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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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2006 Canadian National Championship
Metagame Staff

It’s all over! After an incredible semifinals that featured three of Canada’s best duelists and an all-star newcomer with a brilliant deck, Canada has a new National Champion! After making last year’s Top 8, Calvin Tsang struck back to climb from the quarterfinals, to the semifinalss, to the last game of the day.


First he took out Steven Chin in the first match of the Top 8. Then he took on close friend and returning champion Dexter Dalit. Finally he went up against the great Chris Pittao, in a match that pitted the top player of Team Xtreme against the top player of Team Scrubs. Pittao controlled both duels, but in the end, it was Calvin who came out on top in each game with a blend of killer luck and genius ingenuity.


The first Canadian to make the Top 8 twice at the National Championships, as well as the first Scrub Brush Challenger to actually win a major event, is now the newest Canadian National Champion! An utterly beloved (and sometimes crazily annoying) fixture of the Ontario dueling community, Calvin will go to Worlds in August to represent the nation in Tokyo. Our congratulations go out to all the competitors here today at Canadian Nationals, and especially Calvin Tsang!


Check out all the coverage of feature matches, interviews, blog info, and Top 8 decks, and see what Canada’s made of!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Marcus Spanier
  Marcus Spanier
Hernan Roman
  Chris Pittao
Chris Pittao
  Chris Pittao
Richard Piper
  Calvin Tsang
Dexter Dalit
  Dexter Dalit
Shawn Chauvin
  Calvin Tsang
Calvin Tsang
  Calvin Tsang
Stephen Chin


Top 8
A quick interview with the newest Canadian National Champion!
I’m taking the Scrub Brush Challenge to a national level!
It all came down to this: two of Canada’s greatest celebrity duelists squaring off after nine consecutive rounds for the title of National Champion. The flagship champions of Team Xtreme and Team Scrubs, throwing down for a trip to Tokyo and the ultimate in national prestige.
The final four were down to three Canadian greats and one relative unknown. At one table, Dexter Dalit and Calvin Tsang squared off, the two returning Top 8 alumni from 2005. At this one, the newcomer Marcus Spanier, who had actually competed at all three Canadian Nationals but had flown under the radar with unimpressive showings, was up against Team Xtreme’s Chris Pittao. One of them was going to the finals.
In an event where three major Canadian players had battled their way to the Top 8, two rising stars had clashed not once, but twice, in just eight rounds.
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Day 1
It came down to this. Dale Bellido, who had been on the bubble since round 2, was now up against Marcus Spanier, who had arguably the most impressive deck here today. Spanier was a new face, and Bellido had no idea what he was up against.
Hernan Roman, from Kitchener, Ontario, was the duelist I scooped to in the final round of the third Last Chance Qualifier yesterday. After facing stellar duelists like Chris Pittao he’s now 5-0, and facing down Calvin Tsang.
Marcus Spanier and Jordan Denk are Team 613, and they’re running an innovative Tomato Control / Creature Swap deck that’s seen a fair amount of success so far today.
“I can’t believe I’m bubbled on the third round,” remarked a very unhappy-looking Dale Bellido as he took his seat. If he lost here, he’d be out of the tournament.
Matt Peddle is a fan favorite for the win here today, but now he had to go up against one of the most feared opponents in the tournament: Dexter Dalit.
Despite multiple impressive Top 8 showings, Lazaro Bellido has always been overshadowed by his brother Dale. A star player for Superfriends, the first round of the tournament pitted him against local level star from the other side of Toronto, Jeremy Lozon.
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