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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Force of the Breaker Card Preview: Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle and Crystal Promise -
  This week, I’m back with a new pair of combo-oriented cards for a brand new deck type that I can’t wait to see in action.

Force of the Breaker Card Preview: Backs to the Wall -
  Combo-oriented decks have been increasingly successful in high profile events lately, and I’m going to talk about a card that will fit nicely in with that trend.

Solid Ground: Getting Your Friends To Play -
  I’ve found two things to be true when it comes to friends and trading card games—playing a TCG is a great way to meet new friends, and it’s also fun to drag your existing friends in.

Agents of Judgment: Pairings Team -
  This week, it’s time for a close-up look at the pairings team!

Solid Ground: Side Deck Tech from Strike of Neos -
  I still don’t have nearly as much Strike of Neos as I’d like—I really enjoy this set. Apart from the cards that have made it into main decks of all descriptions, there are some really good side deck options in the set that you should consider.

Solid Ground: Building a Theme Deck -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has always featured themes—they are evident in monster types, element-specific support cards, and recurring characters in the artwork.

Agents of Judgement: Get to Work - The Match Slip Team -
  I wrote a series on how to do deck checks last year, and I always meant to follow it up with an article detailing the jobs you’ll do when you’re working on other judge teams.

Solid Ground: While You Were Out -
  So much has happened in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG during the last few months that it’s no surprise people have missed the occasional announcement.

Solid Ground: The Power of Playtesting -
  Sometimes the decks that have done well at Shonen Jump Championships were the creation of individual players, sometimes the result of dedicated effort on behalf of a team or a group, but nearly all had at least one thing in common—they were tested and developed through dedicated playtesting sessions.

Agents of Judgment: The Night-Before Checklist! -
  At the various events I’ve been attending lately, I’ve seen a huge influx of new judges, which I think is very exciting.

Solid Ground: Losing Like A Pro, Part 2 -
  Okay, I’m back again this week to finish talking about losing! It’s a part of the game we all have to live with, so let’s not compound an already sad circumstance by gaining absolutely nothing in return.

Solid Ground: Losing like a Pro -
  Losing is a part of the game, but unfortunately, it’s not something that a lot of players have learned to do properly.

Agents of Judgment: Avoid a New Card Ambush -
  Usually, as judges, we only have to deal with a new expansion every three months or so—the cards come out in one lump, we read the spoilers, look through a box or two, and are reasonably familiar with what has been added to the pool. But there are a lot more outlets for new cards these days.

Solid Ground: Avoiding Bad Trades -
  The “T” in TCG stands for Trading, of course, and it’s a popular pastime among Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players. It’s also a good way to turn the cards you don’t want into cards that you need, but if you don’t make some preparations beforehand and exercise some caution during your trades, you might not end up on a positive side of the deal.

Strike of Neos Card Preview: Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird -
  Air Hummingbird also has some real appeal to those who enjoy laying down the damage on players really focused on card and hand advantage.

Strike of Neos Card Preview: Neo-Spacian Ground Mole -
  Today I’m going to talk about a monster that quite a few players are eager to get their hands on—and once you read about it, I think you’ll want to try out this little guy too.

Solid Ground: Continuous Traps on the Chain -
  I’m all about bringing the people more of what they like, and by explaining how continuous traps work on the chain, I can keep the players from becoming embarrassed and the judges from becoming frustrated—I’m making all kinds of people happy!

Agents of Judgment: Player Management Certification -
  So today’s article is going to talk about player management, both as its own thing and as a part of the certification process.

Solid Ground: New Blood -
  There are a lot of benefits to everyone when Leagues and tournament areas continue to grow.

Solid Ground: Useful Links to Useful Info -
  All you have to do is bookmark this article, and you’ll find your links with ease, right when you need them.

Agents of Judgment: Integrating New Players into your Tournament Communities -
  You’re a judge, so you get to bear some responsibility for helping new players fit in, especially in more closely knit groups such as Hobby Leagues and locals.

Solid Ground: Machine Re-Volt – What’s In It For You! -
  In case you’re desperate to know just what is inside that colorful box that will induce you to get one, I’ll give you a short guided tour!

Solid Ground: Life Point Follies -
  Today, I’m going to point out the most common bad habits players have where life points are concerned, and explain why you should avoid them.

Best of 2006: Agents of Judgment: Handling Appeals -
  It’s just as important for the judges to know how to appropriately handle appeals as it is for the players, so read up!

