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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! German National Championship
Metagame Staff

The German National Championship 2006 is over! After twelve hours of almost non-stop dueling, Team Chopper's leader Michel "Mastakillaz" Grüner is the new German National Champion!


After going 7–1 in the Swiss rounds, Grüner entered the Top 16 as the last player, but he quickly proved that he was still a hot candidate for the win. On his way to the top, he defeated other hotly favored duelists, like Team Royals’ Vittorio "_dark angel_" Wiktor and Robin Miehlke, as well as Team Russian Elite Force's top player Vitali "-=Evangelion=-" Petrouchanski.


This is the second premier-level success for Team Chopper, after Michael Martin won last year's Pharaoh Tour stop in Würzburg against more than 700 other duelists!


It looks like Team Royal has a new hot contender, and according to Grüner, Team Chopper has just started to make an impact on the German premier tournament scene. This year's National Championship featured more than 450 premier duelists from all over Germany, battling it out in eight Swiss rounds and a cut to the Top 16. The whole tournament went very smoothly, and the eight Swiss rounds passed quickly in eight hours, thanks to the great judge team.


All teams are looking forward to the European Championship, where they want to make a strong appearance as well! With more than 650 qualified duelists from all over Europe, this will be the biggest premier event Europe has ever seen; the event is supposed to beat Pharaoh Tour Bremen with more than 1000 players!


Stay tuned for coverage of the European Championship on July 1 and 2 here on Metagame.com!

Day 1
It all comes down to this. After he wiped the floor with Team Royal’s Vittorio Wiktor and Robin Miehlke, as well as defeating Russian Elite Force leader Vitali Petrouchanski, Michel "Mastakillaz" Grüner, the leader of Team Chopper, will finally fight for the title of German National Champion against Duc "Game_Champion" Tran.
This semifinal almost seems to be the duel of the underdogs at first, since both Duc Tran and Chen-Liang Zhao have never won a premier-level event before.
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
The Traditional Championship 2006 has just finished (it’s 9:20 pm here). I asked the Top 4 players about their impressions of the format in a short interview.
In the first round of the Top 16, the only two remaining players from Cologne have to face each other. They are Janis Strelnieks and Marcel Cremer.
Not a lot of players expected to see huge differences between the decks of the top-ranked players. A closer look at the Top 16 decks proves this assumption, since the Monarchs and flip effect monsters are everywhere.
Benny Hepper is one of the most famous players in Germany after winning 2004's Pharaoh Tour. Björn Krause has started to get famous lately for playing with a 50-card (or more) Burner deck, which already got him a win at the Regional in Berlin.
Even before the 40 minutes of the fifth round are over, most of the favorites are already out of the competition in this year’s National Championship.
We just entered round 4 and now Kurt Senster and Matho Müller will fight it out to keep on track for the finals. Müller is well-known, since he won last year’s Pharaoh Tour and took away a unique German Des Volstgalph.
Pablo "Pabloseidon" Dorau and Jan "Daydreamer" Duda have to play against each other in round 2. They are supposed to be Hamburg's best duelists, so it's a pity for their fans that they have to meet each other this early in the tournament.
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