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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 3: Yannick Dubeau vs. Cory Lack
Jerome McHale

I’m rather excited about Yannick Dubeau’s deck. He’s brought a unique Cyberdark build to the table today and is undefeated after two rounds. Also undefeated after two rounds is his opponent, Cory Lack, who has decided to run stall/burn this event. Neither player has any major accomplishments yet, but today would be a great day to change that.


Yannick won the roll and started with a set to each zone. Cory started with a set Magic Cylinder which he used to block the attack of Yannick’s flipped Masked Dragon next turn. He dropped Level Limit — Area B and set a spell or trap before ending, but the Level Limit couldn’t stop Masked Dragon from doing its thing. Cory set Mirror Force, but lost all his cards to Heavy Storm next turn. He chained Ring of Destruction to blow the Masked Dragon away, and Yannick set a spell or trap before passing back to Cory, who activated Swords of Revealing Light and passed. Yannick passed as well, and Cory set a monster. It was a Stealth Bird, and it got nailed by Nobleman of Crossout after Yannick summoned Cyber Dragon. He set another monster on the next turn, and both were lost to Lava Golem. Lava Golem was tributed for Jinzo, but it still couldn’t get through the Swords of Revealing Light. Messenger of Peace came down for Cory, and over the next few turns he activated Wave-Motion Cannon and Ojama Trio to try and lock Yannick down. Jinzo was tributed along with a set monster for another Lava Golem, and Solemn Judgment stopped the re-summon of Jinzo via Call of the Haunted. It was all for naught, however, as the Golem was then tributed for Kaiser Glider and Mystical Space Typhoon blew Messenger of Peace away to allow Yannick to attack for game!


“I hope I don’t see Jinzo too much,” remarked Cory as he began the second game with a Messenger of Peace and a set Sangan. The Messenger couldn’t stop Masked Dragon though, and Yannick summoned it to attack the Sangan. Sangan searched out Des Koala and Yannick set a spell or trap before ending. Cory’s turn was marked by three set spell or traps and a set monster before one of them, Solemn Judgment, was lost in the end phase to Dust Tornado. Yannick summoned Exploder Dragon and attacked into a set Des Koala, but he didn’t take any battle damage due to the Exploder Dragon’s effect! Cory set a Stealth Bird that was revealed in the next turn by Exploder Dragon, and he also set another Solemn Judgment. The Judgment came into play shortly afterwards to negate Torrential Tribute after Cory summoned Lava Golem to Yannick’s field. Cory activated Ojama Trio to stuff up Yannick’s field, and he continued to develop his back field now with 2 set spells or traps and a Messenger of Peace. Now devoid of Exploder Dragon, Yannick continued to take damage from a Stealth Bird, and he summoned Masked Dragon before activating Future Fusion sending the components of Cyberdark Dragon to the graveyard. In the next turn, he tributed Lava Golem for Kaiser Glider and activated Mystical Space Typhoon to take down the Messenger of Peace. Yannick finally thought he was rid of that Stealth Bird once and for all, but the attack was blocked by Magic Cylinder, knocking him down to 1800 life points!


Things weren’t going well for Yannick as he was down to 1800 life points and Cory dropped him further to 800 by flipping that Stealth Bird one more time and activating Wave-Motion Cannon. He set Morphing Jar and passed over to Yannick, who attacked the Bird with Glider and the Jar with Masked Dragon. He drew into Heavy Storm with the Jar’s effect, but it ended up not mattering as Cory had picked up Ring of Destruction in his 5 cards and ended the game one turn later! This unconventional matchup was going to game 3!


Yannick started off the third game with a set to each zone, and Cory did likewise. In the next turn, Yannick flipped Twin-Headed Behemoth, summoned Cyber Phoenix and activated Nobleman of Crossout to remove all Des Koalas from play. Gravity Bind was able to stop the Phoenix attack, but Twin-Headed still managed a hit for 1500. The monsters were tributed away for Lava Golem next turn, and Cory set two spells or traps before ending. Ojama Trio was flipped in the draw phase to give Yannick three tokens, and the Gravity Bind was lost to Dust Tornado. Lava Golem swung hard on its owner before being tributed for Kaiser Glider, and Yannick passed his turn after setting a pair of spells or traps. Cory activated Wave-Motion Cannon but lost it to Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell! He set 2 cards and a monster and passed over to Yannick who summoned Cyberdark Horn, equipping it with Twin-Headed Behemoth. Kaiser Glider attacked to reveal Spirit Reaper, and the Horn lost its equip to Twister before piercing through the Reaper. Cory activated Secret Barrel in the end phase, but Yannick had a Ring of Destruction to blow up his Kaiser Glider and take the match! Yannick Dubeau wins a hard fought match against Cory Lack’s burn deck to move on undefeated!

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