Best of 2006: Solid Ground: Appealing A Ruling -
  Eventually you’re going to get a ruling you don’t agree with, and since there’s a process to deal with that, everyone who plays in sanctioned events should know it.

Best of 2006: Agents of Judgment: Choosing and Managing Judge Teams -
  Lots of judges are getting their first taste of head judging, and one thing that many first-time head judges find rather daunting is how to set up their judge teams.

Best of 2006: Solid Ground: Over-Extension, or Risk Vs. Payoff -
  I wanted to point out that in some circumstances, over-extension can be a valid winning strategy.

Agents of Judgment: Dealing With Slow Play -
  The first step to dealing with this problem is learning to spot it.

Solid Ground: Getting Yourself a Hobby League -
  If you want a League, you’re going to have to persuade your local store to run one—and if that’s the position you’re in, today is your lucky day.

Solid Ground: Traveling To Distant Events -
  Getting out of your usual area, meeting new players, and experiencing new ideas can really improve your understanding of the game.

Solid Ground: The Top 10 Things Players Do to Slow Down a Tournament, Part 2 -
  This week we’re going to go over a few things players do during the event itself that can add to time between rounds and just generally slow things down.

Agents of Judgment: The Top 10 Things Judges Can Do To Move The Event Along So We Can All Be Done At A Decent Hour -
  As judges we strive to do a fast and accurate job—run through this list and see if there’s anything you could be doing a little better to help move things along.

Solid Ground: The Top Ten Things Players Do To Slow Down A Tournament -
  If players can learn to stop doing these things, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much faster their events go.

Solid Ground: Cyberdark Impact’s Out! Stop Playing Like a Slob! -
  Cyberdark Impact’s introduction to the card pool will tighten up some play procedures that already existed, encouraging you to let go of sloppy play habits and improve your precision.

Agents of Judgment: Adjusting Your Judging to the Event -
  Let’s compare these events, acknowledge the basic similarities, and then address what needs to change for each event.

Solid Ground: So Much Organized Play! Part 2: Premiere Events -
  Today, we’re going to take a step up and have a look at the Organized Play events waiting for you beyond the horizon of your local shop!

Solid Ground — So Much Organized Play! Part 1: Local Level -
  If you’ve missed out on these programs, perhaps we can persuade you to check them out in person.

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Vanity’s Fiend -
  Expect this to be one of the must-get cards at your local Sneak Preview.

Restructuring the Structure: Dinosaur’s Rage -
  If you weren’t able to pick up one of the very limited Dinosaur’s Rage Special Sets, you should start finding the Structure Deck on its own in stores across the country!

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Black Horn of Heaven -
  Cut your opponent off from special summoning and the advantage is significant.

Agents of Judgment: Dealing With Rule Sharks -
  Educate your players on both the penalty guidelines and correct gameplay and you’ll find that it will cut down a lot on the number of conflicts you have to deal with.

Solid Ground: Rule Sharks—Fending Them Off -
  When faced with this kind of situation or opponent, you need to be sure to play as correctly as possible without allowing the pressure to get to you.

Solid Ground—Rule Sharks—How to Avoid Being a Target -
  If you’re confident, in control of what you’re doing, and make the effort to avoid some common mistakes, your chances of becoming a meal for a rules shark are greatly diminished.

Agents of Judgment: The Player Meeting -
  It’s not often a job that gets much attention, but it’s actually very important.

Solid Ground—Keeping Your Cards Safe -
  I’m going to talk about what you can do to help keep your cards—decks, trades, and collection—safe and in good condition

Solid Ground—Welcome to the Player Meeting -
  If you’ve gone to many bigger events like Regionals and Shonen Jump Championships, you’ve probably noticed that the tournament begins not with the first round, but with a player meeting.

Solid Ground—Deck Devastation Monsters: Machines and Fiends -
  Last week I showed you the best of the best Spellcasters, Warriors, and Zombies, and today I’ll take you on a guided tour of Machines and Fiends.

Agents of Judgment—Tighten Up or Lighten Up: When To Stay Professional -
  A professional attitude smoothes the way and reinforces your authority and respectability.

Solid Ground—Deck Devastation Monsters: Spellcasters, Warriors, and Zombies -
  Many of the game’s top players have experimented with Deck Devastation Virus at some point in their dueling careers.

Solid Ground: Return from the Different Dimension—Now What? Part 2 -
  Last week I showed you a few cards you might not have thought about before, and this week, there’s even more.

