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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Quarterfinals: Jason Tan vs. Yannick Dubeau
Jason Grabher-Meyer

17 year-old Jason Tan actually used to go to my local every Friday. He took second place at the National Championships in 2004, so he’s no stranger to this high-pressure scenario.


But his opponent, Yannick Dubeau, is piloting the deck that’s the talk of the tournament. A strategy he calls “Counter Fool,” it’s an innovative Counter Fairy build packing Arcana Force 0 – The Fool and other tech. This one was tough to call heading in.


Game 1


Tan opened with Reinforcement of the Army, searching out Elemental Hero Stratos, summoning him, and searching his deck for Elemental Hero Prisma. He set one card to back it up in his spell and trap zone and ended.


Dubeau summoned Arcana Force 0 – The Fool! He flipped tails, keeping Tan from affecting The Fool with targeted effects, and then activated Creature Swap! He traded it for Stratos, swung for 1800 damage and set two cards to his back row. In a handful of turns Tan would be a goner, since he couldn’t turn The Fool to defense position. All Dubeau needed to do was hammer it with a few attacks.


Tan summoned Gladiator Beast Darius. He special summoned Test Tiger, or at least tried to, because Dubeau flipped Solemn Judgment! Tan had nothing. “Go ahead.”


Play was back to Dubeau, who activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Tan’s face-down Bottomless Trap Hole. “I’ll summon Freed.” He played Freed the Brave Wanderer to the field. “And I’ll have both of my monsters attack The Fool. Your turn.” Tan was down to 2700 life points — if he couldn’t do something this turn, it was over.


He summoned Elemental Hero Prisma, and used its effect to send Gladiator Beast Bestiari to the graveyard. He contact Fused Prisma and Darius for Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, and targeted Stratos and Dubeau’s set Dark Bribe for destruction. Both were destroyed. Monster Reborn let Tan bring back Bestiari, and he contact Fused that and Gyzarus for another Gyzarus! That blew away The Fool and Freed. Tan attacked for 2400 damage, and then tagged out for Laquari and Darius. Darius didn’t make a special summon. “Go ahead.”


Dubeau summoned Bountiful Artemis, and had one more card in hand. Things looked kind of grim — his last card was Honest, but Tan had a lot of ways to clear Artemis off the field. Sure enough, moments later he activated Gladiator Proving Ground. That got him Bestiari, and he contact Fused for one more Gyzarus.


A stunning maneuver with Arcana Force 0 – The Fool backfires, and Yannick Dubeau winds up wide open to Jason Tan’s flurry of contact Fusions! Tan captures the first duel of the match.


Game 2


It was Dubeau’s turn to open though, and he summoned Nova Summoner, proceeding to back it up with three cards to his spell and trap zone. “Go.” Tan shuffled his hand, summoned Gladiator Beast Darius, and special summoned Test Tiger — Dubeau let him tag out Darius, but, when he brought in Murmillo, Dubeau destroyed it with Divine Wrath, pitching Honest! Tan set two cards to his back row and ended.


Dubeau tributed for Prime Material Dragon! Tan chained Light-Imprisoning Mirror, then took 2400 damage from Prime Material. He tried to play Mirror Force, but Dubeau chained Solemn Judgment. A set spell or trap ended his turn. Tan set a monster and ended.


Dubeau summoned D. D. Warrior Lady. He sent Prime Material Dragon to attack, destroying Tan’s set Elemental Hero Prisma, then attacked directly with D. D. Warrior Lady. Next turn Tan summoned Gladiator Beast Darius, ran over D. D. Warrior Lady, and tagged out to Bestiari! Tan targeted Dubeau’s set Magic Drain, destroyed it, and set a spell or trap to end.


“Prime will attack.” The Dragon took down Bestiari and play was back to Tan. He set a monster, Dubeau set a spell or trap, and Prime attacked into Spirit Reaper. Tan set another monster, Sangan, and the Dragon destroyed it next turn. That let Tan fetch Morphing Jar, and Dubeau set another spell or trap. “Your turn.”


Tan set a spell or trap, set a monster, and play was back to Dubeau. He set Mystical Space Typhoon and his last in-hand card was D.D. Crow. He paused a moment to inspect Tan’s graveyard, then sent Prime Material to attack into Morphing Jar. Both players got new hands.


Dubeau drew into Twister, and activated it to get rid of Light-Imprisoning Mirror! He set a fifth card to his back row and ended. “It’s your turn.”


