You heard it right on the latest Seven Days: Shrink is being reprinted, in easily accessible form in the Strike of Neos Special Edition.
Taking Sides: TeleDAD with Skill Drain -
  Most TeleDAD main decks can be restrained by Skill Drain, but not enough for Skill Drain to destroy the deck’s combos and strategies.
Taking Sides: Lightsworn -
  If I had to choose the most difficult strategy to use a side deck with, I’d choose Lightsworn.
Best of 2008 - Gladiator Beast Retiari: A Closer Look -
  In honor of Retiari’s astonishing contribution to the Gladiator Beast theme and appearance in the most recent Shonen Jump Top 16, I’ve chosen this article as my favorite of the year.
Taking Sides: Gladiator Beasts Part 2 -
  Side decking against less popular decks can be tricky. Even similar builds of less commonly played decks often vary significantly, and that makes it extremely important to pay attention to the cards your opponent plays in the first game...
Taking Sides: Gladiator Beasts Part 1 -
  In this article, I’ll be analyzing how the two most common Gladiator Beast matchups are expected to play out and which cards would be beneficial to side in and out during each match.
UDE Comes to BlizzCon! -
  Upper Deck attended BlizzCon to preview the World of Warcraft TCG and demo the Vs. System.
The School of Duel — It’s All You -
  Playing "by the book" is almost guaranteed to let you make the "strongest" move in a given scenario, but it isn’t necessarily going to maximize your chances to win the current duel.
Almost There — Back In Black (Garden) -
  When you decide to play Plants, you aren’t risking your life in the tournament on whether or not you can draw a single card eight or ten rounds in a row. You’re engaging in a test of dueling ability that will reward you with wins, almost regardless of what you’re playing against.
Almost There — Our Dragons Are Different -
  The entire point of the Hopeless Dragon deck is to play a bunch of Dragons, the bigger the better.
Almost There — A Word to the Wise -
  While this build is merely a first look at the idea, I’m confident that anyone who can successfully and consistently put Neos Wiseman on the field will win the game.
Best of 2008 - Almost There: Garden of Nightmares -
  When I first sat down and decided to decipher the multitude of text of Black Garden, I had no idea that I would end up playing a deck based around it at Shonen Jump Championship Detroit...
The Duelist Genesis Preview: Oyster Meister and Fish Depth Charge -
  The coelacanth and I have a few things in common. Both of us disappeared for an extended period of time only to reappear to the surprise of others.
The Apotheosis: Fairy Tale -
  So let’s go over why a one-turn-KO deck involving Fairies works.
The Apotheosis: Terra Force -
  It’ll rock your socks off!
The Apotheosis: One of Everything on the Menu -
  The Limited cards on our current Advanced format list are obviously powerful enough to merit being on there because they might be a little too good if you could play two or three of them.
The Apotheosis: Exodia the Super-Searchable One -
  The first thing we want to do here is cut the entire deck except for the pieces of Exodia.
Ryan Murphy on Gadgets -
  Gadgets are a statement. They are mathematic, controlling, and intelligent.
The Budget Builder: Black Garden -
  We’ll be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the Plant archetype, specifically a Black Garden variant of the deck.
A "Little" Bit Different -
  You can expect Little City to be a force in future Shonen Jump Championships, so whether you need to understand the deck or make a copy of your own, research is essential to being successful on the highest levels of competition.
The Budget Builder — Ojama Equalizer -
  To begin the New Year, we’re going to look at what might be the cheapest Yu-Gi-Oh! deck to be introduced by Metagame. With only six rare cards and thirty-four commons, this is a deck almost anyone can afford!
Best of 2008 - The WCP Theory and Mathematic Side Decking -
  Mathematic side decking allows you to quickly and efficiently recognize the perfect amount of your side deck to focus on counteracting specific strategies.
The Champions: John Burkhead -
  The first thing I like about this deck is that Burkhead was able to do what most players weren't: cut a lot of Zombies.
The Champions: Ryan Spicer -
  In my opinion, this TeleDAD deck should have won Houston. It is better in every way than the build that everyone else was using.
Battlefields: Practice Makes Perfect -
  You need to know how games can be won because in a nine round tournament you will need to exhaust your entire arsenal. Games are won by skill, by luck, by trickery, and by the most perfect of timing.
The Champions: Jae Kim -
  Jae's been to The Champions on several occasions. Each time it's because he's accurately predicted the metagame and prepared to beat it.