Agents of Judgment: Mentoring -
  No one is born a perfect judge.

Solid Ground: Return from the Different Dimension—Now What? -
  Though Chaos Sorcerer is gone, Return from the Different Dimension is still a card with extremely high potential.

Solid Ground: Running the Gauntlet -
  Players who consistently make the Top 8 test decks like crazy, and you can do it too.

Solid Ground: The Lord of the Storm Structure Deck (Now with More Dinosaurs!) -
  Last week, I wrote about Black Ptera and mentioned its use with the new structure deck, Lord of the Storm . . .

Power Of The Duelist Card Preview: Black Ptera -
  I have to say that I really enjoyed writing last week’s article since I like Dinosaurs so much—and I get to do it all over again with this week’s card!

Agents of Judgment: Handling Appeals -
  In this week’s article, I’m going to break down the appeal process, point out all the appropriate steps, and offer some suggestions for making it easier to handle.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Ultimate Tyranno -
  This is the real deal destroy-the-park, eat-the-tourists, keep-the-island-for-yourself kind of Tyrannosaur, decked out in fancy armor to boot.

Solid Ground: Appealing A Ruling -
  Today I’m going to explain the process to you, tell you how to go about your appeal, and remind you of what you shouldn’t do when you don’t agree with a judge’s answer.

Solid Ground: The Essential Fusion Deck -
  This week I’ve decided to list out the top picks for fusions by level. It’ll make building the typical fusion deck easier, and enable you to mix and match according to what’s in your deck level-wise for Metamorphosis, as well as a solid lineup to use along with Cyber-Stein.

Agents of Judgment: Keeping Players from Crossing the Line -
  If you’ve passed a judge certification level, you’ve spent some time studying up on rulings. If you’ve passed the Player Management test, you’ve spent some time studying up on policy documents. What comes solely with practice, though, is dealing with the players themselves and knowing how to enforce those rules.

Solid Ground: When do "Mind Games" Cross the Line? Part 2 -
  Last week, I began with a list of “head games” players sometimes play that cross the line of acceptability in sanctioned play. Some of you were probably surprised to learn that you can’t do those things; others were probably relieved that someone finally pointed them out. I, for one, am hoping to see less of these kinds of shenanigans!

Solid Ground: When Do “Mind Games” Cross The Line? -
  The policy and penalty guidelines exist to promote the respectability of the game, so read them, understand them, and above all, don’t view them as something created to cramp your style.

Agents of Judgment: US Nationals—JudgeFest 2006 -
  While most of the Yu-Gi-Oh! world was riveted on the players at the most significant tournament in the country, there was some top-rate judging going on as well.

Solid Ground: Entering the Judge Program -
  If you think you’ve got what it takes, my fellow judges and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

Solid Ground: In Between the Chain -
  You’ve probably heard of things happening in between links of the chain, but you might not be clear about what they are, exactly.

Solid Ground: Continuing the Chain vs. Starting a New One -
  Plenty of players assume that any given string of effects being activated will just have to fit together in one long chain, and this isn’t always the case.

Solid Ground: Preparing for Nationals -
  If you intend to play in the main event—the US National Championship—you’d better be prepared.

Agents of Judgment: Making The Most Of A Small Staff -
  If you’ve judged at a lot of different events, you’ve probably been part of a number of different judge pools, ranging from “one judge per ten players” to “only two judges, running around like mad.”

Solid Ground: Targeting and the Chain -
  Targeting is an integral mechanic to chaining, and the complexity (and advantages) that it can create as a chain resolves might be surprising!

Solid Ground: Chaining To Your Own Effects -
  Today’s topic may be rather narrow, but it trips up many a player.

Agents of Judgment: Choosing and Managing Judge Teams -
  When you’re the head judge, your job can be complicated: you’re responsible for keeping the entire event moving smoothly.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Destiny Hero Diamond Dude -
  I love getting a card to review that makes me want to dig out my old cards and start experimenting, and I don’t think I’m the only person who’ll feel like that when this card gets released.

Solid Ground: What Not To Chain -
  It might seem like an odd choice, but I’ve dealt with a lot of rulings lately that involved players attempting to chain when they couldn’t.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Majestic Mech – Goryu -
  Piercing damage has always appealed to me, and the flexibility and offbeat combos that this card offers makes it even more attractive.

