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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 5: Paul Levitin vs. Chris Simoes
Jerome McHale

Chris Simoes lamented his unfortunate record in feature matches as he sat down at the table (“I’m 0-5 in feature matches!”) while Paul pointed out that he’s been doing quite well in his features lately. Both duelists are quite accomplished and are looking to further their success today.


Chris won the die roll and started off with a set to each zone. Paul did likewise, and play was back to Chris. He flipped Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and then attacked into Paul’s set Mystic Tomato. The Tomato fetched out Stealth Bird, and Chris set a monster before ending. Paul was up and he flipped his Bird down and up to deal 1000 to Chris. Paul set 3 spells or traps and activated Wave-Motion Cannon before passing over to Chris, who flipped Gravekeeper’s Spy to fetch another Spy. His attacks were blocked by Gravity Bind, and, in main phase 2, one Spy was tributed for Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. Solemn Judgment blocked the summon, and Chris was forced to use a Smashing Ground for his Stealth Bird eradication needs. Chris passed, and Paul set a monster before ending. It was lost to Soul Exchange next turn, and Mobius the Frost Monarch came down in its place, destroying Gravity Bind and the Cannon. Paul activated Messenger of Peace and set a card, but next turn Sangan came down and the rest of Chris’ weenies switched to attack mode. Paul was dropped to 400 life points and he set a monster before ending. It was all for naught as Chris had Zaborg to end the game!


Chris was on track to end his feature match disaster streak and Paul inquired as to why he wanted to end such a good thing. “Yeah, you just take your burn deck and get out of here,” remarked Chris. Paul frowned a bit before Chris followed up with “It’s a good burn deck. You did all of 1000 damage to me.” Paul was up first for game 2, and he set a card to each zone. Chris bolted out of the gates with Card Trooper, knocking three monsters off his deck with its effect before activating Nobleman of Crossout. All copies of Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive were removed from play, and Card Trooper attacked, unopposed by Paul’s set card. Chris set a Ring of Destruction to back up his Trooper and play was back to Paul. He set a card to each zone and passed back to Chris who set a card to each zone before pumping Trooper and attacking. Trooper was blown away by Sakuretsu Armor, and play was back to Paul. Paul summoned Mystic Tomato and set the rest of his hand before using Mystical Space Typhoon on Chris’ set Torrential Tribute and flipping Morphing Jar.


That’s about the worst thing that can happen to you when you’re playing against burn, but Chris was determined to battle back, and he started by flipping Gravekeeper’s Spy. The Spy came down in attack mode, and Brain Control stole away Paul’s Tomato. Chris moved to the battle phase and attacked with everything. Paul took all the damage, and, in main phase 2, Tomato was tributed for Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch. Chris was looking for Torrential Tribute, but Paul actually had Pulling the Rug. Chris had Book of Moon, but no opportunity to chain it, so Thestalos had to go. Still, Chris had Pot of Avarice, and he used it to shuffle 3 Monarchs, Sangan, and another monster into his deck before drawing two cards. He set a spell or trap and passed back to Paul who set a monster, a spell or trap, and activated Wave before ending. Chris had another Thestalos, but it fell to another Pulling the Rug! Paul was up again and Stealth Bird flipped up for 1000 damage before returning to face-down defense position. Paul set another monster to join it and play was back to Chris. His final Spy was tributed for Mobius the Frost Monarch, but this time Paul had no rug to pull! Mobius blew away Paul’s set Magic Cylinder and Torrential Tribute, and he then attacked Stealth Bird. Chris set two spells or traps and passed back to Paul, who simply activated Messenger of Peace and indicated that his Cannon had been around for 2 turns. Chris summoned Legendary Jujitsu master and attacked into Paul’s set, but it was Gravekeeper’s Spy! Paul got a second Spy, and Chris was forced to pass.


The Cannon moved up to 3000 damage, and Paul launched it to put Chris at 2400. Paul then set a monster and activated Ceasefire to try and go for game. Chris had a Ring, but he couldn’t force the tie, so this match was going to game 3! A huge play with Morphing Jar followed by a pair of timely counter traps allows Paul Levitin to bring this match down to the wire!


Chris was up first in the final game, and he started with a set monster. Paul set a monster and a pair of spells or traps before ending. Chris summoned Spirit Reaper and flipped Gravekeeper’s Spy to bring out a second. Good thing he flipped her, because Nobleman of Crossout came down next and removed all the other Spies from play. Paul didn’t take any out of his deck indicating they were in his hand. Chris battle phase was shut down by Scapegoat, and he attacked three Sheep before passing. Paul set a monster and passed over to Chris who tributed for Zaborg. The Monarch was blasted by Pulling the Rug, and Chris’s Spy took out the final Sheep. Spirit Reaper was switched to defense, and Paul set a card to each zone. Chris had another Monarch next turn, Thestalos, but it was met by Solemn Judgment. Clearly Paul liked all his cards just fine, and, in the next turn, he set another card to each zone. Premature Burial on Thestalos was Chris’ next play, but Thestalos fell to Sakuretsu Armor in the battle phase. Chris set a monster, and Paul flipped Dekoichi. He then tributed it for Zaborg and blew up Chris’ set Card Trooper. Snatch Steal rid the field of Spirit Reaper, and Paul flipped his own Reaper. He pressed through some damage and forced Chris to discard, but, unfortunately, he couldn’t hit the card he really needed to pitch: the Snatch Steal that Chris had set earlier.


Chris drew Pot of Avarice and activated it. Paul thought for a moment before blocking it with Solemn Judgment, leaving him at 2000 life points with no backfield. Unfortunately for him, it was over as Chris flipped Snatch Steal to take Zaborg and attack through Reaper for the game! Chris Simoes ends his feature match failure streak with a 2-1 win over Paul Levitin!

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