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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Ryan Murphy on Gadgets -
  Gadgets are a statement. They are mathematic, controlling, and intelligent.

The Budget Builder: Black Garden -
  We’ll be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the Plant archetype, specifically a Black Garden variant of the deck.

A "Little" Bit Different -
  You can expect Little City to be a force in future Shonen Jump Championships, so whether you need to understand the deck or make a copy of your own, research is essential to being successful on the highest levels of competition.

The Budget Builder — Ojama Equalizer -
  To begin the New Year, we’re going to look at what might be the cheapest Yu-Gi-Oh! deck to be introduced by Metagame. With only six rare cards and thirty-four commons, this is a deck almost anyone can afford!

Best of 2008 - The WCP Theory and Mathematic Side Decking -
  Mathematic side decking allows you to quickly and efficiently recognize the perfect amount of your side deck to focus on counteracting specific strategies.

Best of 2008 - Inflection Point Play -
  Generating this theory changed the way I played Yu-Gi-Oh!, and hopefully allowed readers a new insight into the game.

The Budget Builder: PACMAN -
  Today we’ll be looking at an incredibly affordable deck, and one of the most irritating decks the game has ever created: PACMAN.

The Budget Builder: The Six Samurai -
  Many players looking to break into the tournament scene without breaking into their wallets choose Samurai for two reasons: they’re inexpensive to build and they level the playing field for new players.

Murphy Control -
  If you’ve been looking for a fun, innovative control deck to bring to a tournament with serious competition, you might want to consider this one.

The Budget Builder: Crystal Beasts -
  This deck was piloted while others were playing Machine OTK decks: decks which had almost as much aggression as modern archetypes, but less control over the game.

The Budget Builder: Venom -
  Today, we’re going to make Reptiles a competitive archetype for tournament play. After all, the deck is worth less than $75, and its best card has an effect that basically reads "you win the game."

The Budget Builder: Mausoleum -
  Today we’ll be looking at a deck that hasn’t seen much play lately, but is nevertheless a powerful competitor and incredibly fun.

Building On A Budget -
  If you’re looking for a way play at a very competitive level while still keeping things well below the price range of other strategies, this might be the answer you’re looking for.

Building On A Budget: Batterymen -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG can be an expensive game if you want to follow trends. But it's a game of almost boundless strategy, and you don’t have to be a drone subject to the whims of other innovative players!

Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Overdrive Teleporter -
  There’s really no better way to say this: Overdrive Teleporter is a sick card.

Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Psychic Jumper and Psychokinesis -
  With the introduction of Crossroads of Chaos, Psychics are going to be getting some new support.

The Forgotten Format: Exchange Of The Spirit FTK -
  I’ve been asked time and time again what deck I use when I play the Traditional format, and today we’ll be looking at that deck.

The Not-So-Forgotten-Format: Barriers -
  Today we’ll be looking at a deck that aims to do two things: change the way the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is played and demonstrate the advantage of creating dead cards in your opponent’s hand.

The Not So Forgotten Format: Geartown -
  Today we’ll be considering an exciting new deck that seems to be sparking the interests of players across the country.

The Not-So-Forgotten-Format: Meow Mix -
  For the sake of identification, hilarity, and props, we’ll refer to this deck as "Meow Mix" (it was agreed that no self-respecting player would wield a deck titled "Cute-Box").

The Not-So-Forgotten Format: Dropkick Box -
  You’ll basically be playing your opponent’s deck.

The Forgotten Format: Chain Strike -
  Today we’ll be looking at a strategy that helps counteract the popular Gladiator Beast decks: making it difficult for them to complete an attack, declining to give them a decent target for Gladiator Beast Murmillo, and rarely making them happy playing Gladiator Beast Gyzarus or Gladiator Beast Bestiari.

The Forgotten Format: Gearfried Box -
  If there was ever a consistent deck created, it was Warrior Toolbox.

The Not-So-Forgotten Format: Skill Drain Dragon -
  A new deck, built to be specifically strong against Gladiator Beasts, has emerged.

The Not-So-Forgotten Format: Emergency Dark Armed -
  This week we’ll be setting the Traditional format aside and delving into the exciting world of Synchro monsters.

