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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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St. Louis Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Carlo Perez had a tough set of challenges set before him today. First, he had to compete against his Kamikaze Krew teammate, Miguel Albarran, in a quarterfinals mirror match. As if a mind-bending Diamond Dude Turbo mirror wasn’t enough, knocking your teammate out of the tournament is never easy either.


From there, he had to take on returning Shonen Jump Champion Andrew Fredella in the semifinals, but neither game went past eight turns, and the entire thing was over in under 20 minutes. Perez scored a 2-0 victory over a three-time Top 8 competitor.


Finally, he faced off in yet another Diamond Dude mirror match, this time against Marc Glass. Glass was making a return appearance after his Top 8 placement in Orlando just one month ago, but Perez was in no way intimidated. Winning the roll for game 1, he opened the match by playing nothing at all, and still managed to 2-0 his opponent.


With six unique decks making Day 2 here this weekend, one can’t help but wonder what the next format may have in store. You can find out less than one week from today, when SJC action arrives in Houston, Texas.


Our congratulations go out to all the competitors in Shonen Jump Championship St. Louis, and a special congrats for your newest SJC champ, Carlo Perez!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Jeff Jones
  Andrew Fredella
Andrew Fredella
  Carlo Perez
Carlo Perez
  Carlo Perez
Miguel Albarran
  Carlo Perez
Marc Glass
  Marc Glass
Tommy Nguyen
  Marc Glass
Jeff Baumgartner
  Jeff Baumgartner
Chris Bowling
Day 2
This was a Diamond Dude Turbo mirror match, but each duelist was bringing their own unique style to the table.
After a devastating feature match loss yesterday, Jeff Baumgartner has recovered and made it all the way to the semifinals!
No mirror matches here — this was Andrew’s Monarch build against Carlo’s Diamond Dude Turbo.
Jeff’s certainly getting his share of attention at this weekend’s event — he’s come very close to Top 8’ing before but has never quite made it.
Marc Glass is back after making Top 8 last month at Shonen Jump Championship Orlando!
Marc Glass and Andrew Fredella both made Top 8, and we extend our heartiest congratulations.
Only rarely do we get a winner, but this time we got two!
Andrew Fredella of Team Nexus is the first ever competitor to win twice.
Day 1
Fredella is a repeat Top 8 competitor and a one-time Shonen Jump Champion, and now he’s one match away from taking yet another Day 2 qualification.
Both of these widely-recognized duelists are on the bubble in round 8.
This is going to be a pretty big event, it looks like.
Like everything involving Jeff Jones, this is going to be interesting.
Sixteen year-old Jeff Baumgartner is from Chicago, and he’s sitting at table 1 undefeated here today with an innovative Ratbox variant.
Welcome everyone, to yet another Scrub Brush Challenge!
The entire attending group of Team Outphase is almost undefeated here today and they’re all running variations on a basic theme that we’ve seen before.
Aside from his feature match earlier today, Chris Evans is undefeated with Diamond Dude Turbo.
Neither of these duelists needs an introduction.
Joe Hletko is a returning Top 8 competitor, who made Day 2 last year at Gen Con Indianapolis.
Chris Evans took third place last month in Orlando, and, with one win under his belt, he may be on his way to another Day 2 qualification.
After winning Shonen Jump Championship Orlando, Team Nexus’ Paul Lyn is back!
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