Agents of Judgment: Utilizing The Judge Email List -
  Once you’ve passed that Level 1 judge test, you gain access to one of the best resources that Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG judges have: the judge email list.

Solid Ground: The Basics of Chaining -
  There’s a lot of confusion out there that can be cleared up by a better understanding of chaining, so I’m going to spend the next few weeks on the subject.

Solid Ground: Activation and Resolution, Cost and Effect -
  It’s a basic mechanic of which everyone is at least marginally aware, but it’s one of the most frequently misunderstood processes in the game.

Agents of Judgment: Judge Support -
  When you pass a rulings certification test and publicize yourself as a judge, you become a representative of the Upper Deck Entertainment-certified judge program, and with that comes a sizable chunk of responsibility.

Solid Ground: Over-Extension, or Risk Vs. Payoff -
  If you want to understand your own play style better, learn to identify an over-extension when you’re making one, and recognize the opportunities to make a smart one.

Agents of Judgment: Efficient Deck Checks, Part 2 – Checking the Deck -
  The random per-round deck check is important, because it helps the players understand that they need to keep their decks legal.

Solid Ground: Alternate Draft Formats: Rochester Draft -
  Most of the players I know consider Rochester Draft to be the most complex Draft format out there.

Solid Ground: What’s New in Duelist Packs: The Jaden Edition -
  If you’re a fan of the Elemental Heroes, then you’ll want to keep reading, because all of the new cards are designed to add new strategies to Elemental Hero decks.

Solid Ground: What’s New in Duelist Packs—The Chazz Edition -
  I don’t know how hard they are to find in the card shops in your area, but Duelist Packs are sailing off the shelves around me.

Solid Ground: Alternate Draft Formats: Solomon Draft -
  Continuous Draft was relatively easy—you were required to make some potentially difficult decisions, but those were nothing compared to the choices you’ll have to make in Solomon Draft!

Solid Ground: Alternate Draft Formats—Continuous Draft -
  I’ve always preferred Sealed Pack to Constructed, so I’m going to continue on that theme for a few more weeks and talk about some Draft formats that you might not be familiar with.

Solid Ground: Some Strategies for Sealed Pack -
  Here are some good general guidelines that can help you build your own Sealed deck.

Agents of Judgment: Fast and Efficient Deck Checks, Part 1 -
  It’s a big job, so anything that can make it easier, faster, and more enjoyable for the judges involved is worth learning, right?

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder -
  Today, I’m going to give you a peek at one of the cards that many players will be chasing after at these events.

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Damage Condenser -
  You can tell that I’ll be playing around with this card. It tempts me to think of interesting and exciting combos to make intricate and devastating plays.

Agents of Judgment: Table Judging -
  Table judges shouldn’t sit there passively and wait for the players to ask a question, but instead they must actively observe each move that is made and know whether or not it is legal.

Solid Ground: Pacing the Game and Understanding Tempo -
  Put simply, the tempo is the pace of the game—the speed at which the game is won. And winning is what we want to do, right? Right! Let’s learn more!

Solid Ground: Understanding Card Exchange -
  If you can master this technique, you’ll be able to take your duels to whole new levels.

Solid Ground: Tech Update -
  Today, I’m going to look at a few cards that have made a mark in some metagames, but may be a bit unappreciated in others.

Agents of Judgment: Meet Your Level 3 Judges, Part 5 -
  It’s another installment in everyone’s favorite interview series!

Tournament World Review, Part 1 -
  I put out a call for tournament reports, and it was answered!

Spellcaster’s Judgment: What’s In It For You -
  There’s no shortage of players eager to hit the stores in search of the latest Structure Deck as its release date draws nearer.

Best of 2005: Agents of Judgment: Professionalism -
  Well judges, hopefully you’ll get a chance to relax a bit as the year winds down . . .

Best of 2005: Solid Ground: The New End–of-Match Procedure -
  If you’ve found yourself a bit hazy on what to do when the timer sounds, take another look at this explanation of the new end-of-match procedure.

Best of 2005: Solid Ground: Player Responsibilities -
  Your events will run much more smoothly and quickly if you’re all doing what you’re supposed to, so take a bit of a break to refresh yourselves on player responsibilities!

Solid Ground: Strategy Versus Tactics -
  Having a solid grasp of both of these concepts and how they work can do a lot to improve your chances of a high finish in an event.

Solid Ground: Utility Vs. Synergy -
  In today’s article, I’m going to focus on a concept that many beginning players don’t yet understand. In fact, some veterans don’t quite get it either.

