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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 2: Levi Yoder vs. Luis Marillo
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Levi Yoder used to live in Vermont, but moved to Columbus right after Nationals this past year. You might remember him from his finals appearance at Shonen Jump Championship Durham, where he competed for the title in a Zombie mirror match. He’s back today with Lightsworn Zombies: “a flashback” in his own words.


Luis Marillo made Day 2 once before as well, and traveled here this weekend from New York. He’s playing straight TeleDAD.


Yoder opened the match with Charge of the Light Brigade, sending Plaguespreader Zombie, Card of Safe Return, and another Charge to the graveyard! He searched out Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, set it, and set Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. He had another Ryko in hand, along with two more Plaguespreaders and another Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. It was an awkward situation.


Marillo fired back with a single set spell or trap, chaining it to Ryko’s effect next turn: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. He discarded Destiny Draw to send Yoder’s Wind Blast back to the top of his deck, and Ryko sent it, Spirit Reaper, and Book of Life to the graveyard. “Poke for two?” Marillo took an attack from Ryko, Yoder set Wind Blast and another Ryko, and ended with two Plaguespreader and Necro Gardna in hand. Marillo was up.


He summoned Krebons, and attacked through Ryko for 1000 damage. He set a card to his back row again, ended, and this time Ryko hit his mark: Solemn Judgment. Ryko’s effect sent Compulsory Evacuation Device, Zombie Master, and Mezuki to the graveyard! Yoder was in a great position now.


He discarded another Mezuki for Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, spinning away Krebons. “Now it gets fun . . .” He removed one Mezuki to special summon Zombie Master. He discarded Necro Gardna for Zombie Master’s effect, special summoned Plaguespreader, and Synchro summoned with all three of his monsters to unleash Thought Ruler Archfiend! He didn’t commit with the second Mezuki, instead opting to attack for 2700 with Thought Ruler. “It is now your turn.”


Marillo drew his Krebons and summoned it, his only move. Yoder drew Goblin Zombie, adding it to his two Plaguespreaders in his hand. He sent one Plaguespreader to the top of his deck to summon the one from his graveyard, normal summoned Goblin Zombie, and Synchro summoned Revived King Ha Des! Goblin Zombie went to the graveyard getting Yoder another Mezuki.


He removed one Mezuki to bring back Goblin Zombie, sending it at Krebons. Marillo let the attack go through; Goblin Zombie was destroyed and Yoder got another Zombie Master from his deck. He then paid 1600 life points total to fend off Thought Ruler and Revived King. “I will pass back to you,” stated Yoder, always very polite.


Marillo drew to four cards in hand and ran some numbers. He activated Brain Control, paying himself down to 2700 life points to assume control of Ha Des. He tributed it for Destiny Hero – Malicious, then tuned Krebons to Malicious to Synchro summon Colossal Fighter — it hit the field with 3000 ATK. Marillo had two cards left.


He sent Colossal Fighter at Thought Ruler, drawing out Necro Gardna. In main phase 2 he removed Malicious to summon another in defense position and ended. “Your move.” Ouch. Definitely not the best game position.


Next turn Yoder summoned Zombie Master, discarded Mezuki, and special summoned Goblin Zombie with Zombie Master’s effect; it came up in attack. That left Yoder with three Dark monsters, but Marillo activated D.D. Crow’s effect to remove Zombie Master from Yoder’s graveyard! Yoder slammed Goblin Zombie into Colossal Fighter anyway, lost 1800 life points, and got another Zombie Master from his deck. He was back at three Darks, but ended his turn without playing Dark Armed Dragon; he did have it in hand, but was opting not to play it.


Marillo sent his Malicious to attack Zombie Master, getting himself to three Darks. Colossal Fighter attacked Thought Ruler, Marillo summoned Dark Armed Dragon, and he removed D.D. Crow from his graveyard to destroy Zombie Master. He ended his turn by setting his last card to his back row.


Yoder activated Allure of Darkness next turn, drawing Monster Reborn and Burial From a Different Dimension. He had Zombie Master, Plaguespreader, and Dark Armed Dragon in hand; Zombie Master was removed. Yoder removed Mezuki to special summon Zombie Master, activated Monster Reborn to bring back Thought Ruler Archfiend, and special summoned Dark Armed Dragon! He activated its effect, removing Goblin Zombie to destroy Marillo’ set Mystical Space Typhoon. Marillo scooped immediately!


Levi Yoder dominates the first duel after a rough opening with tons of duplicate cards! “Let’s go to Game 2,” declared Yoder, going for his side deck. Marillo did the same, and play resumed minutes later.


Marillo opened with Allure of Darkness, removing Destiny Hero – Malicious. He normal summoned Krebons, set a spell or trap, and ended: “Don’t worry, that’s normal,” smirked Marillo, clearly stuck with a two-Malicious hand at best. Yoder laughed. He activated Charge of the Light Brigade next turn, sending Mezuki, Book of Life, and Dark Armed Dragon to the graveyard to get Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter.


Allure of Darkness got him two more cards at the cost of Zombie Master, and he set a card to each zone. Marillo had another Allure, and he activated it to trade his Dark Armed Dragon for two more draws. Emergency Teleport got him Krebons, and he tributed it for Destiny Hero – Malicious in attack position. Yoder responded with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Plaguespreader Zombie to target Malicious; Marillo chained Solemn Judgment, then Synchro summoned Red Dragon Archfiend. He removed Malicious to summon his last copy, then activated Emergency Teleport . . . and didn’t find Krebons. He was missing his third copy, and no amount of searching his side deck, the table, under each duelist’s playmat, or the floor recovered it.


With a card missing, the deck Luis had presented was declared illegal by the head judge, and he was unfortunately awarded a game loss. The match goes to Levi Yoder, and Lightsworn Zombies take the victory!
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