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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 1: Jason Holloway vs. Frank Debrito
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Jason Holloway is a repeat Day 2 Shonen Jump Championship competitor, coming off a third place finish weeks ago at Shonen Jump Columbus. His opponent, Frank Debrito, is the leader of Team Nexus, representing B.R.A.D’S Sportscards and Collectibles in Coral Springs, Florida. Both are veterans of the Shonen Jump Circuit, and each was joined this weekend by teammates that would give each an edge in the last-minute testing this tournament has demanded.


Debrito won the roll and swiftly opened with Elemental Hero Stratos, searching out Destiny Hero – Disk Commander from his deck. He was stuck with a mitt full of monsters though, and ended his turn. Holloway fired back with a set card to each zone, then set a second spell or trap card and considered his potential further plays. He ended moments later.


On Debrito’s turn he flipped Crush Card Virus! He tributed Sangan, and Debrito lost Stratos from his field, as well as every remaining card in his hand save two: the Disk Commander and Heavy Storm. The duel was virtually over before it began, and Holloway’s decision to dig Spirit Reaper from his deck with Sangan’s effect made things even worse. After some meticulous application of the shuffle-shuffle-cut-cut rule, Debrito activated Heavy Storm to threaten Holloway’s face-down Scapegoat and destroy it: Holloway didn’t chain, and Debrito set his Disk Commander.


But Holloway had no follow-up! He set a card to each zone and ended. Debrito drew into Premature Burial, revealed it for Crush Card’s effect and contemplated his options: Jinzo, Darklord Zerato, and Destiny Hero – Dasher. He activated Premature, brought back Jinzo, and attacked: “I’ll have my Jinzo attack into your Spirit Reaper.” Sure enough, Reaper flipped and Holloway was up.


“Go.” Holloway had nothing, but Debrito topped into Dark Nephthys and was forced to kick it to his graveyard. He passed, Holloway passed back, and Debrito passed as well.


Destiny Draw discarding Destiny Hero – Fear Monger got Holloway two more cards, and Allure of Darkness got him another two while removing Dark Magician of Chaos. He tried to flip his set Escape from the Dark Dimension, but was rebuked by Debrito, pointing out his Jinzo on the field. Holloway pitched D.D. Crow to remove his opponent’s Destiny Hero – Dasher from the graveyard, then special summoned Dark Armed Dragon! He removed Sangan to destroy Jinzo, brought back Dark Magician of Chaos with the Escape, and took back Destiny Draw. Dark Magician of Chaos then attacked and removed Disk Commander, while Reaper and Dark Armed made direct attacks, costing Debrito his in-hand Destiny Hero – Malicious.


Holloway dropped Malicious himself in main phase 2 for Destiny Draw. Gold Sarcophagus let him remove Monster Reborn from his deck, and he then tributed Reaper and Dark Armed Dragon for Light and Darkness Dragon. The game was firmly locked, and a turn later Debrito was scooping it up.


Jason Holloway takes the first duel! Sure enough, this format did seem to be slower than it was a week ago. Both competitors smokescreened and dove into their side decks before doing some serious shuffling. Holloway wanted to end this one quick; Debrito wanted to stay in the match.


This time he opened with no monsters. Rough beat. He set one card to his back row, passed, and Holloway set one too. Debrito set a second spell or trap, ended, and Holloway pitched Fear Monger for Destiny Draw. He summoned Elemental Hero Stratos, searched for Destiny Hero – Disk Commander, and attacked. “I’ll take it,” replied Debrito. “Your turn,” announced Holloway.


Debrito drew Dark Nephthys, another dead card, and flipped Heavy Storm. He chained his own Reckless Greed, drew two, and Holloway lost Escape from the Dark Dimension! Debrito had clearly set up a pro Storm attempt, but his terrible opening hand forced him to act. He drew into Snipe Hunter and Destiny Hero – Plasma. He summoned the Snipe, pitched Dark Nephthys to destroy Stratos, and attacked for 1500 damage. He set Escape from the Dark Dimension and ended, now at least in a better position than he’d opened with.


Holloway contemplated setting a monster for a brief moment, and then did so: his only move. Debrito was holding Premature Burial, D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation, Crush Card Virus, Return from the Different Dimension, and Plasma. He seemed to smell a rat, but pitched D.D.R. to continue his press — Snipe Hunter destroyed Holloway’s face-down Sangan, Holloway took D.D. Crow from his deck, and Snipe Hunter attacked for another 1500 damage. “Yours,” stated Debrito, ending.


“How many cards?” asked Holloway.


“A lot,” replied Debrito. “Four of ‘em.”


Holloway screwed up his face a moment, before activating Monster Reborn to bring back Sangan. He tributed it for Jinzo, searched another D.D. Crow from his deck, and activated D.D. Crow to remove D.D.R. from Debrito’s graveyard. He then special summoned two copies of Dark Armed Dragon! “I’m at what, 62?” Debrito checked his life points, knowing it was over. He offered Holloway the handshake and conceded.


A pair of terrible opening hands for Frank Debrito leads to a quick win for Jason Holloway, moving on with his first match win of the day!

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