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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Top 16: Jasmin Gauthier vs. Christian Fedun
Jerome McHale

Val-des-monts native Jasmin Gauthier is in his second Jump ever (as is Christian) and he unfortunately had to play his brother early on in the event yesterday. Still, he’s made it to Top 16 with a new age Chain burn deck, and is now facing off against Christian Fedun and his Stratos-powered toolbox deck.


Jasmin won the opening roll and started off with Tremendous Fire before setting four spells or traps. In Christian’s draw phase, Ojama Trio was activated, clogging Christian’s field. He summoned Card Trooper, pumped and attacked before setting two spells or traps and passing. Jasmin drew and set both cards in his hand before passing back to Christian, who summoned Exiled Force. He pumped Trooper and attacked into Magic Cylinder. Exiled Force connected for 1000 damage and, in main phase 2, Christian tributed Exiled Force to try and destroy one of his Ojamas. In response, Just Desserts, Secret Barrel, and Jar of Greed were chained! When all was said and done, Christian had only 1000 life points left, and, next turn, Jasmin burned him out with Tremendous Fire for the win!


The side decking was silent until Christian told a colorful tale about how the person named on his mat had far too much to eat at the buffet the night previously. This opened up a floodgate on a world of questions about the importance of sleep versus testing, the age of our table judge, and how crazy Chain burn would be if Chain Strike wasn’t Limited. It was Christian’s turn to start, and he brought out Elemental Hero Stratos to fetch Elemental Hero Wildheart. He passed without further plays, and Jasmin considered his hand. He set four spells or traps and passed. Christian dropped Heavy Storm, and Jasmin chained Poison of the Old Man, Offerings to the Doomed, and Accumulated Fortune. Stratos was destroyed, and Christian summoned Elemental Hero Wildheart and attacked before setting three spells or traps and ending. Jasmin stalled out with Swords of Revealing Light before setting a spell or trap and ending. Stymied by the Swords, Christian sighed and set a monster. Both monsters were tributed for Lava Golem next turn, but Christian had a Bottomless Trap Hole for it! Tremendous Fire was Jasmin’s next play, and he passed back to Christian. Christian set a monster and the Swords ticked down another turn. In the final turn of Swords, Jasmin was stuck with the Ojama Trio, and he passed without play. Jasmin drew and set Secret Barrel.


Play was back to Christian, and he flipped Card Trooper and activated it. He then flipped The Warrior Returning Alive for Elemental Hero Wildheart and summoned him. Waboku blocked the attacks, and Christian checked the score before passing. Jasmin activated Level Limit — Area B to force Wildheart to defense and set a spell or trap before passing back to Christian. Christian pumped his Trooper, losing Mystical Space Typhoon in the process, and attacked straight into Dimension Wall! Christian considered a chain, and eventually decided to Shrink his Trooper to prevent 200 of the damage. This dropped him to 4500 and he set a pair of spells or traps before ending. Jasmin set a spell or trap and Christian pumped his Trooper, attacking successfully this time. Jasmin drew into Just Desserts and set it. During Christian’s draw phase he flipped Secret Barrel and Just Desserts to deal 4900 damage and take the match! Jasmin Gauthier brings Chain burn back to the Top 8, defeating Christian Fedun, 2-0!

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