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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Indianapolis Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s all over, and we have a new two-time Shonen Jump Champion!


John Jensen had perhaps the most challenging and imposing path through today’s Top 8 bracket. First he squared off against Kris “Superman” Perovic of Team Overdose, in the one all-star match of the quarterfinals. Then he had to take on Robert Morgan, who was packing a minimalist twist on Cesar Gonzales’s Cyber-Stein deck from Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia. Finally he went up against Brent Yetter of the newly-reunited Team Hunger Force. That match came down to a third and decisive duel, and ended with Jensen playing his way out of a massive hole to steal the win.


Jensen’s victory is particularly notable because of the field today. While some impressive decks made it to Day 2, including a Chaos Zombie build and an aggressive Hydrogeddon field control deck, Jensen was the only Day 2 competitor running Return from the Different Dimension. Though Return seemed to be a relic of the format, Jensen’s win will certainly turn some heads in the deck-building community and might lead duelists to rethink some of their choices. Built by Team Nexus’s Jason Zigander, Jensen’s deck used Creature Swap, Return from the Different Dimension, Enemy Controller, and an Apprentice Magician suite to beguile his opponents and manipulate the field in unpredictable ways.


Our congratulations go out to John Jensen of Team Nexus, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s third duelist to win a pair of Shonen Jump Championship titles!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Brent Yetter
  Brent Yetter
Darian Belser
  Brent Yetter
Joe Hletko
  Joe Hletko
John Meyers
  John Jensen
Robert Morgan
  Robert Morgan
Kyle Hintze
  John Jensen
John Jensen
  John Jensen
Kris Perovic


Day 2
One man would emerge from the Duel Dome bearing the weight of defeat. The other would leave here a legend.
Robert Morgan has made it to three Shonen Jump Championship Top 8s thus far, and this was his fourth: an impressive achievement.
John Meyers is from right here, in Indianapolis.
Day 1
One of them would make it to Day 2, while the other would taste bitter defeat.
This was the Table 1 from my dreams.
There’s plenty of exploration and innovation here today, but not much of it has gone undefeated.
Both competitors in this match are members of major teams—Peddle flies the Superfriendz flag, while Levitin plays for Overdose.
Robert Morgan has made it into three Day 2 finishes at Shonen Jump Championships thus far in his short dueling career.
“I wasn’t ready for a feature match!” complained Labounty, grinning as he took his seat in the duel dome.
Fate had paired both of these Shonen Jump Champion title-holders against each other in round 2, painfully early in the tournament.
When two famous duelists clash in round 1, a feature match is a must, and so it was set!
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