Tan activated Heavy Storm! Dubeau flipped Dark Bribe. Tan summoned Darius, lost it to Bottomless Trap Hole, and set another spell or trap. “Go.” Dubeau flipped Mystical Space Typhoon in his end phase, destroying Tan’s freshly-set Waboku.


“Cards in hand?” Tan had four. Dubeau set two more cards, ended, and flipped Royal Oppression in Tan’s draw phase. That was going to cause him some problems. “Go ahead.” Tan passed.


Dubeau summoned Bountiful Artemis, Tan flipped Bottomless Trap Hole, and Dubeau discarded to negate Bottomless with Prime Material Dragon’s effect. Tan chained Torrential Tribute to the Dragon’s effect, but Dubeau had one more card in hand! “I won’t use the Dragon. I’ll use Solemn Judgment.” Doing so let Dubeau negate Torrential Tribute while transferring an on-field card into more hand presence, giving him up to two negations with Prime Material instead of one. It was a smart gambit. “Your turn.”


Tan summoned Laquari. He sent it after Artemis, and Dubeau pitched Honest to deal 1600 damage and destroy Laquari! Tan set another card to his back row, and ended with four cards. Artemis was letting Dubeau regain card presence.


He played a second next turn. “I need to draw that Smashing Ground faster. Your turn.” Tan was up, and drew to five before summoning Gladiator Beast Laquari. Laquari attacked an Artemis and this time the attack went through. Tan tagged Laquari out, but Dubeau paid 800 life points for Royal Oppression, so Tan didn’t get to special summon another Gladiator Beast. “Go ahead.”


Dubeau turned Artemis to defense mode and passed again. He just couldn’t get rid of that Spirit Reaper — shades of Jerome McHale versus Shane Scurry at Saint Louis. Tan summoned Bestiari, special summoned Test Tiger, and Dubeau let it go. Tan tributed Test Tiger, shuffled back Bestiari, and Dubeau didn’t have enough life points to pay for Oppression. Bestiari destroyed his Solemn Judgment, Tan activated Premature Burial targeting Murmillo, but Dubeau responded with Magic Drain! Tan discarded Smashing Ground to force the Premature through, and Dubeau drew for Artemis. Tan then contact Fused for Gyzarus, and targeted Royal Oppression and Artemis — Dubeau discarded Freed to negate the destruction and destroy Gyzarus with Prime Material! Tan had realized his mistake moments after making it.


Dubeau set a monster next turn, leaving Tan to set a spell or trap and summon Prisma. Dubeau flip summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter! “My target is Spirit Reaper.” Reaper was blown away. “Then I’ll tribute my Ryko for my second Prime Material Dragon.” Tan negated it with Solemn Judgment, giving Dubeau a free draw. He sent Prime Material to attack, but lost it to Dimensional Prison! He turned Artemis to attack mode, holding Honest, and ended. Tan set a spell or trap and ended.


Dubeau attacked with Artemis, but Tan responded with Mind Crush, declaring Honest! Artemis thumped off Prisma and landed in the graveyard, while Dubeau took 100 damage. He set a monster, ended, and next turn Prisma attacked into his Ryko. Both monsters were destroyed. Tan set a spell or trap, now topdecking. Dubeau set another monster. Dubeau had 550 life points, while Tan had 850. Tan set another topdecked spell or trap.


Another back row card was set by Dubeau, and another by Tan. Tan flipped Mystical Space Typhoon in Dubeau’s standby phase, destroying Mirror Force, and, when Dubeau summoned Freed, he lost it to Bottomless Trap Hole. Next turn Tan brought back Gyzarus with Monster Reborn, targeted his opponent’s Bottomless Trap Hole and Dubeau’s face-down copy of The Fool. Dubeau chained the Bottomless Trap Hole, but Tan chained Book of Moon to turn Gyzarus face down and save it! Dubeau set a monster next turn. Tan set a spell or trap, didn’t attack, and Dubeau set another back row card. Tan set one next turn as well, then flipped it — Light-Imprisoning Mirror. Dubeau set another spell or trap, Tan set a monster, and the topdecking war continued.


Dubeau had Nova Summoner set, and drew Creature Swap! He flip summoned Nova Summoner and activated the Swap! What was he planning? There was no way Tan was just going to hand over Gyzarus for the loss. Tan flipped Solemn Judgment and Dubeau flipped Dark Bribe, but the monster he traded Nova Summoner for was no help — Test Tiger. He promptly offered the hand shake.


Jason Tan moves on to the Top 4!

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