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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Arlington Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Jake McNeely accomplished a great deal this weekend. He successfully adapted a Japanese archetype to a different play environment, compensated for our card pool through creative implementation of different cards, and made it all the way to the finals. But the one thing he didn’t accomplish was attaining the title of Shonen Jump Champion.


James Naughton of Team Hpnotiq is your newest Shonen Jump Champion, and winner of Shonen Jump Championship Arlington!


In the quarterfinals Naughton was paired off against the wildcard deck of the Top 8, Bobby Williams’s Dark World Burn. In a close match that went to game three, he managed to squeak out a win through careful use of mass field control cards. Both duelists caught some luck, but Naughton had field control virtually every time he needed it, and without the ability to maintain his field advantage Williams couldn’t win.


He then took on Ryan Spicer, plowing through him on the way to the finals and a showdown with Jake McNeely. In a three-game match where both duelists drew horrible opening hands in the final two duels, Naughton recovered faster and played aggressively to seal victory. After using Metamorphosis his opponent simply could not deal with Dark Balter’s negation effects, and squeezing out a win was nothing short of academic.


This event was a huge one for innovation, with two completely new decks debuting in the Top 8 appearing alongside Chaos Return and Chaos Creature Swap. Jame’s Naughton himself used some unconventional picks like Blade Knight and Don Zaloog. But the event was also a big one for Team Hpnotiq, who won the Championship and managed to place two of their members into the Top 4. If Team Hpqnotiq starts traveling, they could certainly become a dominant team. As it stands, they’re a top prospect for Shonen Jump Championship Austin.


A tech update is still on the way, and if you’re just tuning in now, be sure to check out the deck profiles. This weekend has given birth to a ton of great decks, and we’ve got deck coverage on two promising prospects that made it all the way to Sunday. Shonen Jump Arlington is over, and five days remain between now and Shonen Jump Philly. We’ll see the impact next weekend, when Metagame.com brings you extended live coverage, including the Metagame Blog and the Scrub Brush Challenge!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Ryan Spicer
  Ryan Spicer
Dustin Sides
  James Naughton
James Naughton
  James Naughton
Bobby Williams
  James Naughton
Jake McNeely
  Jake McNeely
Steven Nichols
  Jake McNeely
Harry Anderson
  Harry Anderson
Matt Laurents


Day 2
If there’s one thing I love, it’s quirky unorthodox strategy in bite-sized pieces.
Jake McNeely had finally worked out what team he was playing for this weekend. “Okay, we got it down. I’m on Outphase, and it’s me, Chris Bowling, Daniel Lasher, Ryan Spicer, and Fili Luna.” The ranks of the team had fluctuated quite a bit over the past weekend, but there it is: your new Team Outphase.
Jake McNeely had managed to battle his way through his first Chaos Return matchup of the day, and had two more left if he was going to prove the true potential of his Japan-influenced deck.
James Naughton, a duelist from Austin, Texas, plays for Team Hpnotiq (who also placed Harry Anderson into Day 2). He’s up against Bobbie Williams of Shreveport, Louisiana, an independent player who impressed fans yesterday with his Dark World Burn deck.
Day 1
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
Wow, what a bubble match! One of these duelists would emerge from the match a shoo-in for the Top 8. The other would likely fall victim to tiebreakers and fall just short of Day 2.
Two relative unknowns had battled their way to Table 1, and both were locals from Texas!
Evan Vargas needs no introduction. A former star player for Team Savage, he created Soul Control, the predecessor to today’s Monarch Control, and made it to the Top 4 of Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles fourteen months ago.
Jake McNeely, Jake Campbell, and Chris Sorelle are all dominating the field today with a Chaos Return variant that borrows heavily from recent metagame trends in Japan.
I love Return from the Different Dimension. I’ve played tons of winning Return variants (and a few that weren’t so good . . .), but Duy Bui and Jimbo Robinson have come up with one that never even crossed my mind.
Not all of the day’s innovation is coming out of Team GG.
Okay, I admit it. I, like the vast population of the dueling world, never thought that a deck based around fusing Cyber Dragons could work. And boy, was I ever wrong.
Ever looked at Proto-Cyber Dragon and given a bit of a laugh? “Hey, I can make a Cyber Dragon deck that fuses monsters! Yay!” Yeah, I have too. It doesn’t seem like a very good idea, does it?
Team GG is in a unique position here today.
Jake McNeely is a great duelist who has managed to stay below the radar of the general public for quite a while, and he happens to be a native of Arlington, Texas. “I live, like, fifteen minutes away,” he said with a hint of local pride.
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