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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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2007 United States National Championship
Metagame Staff

It’s over! After a whopping fourteen rounds of competition, Adam Corn is the 2007 US National Champion!


In a Day 2 field filled with Perfect Circle, T-Hero, Machine beatdown, and several successful rogue decks, Corn piloted Trooper Monarchs with Trap Dustshoot to a Championship finish.


And it wasn’t easy. Corn’s first opponent this morning was Fili Luna, one of the top prospects for a win here today. Overcoming the Outphase star, he then had to face Javier Gutierrez, owner of the most bizarre, unpredictable deck in Day 2 contention (if you haven’t seen it, go check it out in the Top 16 decklists — awesome stuff!). From there he faced recognized duelist Michael Bueno, who was armed with Machine beatdown, before moving on to the finals where he defeated Bryan Rockenbach. Rockenbach was packing a surprising 13-Gauge Monarch deck, and the Finals were a tight back-and-forth contest that went all the way to game 3!


Our congratulations go out to all competitors at the US National Championships, especially to the new US National Champion, Adam Corn!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Adam Corn
  Adam Corn
Javier Gutierrez
  Adam Corn
Michael Bueno
  Michael Bueno
Jeffrey Paura
  Adam Corn
Bryan Rockenbach
  Bryan Rockenbach
Emon Ghaneian
  Bryan Rockenbach
Justin Womack
  Justin Womack
Kyle Hintze


Day 2
The final round of the 2007 US National Championships; one duelist would emerge from the next three duels as the reigning American champ!
Justin Womack is a fifteen-year-old duelist from Wisconsin. He distinguished himself this weekend by playing an incredibly aggressive deck. Bryan Rockenbach’s biggest achievement until this weekend was a Top 8 appearance at SJC Denver earlier this year. The fifteen-year-old Arizona duelist is running a high-risk Twelve-Gauge variant with thirteen Monarchs and Jinzo.
This feature match pits two soon-to-be Worlds competitors from California against each other.
Justin is playing an extremely aggressive damage-based deck that aims to drop his opponent to 0 as soon as possible. He still hasn't lost a match that he's shown up to. Hintze is representing Team Outphase and is hoping to make it to Worlds with almost the same T-Hero deck he played in Minneapolis.
The players were still shuffling well into the beginning of the round, discussing the tournament, their decks, and other things.
Emon Ghaneian’s “E-Mon Heroes” brought him a perfect record yesterday. His opponent, Alfonso Yamakawa, is also playing a Trooper Monarch build. He’s packing three copies of [Trap Dustshoot], and they could be integral to this matchup.
Both players are looking for at least a Top 4 finish and the chance to represent their country at Worlds.
For twelve duelists, this day represents the end of the 2007 season and the conclusion of a year’s worth of hard-fought dueling. For four more duelists, today is not an ending, but a beginning of preparations for the World Championships in August.
Day 1
It’s over! Ten long rounds have eliminated almost 700 duelists from contention, and now a final sixteen remain.
Tristan Johnson is one match away from possibly making a breakthrough Day 2 appearance. He’s up against Ryan Hayakawa, the dueling world’s first-ever two-time Shonen Jump Champion.
Vincent Tundo is always good for some innovation, and this year he hasn’t disappointed.
After a brutal savaging from Max Suffridge two rounds ago, Francisco Rome is back at the feature match table. This time, he’s up against Kyle Hintze, a two-time Shonen Jump Top 8’er.
Today's feature match showcases the final two undefeated players in the tournament. Emon Ghaneian is from Team Overdose and Agustin Herrera is from Kamakazi Krew.
John Jensen is one of the top prospects for a Day 2 qualification here today. He’s up against Jessy Samek, the eighteen-year-old Champion of Shonen Jump Philadelphia and arguably the duelist who brought Perfect Circle to where it is today.
Both players are gunning for Top 8 now, and both know that wins in this round and round 9 could very easily put them in the Top 16.
Shonen Jump Top 8’er and the winner of Shonen Jump Championship Columbus, Marc Glass, is one of several notable duelists here today packing Crystal Beasts.
In September of last year, Jose Arocho was devastating his opponents at Shonen Jump Championship Boston with a cutting-edge build of Cyber-Stein OTK. Now, he’s back in the spotlight with an updated version of yet another proven deck that could make a big impact.
It's round 7 and that means it's time to feature table 1. Max Suffridge just happens to be there, and so he's back once more. Sitting opposite from him is Fransisco Rome.
Neither of these duelists needs an introduction. Twenty-five-year-old Jason Holloway is a star player for Team Outphase, while twelve-year-old Austin Kulman is the reigning American National Champion.
We’re halfway through the tournament now, and star players John Jenson and Adam Corn are still undefeated.
Eighteen-year-old Adam Donahue hails from Massachusetts and is a steady fixture of the Shonen Jump Championship circuit. He’s up against Edgar Flores, a well-renowned duelist who’s no stranger to the feature match spotlight.
Neither of these players needs much of an introduction. Jeff Jones is a familiar face at these tournaments and has made Day 2 twice before today. Ryan, on the other hand, is an Odyssey player who's earned back-to-back Shonen Jump victories.
This rounds feature match pits two former SJC Champions against each other.
Round 3 has ended and it seems like a great time to get a feel for the metagame at the top tables. Here’s how the top ten tables played out this past round.
Jose is from New York and is playing a Return from the Different Dimension deck. Robby is from Auburn, Indiana, and flies no team flag. Both players are eager to move on with an undefeated record, so we should have a heated match.
Marc Glass always has interesting decks. Today he's here with an extremely powerful Crystal Beast deck. Jonathon Dansbury is from New Jersey, and is representing Team Oblivion.
This first round feature match brings two online entities together. Daniel Tate, known online as "orangeeyes," has found himself facing off against Alpha Omega's Max Suffridge.
With Shonen Jump Minneapolis and the Canadian National Championships just behind us, you can expect the Top 8 decklists from both tournaments to have a big impact here in Columbus.
The tournament we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.
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