The Champions: Calvin Tsang (and Ervin So) -
  I'm not going to try to claim a trap line-up with two copies of Threatening Roar and three Reckless Greed is stronger than the one that places ten to twelve people in the Top 16 of every SJC. But Calvin ran into all the best TeleDAD builds played by some of the best duelists alive, and he still made it to second place.
Beating the Format #3: US Nationals Aftermath -
  I’m here again to bring you a card, combo, and deck from the top tables at US Nationals.
The Limelight – Igor Kharin -
  Igor Kharin came in second at the National Championships, armed with his clever Cyber-Stein build tearing through opponents all day long.
Beating the Format #2: SJC Baltimore Aftermath -
  As the first Shonen Jump Championship of the new format, Baltimore revolutionized the metagame.
UK Yu-Gi-Oh! National Championship 2006 Coverage -
  We’ll be posting coverage of the Yu-Gi-Oh! UK National Championship alongside Shonen Jump Columbus this weekend.
Beating the Format #1: SJC Durham Aftermath -
  In this series, I plan to look at major events and play styles, and analyze a card, combo, or deck that raised interest at an event or caught our eye in a feature match.
The Binder: Skill Drain -
  While Jonathan Labounty won with a deck that many considered to be extinct after the new Advanced format changes, the new decks and strategies that came out of SJC Washington, DC were all very unique.
The Binder: Bottomless Trap Hole -
  As the Advanced format changes, whether through the rise of a new deck or a new change to the Forbidden and Limited lists, cards filter in and out of the most commonly played decks.
The Binder: Jinzo Revisited -
  It always excites me when a card which I’ve previously looked at goes through a dramatic change in a tournament format.
The Binder: Good Goblin Housekeeping -
  Good Goblin Housekeeping to draw three cards multiple times typically swings games into your favor, since it’s hard for an opponent to beat the extra steam that the re-use of a late-game copy can provide.
The Binder: Nobleman of Crossout -
  If you caught the newest Advanced format list, you may have noticed a few heavy changes.
Turbo Just Isn’t Fast Enough! -
  Now why am I trying to talk about a deck from the last format? It’s simple: the deck isn’t dead yet.
Simon Says: Don’t Fear the Ring -
  I would like to talk about certain cards you can use to minimize or even nullify the devastating power of Ring of Destruction.
Simon Says: The Elemental Hero Neos Card Battle Group -
  So what’s the most efficient way of getting Elemental Hero Neos out there to start doing damage to your opponent’s life points?
Simon Says: Trapped and Locked Down -
  Some cards out there can limit a player’s actions, allowing the player who uses them achieve his or her winning strategy while the opponent is completely bogged down and helpless.
Simon Says: Aliens Attack! -
  Today I would like to discuss the alien theme further by highlighting some other cards from this set that I didn’t cover in my initial preview.
Simon Says: Prehistoric Power -
  Dinosaurs are the last word in huge, angry, hungry behemoths.
Duelist Academy: February Mail -
  This week’s mail bag involves a slew of Gladiator Beast questions, with a special appearance by Royal Oppression.
Duelist Academy: Dandy Dragon -
  Today we examine these new cards so you will be prepared to use them when you have received your copies . . . or when your opponent has.
Duelist Academy: Phantom of Chaos – Part 02 -
  Today we look at more effects that don’t work well with the Phantom of Chaos and discuss how it loses the powers it has copied in the end phase. We will also examine the Phantom’s interactions with Skill Drain, which are a bit quirky.
Duelist Academy: Phantom of Chaos -
  "While many creatures copy the abilities of those around them, the Phantom copies the abilities of the deceased. The forgotten ancestrage offers up its wisdom, and the Phantom partakes". ― Excerpt from the journals of Kozaky
Best of 2008 - Duelist Academy: Imprisoning Mirrors -
  The Light and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirrors continue to show up in decks as a means of combating various light or dark themed decks popular in the metagame. The confusion surrounding how they work is recurring, so if you know any players that are new to these cards, have them read this article.
Invasion of Chaos Premier Weekend Press Release -
  Kings Games, an Upper Deck™ Premier Tournament Organizer in Brooklyn, New York, announced today that it will be hosting an Invasion of Chaos (IOC) Premier Tournament Weekend on March 6–7, 2004.
Deconstructing the Nutshell: The Uncertainty Principle -
  Just why am I making this choice?” is the optimal question to ask.
