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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Austin Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over! Out of a varied Top 8 that consisted of three Warrior Toolboxes, two Monarch Controls, one OTK, one Beatdown, and one Gearfried deck, a single winner has emerged!


Tristian Patillo’s first opponent in the quarterfinals was Kevin Donnelly, the one competitor who managed to take Stein OTK to a Day 2 finish this weekend. Donnelly’s new OTK build, which features Secret Barrel and Des Koala, is the perfect template for the archetype in this new format. It wasn’t quite good enough though, and Patillo defeated Donnelly by taking two straight duels.


Patillo took on Mike Gonzales next, the only duelist running a true beatdown in the Top 8. Despite the higher general utility of Gonzales’ deck, Patillo again managed to snatch a 2-0 victory out from under Gonzales’ nose.


Finally, Patillo had to face the odds-on pick for the Championship win. Ryan Spicer made Day 2 in Shonen Jump Championship Arlington, and this time he took the Scrub Brush Challenge and emerged unscathed for a second SJC Top 8! In a match that pitted Monarch deck against Monarch deck Patillo scored yet another 2-0 victory, narrowly eeking out a win in the first duel and taking advantage of a key play in the second.


Our congratulations go out to all the competitors of Shonen Jump Championship Austin, but a special congrats goes out to Tristian Patillo, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Ryan Spicer
  Ryan Spicer
Abel Carrasco
  Ryan Spicer
Joseph Hutchinson
  Jason Holloway
Jason Holloway
  Tristian Patillo
Mike Gonzales
  Mike Gonzales
Matt Stille
  Tristian Patillo
Tristian Patillo
  Tristian Patillo
Kevin Donnelly



Day 2
While Spicer had the advantage of experience, and had won in a feature match against Tristian just yesterday, this one was anybody’s game.
The two members of the Top 8 with precious Top 8 experience were set to go head-to-head.
Mike wanted a feature match yesterday and didn’t manage to get one, but he certainly made up for it today.
19 year-old Kevin hails from Mobile, Alabama. While he’s attended three or four Shonen Jumps, this is his highest finish.
This match would pit the ultimate in mainstream decks against an absolute rogue strategy.
We haven’t had a winner at one of these for some time, so I’d say we were about due.
We had a winner yesterday!
Day 1
Matt Stille had been on me since Round 2 for a deck profile or feature match.
Tristian Patillo is from Houston, Texas, and is yet another of the event’s more successful younger duelists.
The players are pouring in.
Both of these competitors hold 5-1 records going into this match.
We’re two thirds of the way through the day, and some dominant pieces of tech have emerged.
Another Shonen Jump, another Scrub Brush Challenge!
Adam Powell is 19 years old and a newcomer to the feature match spotlight.
Nick Flores, from Houston, Texas has wow’d the field so far today by going undefeated with an Ultimate Tyranno OTK deck.
You probably don’t know Nick Flores, but you’re probably familiar with his two friends!
With Chaos gone, there’s no reason that this deck can’t succeed.
Remember the Third Planet Dark World deck from SJC Boston?
Glenn Schumann’s deck is one of my top picks here today.
Inspired by similar decks run last format in Japan, many duelists are banking on Dimension Fusion to bring them victory here today.
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