The Forgotten Format: Zombies -
  The point of the modern Zombie deck is to load the field with as many as five completely disposable monsters—monsters that have, in some way, replaced themselves with another card. This way, you can continually load the field until your opponent runs out of answers.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Psychic Sunday -
  Telekinetic Charging Cell is a world debut card for the TCG, like Allure of Darkness and Test Tiger. For that reason alone, you should be raising an eyebrow.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Psychic Saturday -
  This weekend, we’ll be considering one of the most powerful of the new deck archetypes introduced by The Duelist Genesis: Psychics.

The Forgotten Format: Big City -
  While Big City has been generally assigned to "Tier 2," and seen as lacking the power to stand ground against the best decks in the game, it’s gotten some help that’ll push it to the limit.

The Forgotten Format: Volcanic Monarchs -
  With the new ruling on Royal Oppression, we’ve been handed an almost completely new game to play.

The Forgotten Format: Ryan Murphy -
  It’s no secret that—since the release of Gadgets in the United States,I’ve been a very large supporter of the archetype.

The Forgotten Format: Corn Control -
  Today we’ll be looking at a deck that takes some inspiration from Adam Corn’s build at the 2008 United States National Championship.

The Forgotten Format: Comic Odyssey Burn -
  This week, we’ll be reviewing one of the most loath-worthy strategies this game has ever created: Comic Odyssey’s Burn deck.

The Forgotten Format: Makyura -
  There isn’t any fooling around with this deck—you’ll be trying to draw every card in your deck on the first turn. If you take a second turn, the deck failed.

The Forgotten Format: Plant OTK -
  One of the strongest budget decks ever created has been making a splash...

The Forgotten Format: Gravekeeper’s Kitten -
  At Shonen Jump Championship Nashville 2008, Chioh Yim made the Top 16 with a Necrovalley Monarch deck.

The Forgotten Format: Twilight -
  We’ll be giving Twilight some new power by moving it into the Traditional format, but you’ll be able to recognize the skeleton of the deck by playing with it and thus easily make the transition to Advanced play.

The WCP Theory and Mathematic Side Decking -
  This week, we’ll be considering two different things: the Win Consistency Percentage (WCP) and mathematic side decking. While WCP is a new theory, it’s necessary for applying a lot of theory in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, especially in terms of creating a side deck.

The Forgotten Format: Zombies -
  Once the Zombie engine starts working, it’s very difficult to stop. Even if your opponent has the cards necessary to clear your field, your hand will probably be so large that you’ll be able to refill the field the following turn.

The Forgotten Format: A Different Kind of Return -
  Though they lost much of their power due to the updated Forbidden and Limited list, Machines may have found their stride again with the introduction of Jinzo - Returner.

Light of Destruction Preview: Jinzo - Returner -
  Machine players are in for a treat with the release of Jinzo - Returner, a new combo-powerhouse with the ability to put Machines back on top of competition.

Light of Destruction Preview: Gladiator Beast Gyzarus -
  Normally, any card that can destroy at least two of your opponent’s cards without any loss of your own is a good one. However, Gyzarus’ potential goes further than just that.

Defeating the Dragon: Final Structural Analysis -
  Innovation is the key to unlocking a balanced format, and it’s something every player is capable of.

Dimension Fusion One Turn KO -
  This is a deck that dates all the way back to Michael Powers’ innovation at Shonen Jump Championship Houston in 2005.

The Forgotten Format: Gravekeepers -
  As promised last week, I’ll be continuing with the theme of combating the overpowering Dark Armed Dragon deck, the success of which in the Advanced format is forcing it to be carried into Traditional.

The Forgotten Format: Defeating Dark Armed Dragon -
  I’ve never had the chance (ahem . . . excuse) to write about the deck I chose to bring to defeat the Card Trooper-based Machine decks that dominated the format.

The Forgotten Format: Merchant Pot Turbo -
  I’m going to recreate a deck that I had a lot of fun with in the past: a Pot of Avarice Turbo strategy.

The Forgotten Format: Recruiter -
  Today I’ll be revisiting a deck that I found to be incredibly consistent and absolutely top tier. I’m referring to the Recruiter deck pioneered by Adrian Madaj in the 2006 European Championships.

The Forgotten Format: Strike Ninja Dark Armed Dragon -
  This week we’ll be looking at a hybrid deck, combining the new Dark Armed Dragon with one of my favorite cards, Strike Ninja.

Inflection Point Play -
  There are a select few players who fully understand the necessity of varying their play depending on the exact state of the duel.

