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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 2: Dexter Dalit vs. Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Dexter Dalit is the reigning National Champion, a title he’s captured not once, but two times. He’s one of two competitors playing the same Lightsworn build we saw Dale Bellido play last round — he won his first match of the day though, and was looking to do so again.


His opponent traveled here from Windsor, Ontario, and at age 24 he works as a machine operator. Gonzalez is playing a Monarch deck that borrows heavily from Adam Corn’s build from American Nationals, a popular choice this weekend.

Game 1

He opened the first duel with Reinforcement of the Army, making the classic opening of Elemental Hero Stratos, searching out Destiny Hero – Disk Commander, then pitching the Commander for Destiny Draw. He drew his two cards, set two cards to the back row, and ended.


“Draw,” announced Dalit. “Standby phase?” Gonzalez had nothing. “Main phase. Foolish Burial.” Dalit’s play is so immaculate, it’s really quite the sight. He sent Wulf, Lightsworn Beast to his graveyard, special summoned it, and debated his moves. He was holding Honest, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, another Foolish, Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, and Celestia, Lightsworn Angel. He attacked with Wulf, ran into Mirror Force and passed without doing anything else. He was clearly setting up a Celestia play for the following turn.


Allure of Darkness let Gonzalez get two more cards at the cost of D.D. Crow. Stratos struck for 1800 damage, and Gonzalez ended: “Yours.” Sure enough, Dalit played Foolish Burial next turn to bring out another Wulf the play fell short though, as D.D. Crow took Wulf out of the graveyard when its effect activated. The left Dalit to summon Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, discarding Garoth for her effect to special summon Garoth. Garoth attacked Stratos for 50 damage, and Lumina attacked for 1000. It was a great play with Dalit having Honest in hand.


In the end phase he sent away Heavy Storm, Judgment Dragon, and My Body for Lumina, then pitched Threatening Roar and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress for Garoth. He drew for Garoth’s effect and play was to Gonzalez.


Brain Control let Gonzalez take Garoth, and he tributed Garoth for Caius the Shadow Monarch! The Honest was useless without any Light monsters on the field, and Caius attacked for 2400 damage. The duel stood at 3800 to 6150 with Gonzalez in the lead. “I’ll end.”


Dalit drew and looked at his hand: Honest, Solar Recharge, Wulf, Celestia, and Judgment Dragon. He played Recharge, discarding Wulf, and drew into Jain, Lightsworn Paladin and Necro Gardna, sending Necro Gardna to his graveyard but still needing a fourth Lightsworn. He summoned Jain, Lightsworn Paladin if she went down in battle he’d have the fourth Lightsworn he’d need to unleash the Dragon. Knowing that, he played aggressively to draw out another monster from Gonzalez. Jain attacked, Dalit played Honest, and Gonzalez took 2100 damage total. In the end phase Jain sent Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress to the graveyard.


Gonzalez special summoned Dark Armed Dragon next turn, removed D.D. Crow to destroy Jain, and summoned Snipe Hunter. Dark Armed Dragon attacked, Necro Gardna blocked, and Snipe Hunter scored a hit for 1500 damage. Gonzalez had just two cards left in hand, with two monsters on the field and one spell or trap set.


Dalit special summoned Judgment Dragon, but Manuel had Solemn Judgment! Dalit was left holding Celestia, Necro Gardna, and Beckoning Light if that Beckoning had been Monster Reincarnation he would’ve been in far better shape. He set the Beckoning and ended.


Next turn Gonzalez tributed Snipe Hunter for Prime Material Dragon, then targeted Beckoning Light with Dark Armed Dragon’s effect. Dalit chained it, fetching Honest and Judgment Dragon, but he only had one Necro Gardna left in his graveyard not enough to block both Prime Material and Dark Armed Dragon. “Attack for game?” Dalit nodded and moved to side decking.


A key D.D. Crow shuts down Dexter Dalit’s early game, while Solemn Judgment dooms him in the end. Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez takes game 1 against the two-time Canadian Champion!

Game 2

Dalit opened game 2 with Honest, Foolish Burial, two Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, and two Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. He set a Ryko, set Mirror, and ended. Next turn Gonzalez played Allure of Darkness, removed Gravekeeper’s Spy for its effect, set a card to each zone, and activated Prohibition. “I’ll declare Judgment Dragon.” That seemed questionable against a deck that runs so much spell and trap removal in the form of Ryko and Lyla.


Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter was flip summoned next turn, but Gonzalez chained Light-Imprisoning Mirror. Dalit set another monster, another card to his back row, and ended. With each duelist here playing Mirrors, this one was going to come down to raw ATK, and that might play into Dalit’s favor. Gonzalez tributed for Caius the Shadow Monarch, Dalit chained Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, and when Caius attacked into Dalit’s set Ryko he flipped Dust Tornado! Tornado took out Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Ryko destroyed Caius, and three cards were sent to the graveyard! Gonzalez set a spell or trap, and the game was wide open for Dalit.