Solid Ground: Marking the Cards -
  Put down that marker and don’t color in the background on that ultimate rare Cyber Dragon until you’ve read this article!

Solid Ground: Tech Update -
  We’ve had a few Shonen Jump events and plenty of Regional tournaments since then, so it’s time to take another look at what’s hot and playable!

Solid Ground: Finding The Top Promo Cards -
  There are few things I like better than promo cards.

Agents of Judgment: Level 3 Judges, Part 3 -
  This week, I’ll be giving you an up-close look at Jeff Richardson, John Williams and Jason Grabher-Meyer—a fine lineup of judges from several different backgrounds.

Solid Ground: Reading is Fundamental -
  Sometimes we think that we know the cards so well that we don’t bother to read every word on them.

Solid Ground: Preparing for Your Fifteen Minutes -
  In this article, I’m going to explain how to improve your chances of getting covered, how to make your coverage the best it can be, and how to interact with the reporters.

Agents of Judgment: Meet Your Level 3 Judges, Chapter 2! -
  Today, I’ve got a brand new lineup of judges who you can get to know better.

Elemental Energy Preview: Cyber Blader -
  If your opponent has one monster on the field, the most obvious benefit here is to use Cyber Blader as a Cyber Dragon killer.

Elemental Energy Preview: Spellflinging Bishonen -
  Spellcasters will get a real boost once their Structure deck comes out, but in the meantime, Spellflinging Bishonen can help form an intriguing core for Spellcaster-themed decks.

Solid Ground: Meet Your Level 3 Judges! -
  You’ve seen them at events, you’ve read their posts online, and you’ve asked them for rulings. Now, here’s your chance to learn a little more about them!

Solid Ground: Speaking Out About the New Format -
  While I was at the Atlanta Shonen Jump Championship, I thought to myself, “Hey, this is a great opportunity to see what people think of the new Advanced format list!”

Metagame.com Ready to Launch Expanded Tournament Coverage -
  Since we can’t go to every event, we’re asking you to bring the events to us!

Solid Ground: Optional vs. Mandatory Trigger Effects -
  Trigger effects fall into two categories: mandatory and optional.

Inclusive, Accessible, Enjoyable: Adapting Events to Special Needs -
  If you’re a current or aspiring head judge, you need to read this article.

Solid Ground: Mining the Structure Deck! -
  These are all cards that can earn their place in the brave new world of the current Advanced format.

Solid Ground: Defining Tech -
  Tech cards are usually either creative or strange. Why do players make such a big deal out of them?

Tin Week: Exarion Universe -
  If you followed Metagame.com’s coverage of the Boston Shonen Jump Championship, you may have noticed that seven of the Top 8 decks ran a copy of Exarion Universe.

Agents of Judgment: Head Judge Responsibilities, Part 2 -
  Aspiring head judges, take note, because the head judge is also responsible for all of the following things.

Solid Ground: Tournament Paperwork, Part 2—Match Slips -
  The most important pieces of paperwork you’ll have to deal with at a tournament will probably be the match slips.

Solid Ground: Tournament Paperwork—The Decklist -
  Let’s start with the piece of paper that can cause so many problems if it’s not done correctly—your decklist!

Agents of Judgment: Head Judge Responsibilities, Part 1 -
  Now, we’re going to turn the spotlight of responsibility on those stalwart men and women in the red and black shirts—the head judges!

Solid Ground: Player Responsibilities, Part 2 -
  When players don’t know the correct policy for things like these, it’s easy to misinterpret things, inadvertently make an error, and generally cause confusion and chaos.

GX Deck Week In Review -
  The decks that we’ve looked at and the coverage that we’ve done leading up to the debut of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX are just the beginning.

Solid Ground: Getting the Jump on Shonen Jump Championships -
  There are some strategies that will help you get the most out of the event, and I’m going to pass a few of them along.

Solid Ground: What's the Big Deal about Cybernetic Revolution? -
  It’s time for a new expansion, and everyone wants to know—what’s great about this set? What cards do I want to pull? How will it affect the decks and strategies that are already out there?

Agents of Judgment: Floor Judge Responsibilities, Part 2 -
  If you aspire to eventually be a head judge, then putting in solid, dependable performances on the floor will do more to help you attain that goal than anything else.

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: UFOroid Fighter -
  UFOroid Fighter was a lifesaver for Syrus, but will it work as well for you?