The Forgotten Format: Demise -
  I’m talking about one of the most popular and long lasting one-turn KO decks that just won’t go away: Demise, King of Armageddon.

Your Opponent Is An Open Book -
  ...Read Them.

The Forgotten Format — Remove From Play -
  The captivating feeling you find when playing a deck outside the norm, something built specifically to outwit a generally accepted strategy, is one of the reasons the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is so exciting...

Phantom Darkness Preview: The Beginning of the Horror -
  Any spell that includes the words "draw three cards" deserves a second glance.

Phantom Darkness Preview - The Dark Creator -
  My favorite quality of The Dark Creator is his striking similarity to Chaos monsters.

The Forgotten Format: Water Monarchs -
  This week, I’ll herald the new year with a Water-based hand control deck that has the ability to lock an opponent down with a dead hand, eliminating the few powerful cards he or she has.

Best of 2007, The Forgotten Format: Chaos -
  There was a time when the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG was not the tamed beast of a game it is today, but a raging chaotic mass of overwhelmingly powerful cards.

Best of 2007, The Forgotten Format: Making the Perfect Move -
  Many players claim to make the perfect plays at all times, but very few understand just what that means.

The Forgotten Format: Yugi’s Spellcasters -
  With the holidays approaching, I thought I’d talk about a deck that could end up on a lot of wish lists this year.

The Forgotten Format: Kaiba -
  The deck is going to draw a lot of cards, but (more importantly) it’ll be able to quickly convert those cards into aggressive action that your opponent will have to deal with.

The Forgotten Format: Light and Darkness Dragon -
  The recent release of the Dragon has changed the Advanced format, but its overlooked ability of counting as both a Light and a Dark monster has an incredible impact on the Traditional format.

The Forgotten Format—Manticore Exodia -
  Along with Fillipo “Flip” Galati, I’ve been working on a groundbreaking Exodia One-Turn KO deck.

The Forgotten Format -
  Today, we’ll be revisiting The Creator and the deck archetypes he allowed.

The Forgotten Format: DDT -
  You’ll quickly be causing over 8000 damage: should your opponent survive, you’ve probably drawn enough cards to repeat the process on the following turn anyway.

The Forgotten Format: Dark World -
  With the recent success of Zombie builds in Advanced, I wanted to revisit an old archetype that rarely sees the play it should in the Traditional format: Dark World, featuring Card of Safe Return.

The Forgotten Format: Making the Perfect Move -
  Many players claim to make the perfect plays at all times, but very few understand just what that means.

Gladiator’s Assault Preview: Dragon Ice -
  When your opponent plays Cyber Dragon, returns Treeborn Frog to the field, or tries any other special summoning shenanigans, you can respond by bringing this 2200 DEF wall onto your field.

Gladiator's Assault Preview: Cunning of the Six Samurai -
  Cunning of the Six Samurai seems to be just the card Samurai decks needed to really break through.

The Forgotten Format: Last Turn -
  There is something undeniably ecstatic about defeating an opponent before he or she has a chance to react.

The Forgotten Format: Details of Dueling -
  There are hundreds of small details new players need to pick up before they can become a hardened veteran of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Forgotten Format: The New OTK -
  Today, I’ll be taking advantage of the eased restriction on a few cards to create a potent, aggressive deck that can sweep an opponent away in a matter of turns.

The Forgotten Format: Exodia OTK -
  The mystique of Exodia has thrilled players since the cards were printed, and with good reason.

The Forgotten Format: Empty Jar -
  There aren’t many decks that can win before your opponent even begins his or her first turn, but the Empty Jar Mill deck is one of them.

The Forgotten Format: Chaos -
  There was a time when the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG was not the tamed beast of a game it is today, but a raging chaotic mass of overwhelmingly powerful cards.

The Forgotten Format: Magical Scientist OTK -
  Playing against Chaos decks in the Traditional format can be daunting, and many players simply opt to take the proven, consistently powerful Chaos cards to their tournaments, relying on better hands and more skillfully played matches for victory.

Recruiter Strategy In The Current Format -
  The last time an inconsistent, yet incredibly powerful deck (Return from the Different Dimension) stormed the Shonen Jumps, a few innovative players began to create decks which took advantage of the other players’ reliance on a single card. Soon afterward, recruiter decks were released unto the world.

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