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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Indianapolis Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s finally over, and the dueling world has a surprising new Shonen Jump Champion. Kenny So is the latest duelist to capture title gold!


Attendees here in Indy were surprised enough when So finished in third place yesterday with an innovative Burn deck. Nobody was expecting Burn, or the dark horse duelist So, to make an impact at this event. So is better known for his ownership of the famed gaming store Comic Odyssey than for his skills as a duelist, so his stellar ranking after Day 1 was totally unexpected.


Once So hit Day 2, the surprises just kept coming. Few duelists had prepared for Burn, making So’s side of the Top 16 bracket vulnerable to the exact strategy deck builders Hugo Adame and Erik Wu had given him. When So defeated Fili Luna in the Quarterfinals, it was a massive upset, and he proceeded to grind a win out of Amjad Ibrahim in the Semis. Ibrahim forced a draw after a long first duel and the match went all the way to time.


Finally, So took on Darrelle Reese in the Finals and battled his way through an utterly grueling three games. Two duels with alarming and abrupt finishes gave way to a third game, and it all ended with a 6000-point assault from Wave-Motion Cannon!


Congratulations go out to Kenny So, your newest Shonen Jump Champion, and the proud owner of the new prize card, Gold Sarcophagus!


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Guy Israel
  Guy Israel (3rd)
Jerry Wang
  Darelle Reese
Lazaro Bellido
  Darelle Reese
Darelle Reese
  Kenny So
Shane Scurry
  Amjad Ibrahim (4th)
Amjad Ibrahim
  Kenny So
Kenny So
  Kenny So
Fili Luna

Day 2
This was it: Kenny So of Comic Odyssey versus up-and-coming duelist Darrelle Reese, in a matchup that heavily favored So.
Kenny So has come a long way. Packing a successful Burn deck built by Hugo Adame and Erik Wu that no one was ready for, he’s the odds-on favorite for victory here in the Final Four.
Could Jerry continue his streak, or would Israel claim another win for Belgium?
Today, Jeff was up against Fili Luna, possibly his biggest challenge ever. A win here would work wonders for Paura’s reputation, but it wasn't going to come easy.
The “Best Four Days in Gaming” are drawing to a close, but the action is far from over!
Day 1
Destiny Heroes have made their comeback, a former Belgian National Champion is the number-one-ranked duelist going into Sunday, and Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest has cracked Day 2. What a way to send off the format!
Nareg Torossian and Jason Zigander had no chance of making Day 2, but I figured this would be an interesting feature match. Boy was I right.
Billy Brake had continued to carry on to a 7-1 record with Beasts, a feat matched by Jeff Jones.
Two duelists had been bothering me for a feature match all day long: Kris Perovic, and Metagame.com’s own Ryan Murphy.
“I have to give Adam Corn a shoutout, because he’s really sad he lost,” said Jones with a smile, taking his seat.
Cooper is undefeated today with a remarkable Dark World deck packing tricks like The Cheerful Coffin and Appropriate.
If you’re even a modestly competitive duelist, you probably recognize Adam Corn, the reigning U.S. National Champion.
A ton of big players are running Beast decks here today, but Jeff Jones is one of the few who’s managed to go undefeated thus far.
Superfriends member Jason Tan is recognized for his second place finish at Canadian Nationals two years ago.
Roberto Martinez has made two Shonen Jump Championship Top 8s, scoring Day 2 finishes in New Jersey and Orlando in past years.
In any card game, collectible or otherwise, it doesn’t really get any better than a wild card.
The “Best Four Days in Gaming” are here, and we are live from one of the biggest, best Shonen Jump Championships of the year.
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