He activated Foolish Burial next turn and special summoned Wulf, Lightsworn Beast. Wulf attacked directly, Dalit turned Ryko to defense mode, and Dalit set another spell or trap card. Gonzalez set a monster, Dalit drew, and shuffled his hand: Wulf, Garoth, and Honest.


“Can I see your graveyard?” Gonzalez handed it over and Dalit counted two Dark monsters. He attacked with Wulf, and was surprised to find that Gonzalez had set Phantom of Chaos! “Wow. I’ll pass.”


“I’ll enter my main phase,” announced Gonzalez. Sure enough, he special summoned Dark Armed Dragon. It didn’t have its effect thanks to the Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, but it was really huge. Gonzalez sent it after Wulf, but Dalit discarded Honest to boost Wulf by 2800 ATK points! Gonzalez took 2100 damage, set a spell or trap card, and ended. This one seemed to be all Dalit’s.


He summoned Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior. Garoth attacked, Gonzalez took 1850 damage, and Wulf attacked next. There was nothing Gonzalez could do, and he conceded the moment Wulf’s attack was declared.


Dexter Dalit struggles back, quickly destroying Light-Imprisoning Mirror and controlling the second duel! One more game would decide the winner of this match, and, while Gonzalez took his time side decking, Dalit was finished in a flash. Seventeen minutes remained in the match.

Game 3

Gonzalez was up. He set a monster, set two cards to his back row, and then ended. Dalit set Ryko, and was left holding Foolish Burial, Beckoning Light, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Judgment Dragon, and Mobius the Frost Monarch. “Pass.” Gonzalez summoned Elemental Hero Stratos, searched his deck for Destiny Hero – Fear Monger and flip summoned Sangan. Stratos attacked Dalit’s Ryko, and he chose to target one of Gonzalez’s spell or trap cards he’d forgotten to activate Light-Imprisoning Mirror before attacking! Ryko destroyed it, sending Lumina, Ryko, and Wulf off the top of Dalit’s deck to the graveyard. Wulf was special summoned, took out Stratos with an attack, and Dalit set Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. “Go ahead.” It was a ruinous sequence of events for Gonzalez.


He set a monster and turned Sangan to defense mode. Dalit summoned Lumina, passed priority, and then discarded Wulf to special summon it. Lumina attacked Sangan, but Gonzalez chained Crush Card Virus! He tributed Sangan, and Dalit chained Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror so that his opponent at least wouldn’t get to search with Sangan. He lost Celestia, Mobius, and Judgment Dragon from his hand. Lumina attacked on the replay, pressing right into Gravekeeper’s Spy, and Dalit was clearly in trouble. He had just Lumina, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, and his two in-hand cards left. He set one to his back row and ended, pitching three more cards with Lumina.


Gonzalez had knocked out one of Dalit’s legs now all he had to do was lean. He needed to capitalize on his position before Crush Card Virus ran through its three turns, but he couldn’t seem to do it. He set a monster and ended next turn, not even attacking Lumina.


Lumina let Dalit trade Dust Tornado for Wulf next turn, and together the two Lightsworn monsters took down Gravekeeper’s Spy and Gonzalez’s face-down Disk Commander. “Pass.” Announced Dalit, sending three more cards to his graveyard for Lumina.


Gonzalez special summoned Dark Armed Dragon! Dark Armed attacked Lumina, and Dalit dropped to 5200 life points. Gonzalez ended, and Dalit topped into Jain, Lightsworn Paladin he lost him to Crush Card. He had one card in hand, Foolish Burial, with Beckoning Light set. He had five Lightsworn in the graveyard and could get back Judgment Dragon with Beckoning, but if he did so he’d probably have to forego using its effect. He went for it anyway.


He activated Beckoning, trading Foolish for Judgment Dragon. He special summoned it, attacked over Dark Armed Dragon, and then attacked with Wulf. He sent four more cards, including another Judgment, to his graveyard in the end phase. If he could ride this out he’d win.


Gonzalez’s only move was to set a monster. Wulf attacked, hit Fear Monger, and Judgment Dragon attacked for another 3000 damage! Gonzalez dropped to 2400 damage, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror was still locking down the Fear Monger. In the end phase Dalit got a second Wulf off of Judgment Dragon’s effect. Things looked good!


“You got this,” admitted Gonzalez. He had no way to get rid of the Judgment Dragon!


A hideous misplay with a forgotten Light-Imprisoning Mirror gives this one to Dexter Dalit on a silver platter! The Canuck Champ moves on, four games away from another Top 8.

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