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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Ultimate Duelist Challenge #3: What Not To Wear
Julia Hedberg and Jason Grabher-Meyer

Long-time readers will remember Coco the Monkey from one of the first reader challenges, along with her ne’er-do-well opponent, Pwnzor. After being run out of town after his dismal loss to the world’s largest Mokey Mokey, power-gamer Pwnzor sought solace at his local zoo. There, he lost what remained of his dignity by getting royally whupped by a dueling ape.

After her triumph over Pwnzor, Coco retired from serious dueling and took up fashion design. This has carried over into her dueling style, and she just can’t bear to have a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! go by without at least one brisk round of dress-up.

Coco will be your challenger this week, and she wants to see how many different outfits you can get onto a
Berserk Gorilla in three turns. She’s an amiable monkey and is willing to help you out by not doing anything during her turns. Coco will only discard as necessary at the end of her turn, and you may choose what she discards. You will go first, and the game will end at the conclusion of your third turn. Your total score will be the number of clothing-based equipment spells you can get attached to your Gorilla, but you can only score one point for each different spell. For instance, you can score one point for attaching one Rare Gold Armor, but you cannot score two more points by attaching two more copies.

Accessories are essential to fashion, so any pendants, fans, necklaces, or anything similar you use will also score you points . . . but only if they are specifically named as such in the cards themselves. Weapons, staves, rods, random jewels not set into jewelry, flashes of light, attack techniques, handshakes, and mages in circles will not count towards your total. Not too complicated, right? Understand that the equipped item itself must be the article of clothing or accessory, so the fact that the mages on Mage Power are wearing robes doesn’t make it worth a point. We only want to see ready-to-wear items.

The catch? There’s always a catch. Coco’s gotten pretty good at her odd variant of Yu-Gi-Oh!. and if you don’t score at least eleven points by the end of the challenge, she won’t be impressed, and you certainly won’t win. There are obviously a finite number of equip spells that fit the description of “clothing,” so if that number is hit by multiple contestants, then whoever submits their result first will win the challenge.

The format is April 1 Advanced, with the following cards banned:

Black Luster Solder ‑ Envoy of the Beginning
Primal Seed
Card of Safe Return
Heart of the Underdog
Butterfly Dagger - Elma
Morphing Jar #2
Magical Merchant

When Coco must make decisions for you, you may make that decision for her. However, you may not rely on certain cards being absent from Coco’s deck, so avoid using cards like Cyber Jar. You may determine your opening hand, as long as it contains at least one copy of Berserk Gorilla. You must summon the Gorilla on turn one. You look fierce, darling!

Good luck!

-Julia Hedberg and Jason Grabher-Meyer

The usual details:

Please put “UDC#3: xxxxx” in the subject line of your email, where the x’s are your total number of unique equip spells. Be sure to pay attention when you’re scoring so that you count correctly.

Please begin by stating the equip spells you are counting to score your points. Then state your opening hand, and then give a step-by-step breakdown of what hits the field when. Be precise and clear. If we can’t understand your sequence, you’re probably not going to win the challenge.

Don’t forget to include your full name and mailing information. We can’t send you your prize without it, and I’m sure you don’t want to donate those boosters to us!

Please only enter once. Additional entries will void all entries you submit.

Entries should be submitted to contest@metagame.com and must be received by Friday, April 1st, at 5 pm EST.
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