Sneaking a Peek at the Sneak Preview -
  Summer was made for vacations—treat yourself to a Yu-Gi-Oh! vacation and make a plan to attend your nearest Sneak Preview

Agents of Judgment: Floor Judge Responsibilites, Part 1 -
  Let’s take a closer look at what floor judges are expected to do at a Yu-Gi-Oh! event.

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: Power Bond -
  Activating Power Bond and bringing out a big Machine fusion can be a game-ending move.

Solid Ground: Player Responsibilities -
  It’s easier to know what to do at an event when you know what’s expected of you.

Agents of Judgment: Tools of the Trade -
  Packing a few essential items with you on each judging excursion will make your job a lot easier.

Solid Ground: The New End–of-Match Procedure -
  This is the end of match procedure that will be implemented at the World Championship, and all competitors would be wise to focus on strategies that will perform well under this new policy.

Solid Ground: Self-Replacing Monsters, Part 2 -
  Self-replacing monsters help maintain your field presence while searching out specific monsters.

Solid Ground : Self-Replacing Monsters, Part 1 -
  Anything you can do to keep cards out there is going to give you options, and options win games.

Agents of Judgment: In The Zone -
  It’s your first big event as a head judge. Congratulations, and welcome to the madhouse!

Solid Ground: Graveyard Recursion—Cards In the Hand -
  Recursion has always been an important element of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and we’re currently experiencing metagames that have made recursion more important than at any other period in the game’s history.

Solid Ground: Position Shifts on . . . Position Shifts! -
  Unless you’ve been completely out of touch with the game for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard of the new rules for battle position changes.

Agents of Judgment: Single Elimination -
  As participating countries head into their National tournaments, judges need to be prepared to manage large single-elimination events.

Solid Ground: Success in Single Elimination -
  If there’s ever a time to know your deck inside and out, this is it.

Solid Ground: United We Stand — Yu-Gi-Oh! Teams -
  There are established names and logos as well as new groups at each event, so it's obvious that teams are here to stay.

Agents of Judgment: Surviving a Sneak Preview -
  The next Sneak Preview weekend is almost upon us—The Lost Millennium will burst on the scene on May 28 and 29.

Solid Ground: How to Get the Set -
  A new set is coming out, so everyone is talking about the latest hot cards and what they’re going to do for the game. There are smart ways to go about getting the most out of a new set, even if you’re on a tight budget, and I’m going to outline a few for you today.

The Lost Millennium Preview: Brain Control -
  I don’t know about you, but I was sad when Change of Heart was removed from the Advanced format. It’s been one of my favorite cards since I started playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

The Lost Millennium Preview: TLM-EN057 -
  While I certainly can’t speak for every single metagame, all of the Regional and Shonen Jump events I’ve recently attended were full of Scapegoats.

The Lost Millennium Preview: TLM-EN012 -
  Adding in a new expansion set just a few months after the latest Advanced format changes is going to mix up the metagame even more, and Metagame.com is offering you a glimpse of some of the more intriguing cards that will soon be released.

Solid Ground: Mind Games, Part 3 -
  What’s going on inside the minds of two competitors is just as important as what’s taking place on the field.

Solid Ground: Mind Games, Part 2 -
  Did you recognize any of last week’s tactics? I’m back with more this week—so let’s find out how many of these you’ve seen before!

Agents of Judgment: Professionalism -
  I’ve touched on professionalism for judges here and there in a number of my articles, but I’ve never sat down and done a comprehensive piece on the subject. Until now!

Solid Ground: Mind Games, Part 1 -
  Mind games can be as essential to a player’s strategy as a good deck and solid play skills.

Agents of Judgment: Penalty! -
  While I suppose that there are a few judges out there who absolutely love handing out penalties, most of my colleagues consider that to be the least enjoyable part of judging.

Solid Ground: And That is Time! -
  It’s important that everyone participating in a tournament knows the correct procedure for matches that are called on time.

Solid Ground: Securing the State of the Game -
  I spent last weekend doing some event coverage at the Los Angeles Shonen Jump Championship. I watched as the judges walked up and down the rows and rows of tables housing more than 450 entrants, and I thought, “Ha! I get to sit down! Suckers!”

Agents of Judgment: The Art of the Third Degree -
  Whether you’re trying to unravel a complex chain, give a card ruling, or resolve a “he said, she said” situation, asking the right questions to get the right answers will make your calls easier.