Ask Rob: Random Rulings from Rob's Inbox -
  I'm going to start a new section, which I will be returning to frequently, called Random Rulings from Rob. Each time I do this review, I will be taking a handful of reader emails and answering their questions.
Ask Rob #3: Tournament-Viable Commons -
  Today we're going to discuss just what makes a good common and what doesn’t, and how to focus your deck into something tournament-viable without the big budget.
Ask Rob #1: Extraordinary Popular Delusions -
  This is a special week, as Metagame.com is just starting. I've decided to respond to the top five most common misconceptions, or "delusions," if you will, that I hear on a daily basis. Each is an actual question that I have been asked, along with the most common reasoning that was provided.
Tomato Control vs. Soul Control -
  I’m not just here to tell you how this deck won a Shonen Jump Championship. I plan to dissect it and compare it to another deck that you’re likely to see in the current metagame.
Vincent Tundo In: Bigger and Better! -
  During the Shonen Jump Championship at Houston I was walking down one of the aisles between tables after Round 4, and just happened to spot a discarded copy of Lucky Pied Piper...
Through The Common Pile: Squeeze -
  Isn’t it great when you’re at a Regional or Shonen Jump Championship, and your opponent starts topdecking and can’t seem to get a monster out? This deck is designed to simulate that scenario again and again with the help of Narrow Pass.
Through the Common Pile: Counterline -
  The concept of this deck is very simple: you take the battle phase out of the game!
Through the Common Pile: Hino-Hand -
  This deck is designed to take away your opponent’s cards as quickly as possible while recruiting some of the meanest monsters in the game, and there’s no better way to do that than with Mausoleum of the Emperor.
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships Recap -
  Continue to check out the Yu-Gi-Oh! Worlds coverage on the events page. There are new articles posted daily, including deck and metagame analysis.
SandTrap's Fire Deck -
  Rise of Destiny gave Fire decks cards like Ultimate Baseball Kid and Raging Fire Sprite.
The Importance of Trample -
  Trample is a term used to describe dealing damage to a defense position monster when you normally couldn’t.
Countering the Advanced Format Metagame -
  First, let’s look at what’s gone in the Advanced format. Raigeki, Dark Hole, and Harpie’s Feather Duster are all banned, and Torrential Tribute is restricted to one copy per deck. What does this mean?
The Apotheosis: Exodia, King of Armageddon -
  My, my, how the mighty have fallen! Just weeks ago, Demise, King of Armageddon was the most feared deck on the radar of any truly competitive duelist. Now, with the Demise OTK strategy having been utterly savaged through main deck and side deck counters at Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia, the big blue blight is a shadow of his former self.
Extra Credit: Crystal Beast Class 101 -
  Welcome, students! If you are here in this lecture hall this afternoon, it means you have the drive, devotion, and dedication to dueling that is required to expand your competitive education.
The Apotheosis: The Queen’s Swarm -
  As much as I identify with the Amazonesses and their flashy habits of dress, I much prefer Harpie monsters. Feathers, spikes, and spandex? I readily admit that I can only begin to aspire to such gloriously bold fashion statements.
The Apotheosis: Norleras’ Topdeck Time -
  It’s the most wonderful time of the dueling year! With the Force of the Breaker Sneak Previews now behind us, duelists across the globe have all-new cards in their hot little hands.
Force Of The Breaker Preview: Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth and Crystal Raigeki -
  Never before has it been so viable to run so many themed cards in one deck, and the results have never been better.
Metagame Looks Back on 2006 -
  As 2006 comes to a close, Metagame.com would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Nominated for TCGPlayer.com’s Best of 2006 Awards! -
  Check out the full list of awards, and vote for Yu-Gi-Oh!
Free Gen Con So Cal Badges Now Available! -
  Upper Deck Entertainment has made a limited quantity of free badges for Gen Con So Cal available to the public.
Italian Nationals Coverage Posted! -
  Full coverage of Italian Nationals is now available!
2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! US National Championships Update! -
  Important news for this weekend's big event!
Enter Ghandipants! -
  I’ve managed to successfully hop from the Vs. System side of Metagame.com over to this land, where all the cartoon characters have slightly larger eyes and the monsters have slightly larger ATK values.
The Other Side of the Tracks – Tim Willoughby Does Yu-Gi-Oh! -
  As I write this, it is about lunchtime on Thursday. The Last Chance Qualifiers are on Saturday.
Table Judging and Player Errors -
  Table judging is one of the skills judges regularly overlook, since it rarely comes up at local and Hobby League levels.
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