Solid Ground: Online Resources for Duelists -
  Whether you need a card ruling or a finer understanding of tournament policy, or you’re just curious about the latest promo news, the chances are good that you’ll be able to find the information you need online.

Solid Ground: What Not To Do at a Tournament, Part 3: After The Round -
  This week, I’m going to call your attention to missteps that can occur once you’re done with your match.

Agents of Judgment: At Least You’ve Got Your Health -
  Judging is a physically demanding job without a lot of downtime, so anything you can do to give yourself an edge is a smart move.

Solid Ground: What Not To Do at a Tournament, Part 2 -
  Players accidentally do lots of things that could earn them a penalty or slow down an event, so even if you think you’re up to speed, it won’t hurt to read the list.

Solid Ground: What Not to do at a Tournament, Part 1 -
  Organized Play in Yu-Gi-Oh! is getting a lot of attention, and knowing what’s expected of you at an event makes the experience better for everyone.

Agents of Judgment: Knee Deep in Agitators -
  Many antagonistic duelists will settle down once they realize that you mean business and their tactics aren’t getting to you.

Flaming Eternity Preview: Chiron the Mage -
  The Flaming Eternity set brings us several new Warrior monsters, and today I’m going to take a look at one of the best examples, Chiron the Mage.

Flaming Eternity: Bring It On! -
  It’s Sneak Preview time again!

Metagame Reader Challenge 9: Hearts, Flowers, and Pow! -
  Whether you’re a veteran or a novice at the game of love, this week’s challenge is going to test your skill with hearts and flowers, not to mention your memory of obscure card illustrations.

Flaming Eternity Preview: Card #050 -
  Card 050 from Flaming Eternity might intrigue you. It’s a continuous trap, and its effect will influence monsters on both sides of the field, like Bottomless Shifting Sand.

An Appetite for Destruction -
  It occurred to me that I’ve missed talking about a subject that trips lots of players up: negation versus destruction.

Agents of Judgment- Joey Wrangling 101: Getting Novices Through a Tournament -
  Plunging headfirst into organized play is hard if a player is unprepared, and it presents a complex series of challenges for judges and tournament staff.

Monster Effects Revised and Reviewed -
  The more you know basic game mechanics, the quicker and better your judgment will become, so make sure you have a solid understanding of how the game works.

A Judge's Perspective: Sealed Pack vs. Constructed -
  2005 is going to be a big year for Yu-Gi-Oh! Organized Play, which means more work for judges.

Talking the Talk: TCG Veteran Lingo and Common Terms, Part 2 -
  Being more comfortable with the lingo generally translates into being more comfortable with the game, and there’s never anything wrong with that

Talking the Talk: TCG-Veteran Lingo and Common Terms, Part 1 -
  It can be daunting to learn a new vocabulary by asking around, so here is your embarrassment-free, in-the-comfort-of-your-own-web-browser guide to talking the talk.

The Shonen Jump Championship Series is Coming Soon -
  Many duelists who attended the past two World Championship events as general attendees, not invited competitors, expressed the wish that Upper Deck would run similar large events, full of competitive opportunities and impressive prizes, and that is exactly what this tournament series is about.

Preparation for the Judge Test -
  We’re going to start off a new series of articles geared towards judges and Tournament Organizers.

Card Preview: Rise of Destiny 042 -
  If you’ve been reading the card previews, you’ve been getting a look at all sorts of upcoming cards.

Rise of Destiny: Don't Wait to Play! -
  Sneak Previews are definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Rise of Destiny Preview: Card #37 -
  If one normal spell card is good, then two must be better, right?

Rise of Destiny Preview: Card #30 -
  Any duelist who runs a Machine deck is definitely going to want to give this card a try.

The Strategy of the Side Deck -
  Before you can choose cards for a side deck, you need to analyze your metagame and learn what functions your side deck serves.

Understanding Archetypes: Specific Win Condition Decks -
  Rather than targeting the opponent’s life points or cards, these decks activate a series of effects that result in one of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s alternate win conditions.

Understanding Archetypes: The Lockdown Strategy -
  Lockdown refers to a board control approach that tries to limit the actions an opponent can take by restriciting his or her ability to attack, play spell cards, summon monsters, and so forth.

Timmy Tuesday: Examining Archetypes, Lesson 4 -
  In lesson three, we examined a variety of decks, each of which featured a common theme based on the types of monsters that they played. The deck archetypes we’ll be looking at this week will seem similar, since they also feature an emphasis on monster type.

Timmy Tuesday: Examining Archetypes, Type-Based Decks -
  Today we’ll be looking at a fairly large category of decks: those that are built around a specific type of monster.

Timmy Tuesday: Swarm and Overextension Decks -
  Let’s separate the decks into the different themes that feature these strategies, and examine them one by one.

Timmy Tuesday: Examining Archetypes, Lesson 1 -
  With this series of articles, we're going to expand your understanding of deckbuilding to encompass the different deck themes—or archetypes—that are popular in current play.

Timmy Tuesday: Core Cards -
  In preparation for the upcoming series on deck themes, we’re going to take a closer look at a group of spell and trap cards that see play in just about any kind of deck.

Timmy Tuesday: Basic Deckbuilding -
  Well, if you read last week’s article, you learned how to organize your Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection. Once you’ve got all those cards organized, then what?

Timmy Tuesday: Organizing Your Collection -
  Once you've moved beyond four or five booster packs worth of cards stacked here and there on your desk, you’re going to need a better way to manage your cards! Fortunately, there are plenty of options, and you can tailor them to suit yourself.

Timmy Tuesday: An Introduction to Limited Play -
  What is Limited play? While it sounds like it might have something to do with the Limited list, or not using certain cards, Limited play actually refers to taking sealed booster packs or sealed theme decks, choosing cards pulled from them, and then building a deck from the cards you have chosen.

Timmy Tuesday: Understanding the Penalty Guidelines -
  Every duelist who plans to participate in a tournament will want to learn what the rules are to avoid an infraction and what penalties might be administered if a rule is violated . . .

Timmy Tuesday: To the Graveyard! -
  Let's examine the terms surrounding a card's trip to the graveyard, learn the differences, and get a deeper understanding of how the cards work . . .

Timmy Tuesday: Position Shifts -
  There are a few basic rules to follow, but position changes will fall into one of two categories: manual shift and automatic shift. Manual shifts are pretty easy to learn, but the automatic ones can get a little tricky, so we're going to have an overview of both.

Timmy Tuesday: Understanding Summoning -
  Getting monsters out on the field is a main point of almost every deck, so in this article we’re going to focus on all the different ways a duelist can summon a monster.

Timmy Tuesday: How to Win -
  Let's have a review of all of the win conditions that can arise during a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel—there are actually quite a few different ways to win the game, and in this article we will review them all, from life point wins, to decking, to card effect wins.

Timmy Tuesday: Dueling Etiquette -
  Time to take a little break from rulings and gameplay mechanics, and focus our attention on another, too often overlooked, but important aspect of dueling—rules of sportsmanship!

Timmy Tuesday: Understanding the Battle Step -
  The most complicated phase, timing wise, is the battle phase. The battle phase is seaparated into four steps, and it's easiest to understand if broken down and examined step-by-step. That's what we are going to do in this article.

Timmy Tuesday: The Phases of Play -
  Yu-Gi-Oh! operates on a turn-based system. The game proceeds with players taking alternating turns, each turn consisting of six separate phases. It’s important for a duelist to understand each of these phases in order to get the most out of his or her cards.

Timmy Tuesday: Utilizing the Limited List -
  We’ve talked a lot in the past few articles about the importance of having a legal deck; it’s a crucial part of taking your game to its highest level. One of the most important resources you’ll need when building your deck is Upper Deck Entertainment’s Yu-Gi-Oh! limited card list.

Timmy Tuesday #3: Spotting Counterfeit Cards -
  Unscrupulous dealers try to cash in on the game’s success by making and selling fake cards, and unless you learn how to spot them, you risk being fooled. There are several features to look for that will help you determine whether or not a card is genuine, and this article will outline them for you.

Timmy Tuesday #2: Successful Trading -
  What does the "T" in TCG stand for? Trading, of course! If you would like to expand your collection by trading, a little bit of effort on your part will set you up with the knowledge you need to get the most out of your trades.

Timmy Tuesday #2: Successful Trading -
  What does the "T" in TCG stand for? Trading, of course! If you would like to expand your collection by trading, a little bit of effort on your part will set you up with the knowledge you need to get the most out of your trades.

Timmy Tuesday #1: Preparing for Your First Tournament -
  If you've never participated in a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, you might wonder what they're all about, how to prepare for one, and what to do once you get there. Preparation is pretty easy, and once you know what to expect, you'll be prepared to enter the tournament arena.

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