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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 13: Cedric Sequerra vs. Jesus Suarez
Jerome McHale

This round sees two players who each played in a feature match yesterday facing off at Table 1. Cedric Sequerra won his match against Hector Heras, while Jesus hit a bad run of luck against Kris Perovic. “Ooo. I’m up to two feature matches now!” Jesus happily remarked, while Cedric pointed out that he’s had around seven feature matches at this point, won every one of them, and used Crush Card Virus with Sangan in almost every one of them. While the players waited on their deck checks, they rolled to see who would go first and Cedric won. “Oh great! You watch this, he’s gonna be like, ‘Sangan, set Crush, go!’” lamented Jesus as their decks were returned to them.


Cedric started things off with Destiny Draw, discarding Destiny Hero - Dasher. Reinforcement of the Army came down next to fetch Strike Ninja for Cedric, and he played another Destiny Draw, discarding Disk Commander this time. Armageddon Knight came down and sent Dark Magician of Chaos to the graveyard, and Cedric set a spell or trap before passing. Jesus was up and he summoned Elemental Hero Stratos to pull his own Disk Commander from the deck. He attacked with Stratos to put a fifth Dark into Cedric’s graveyard, not necessarily a good plan considering that he knew Cedric had Strike Ninja. Jesus set a spell or trap and looked aghast as Cedric dropped Monster Reborn to revive Dark Magician of Chaos . . . and then played it again to bring out Armageddon Knight and send Jinzo to the graveyard! Jesus was floored by this turn of events, and he was scooping up his cards just a few seconds later when Cedric dropped Strike Ninja, removed Jinzo and Armageddon Knight from play, and flipped Return from the Different Dimension for the win. Game 1 ends in just three short turns as Cedric Sequerra inches closer to 13-0!


“Ugh, I had game next turn,” said Jesus as he finished up his side decking. Both players shuffled extensively once again between games. Jesus started things off in game 2 with Armageddon Knight sending Destiny Hero - Dasher to the graveyard. He set a spell or trap and passed over to Cedric who threw down a Destiny Draw, pitching Dasher and Snipe Hunter. He called priority to target Jesus’ back-row card by pitching Darklord Zerato and he rolled a 5, destroying Jesus’ Return. Snipe Hunter beat down Armageddon Knight, and Cedric set a spell or trap before passing. Jesus topdecked into Dark Magician of Chaos, but he quickly shuffled it into his hand before realizing that Dasher was in the graveyard! Heavy Storm came down to clear out Cedric’s set Escape from the Dark Dimension, and Jesus followed up with Prometheus, King of the Shadows, removing both of his Darks from play. Dimension Fusion followed it up, and Armageddon Knight and Dasher hit the field. Dark Armed Dragon was sent to the graveyard with Armageddon Knight’s effect, and Jesus swung for 4000. Cedric flopped Destiny Hero - Dasher off the top of his deck thanks to Dasher’s ability and then revived his Zerato with Monster Reborn! He sent Fear Monger to the graveyard to wipe Jesus’ field and passed his turn. Jesus played two Allure of Darkness cards, removing Dark Magician of Chaos and Sangan before setting two spell or trap cards and passing.


Cedric went for game with his Dasher next turn, but Mirror Force foiled him! Armageddon Knight came down in main phase two—putting Dark Magician of Chaos into the graveyard—and Jesus was up. He special summoned Strike Ninja with his Dasher and attacked through Cedric’s Armageddon Knight. Cedric drew and activated his second Dasher’s effect—revealing Jinzo—but Jesus chained with Mind Crush, calling Jinzo to discard it to the graveyard! Strike Ninja hit again next turn, and Cedric scooped up his cards after looking at his next draw. This match was going to game 3, and Cedric would have the chance to start things off.


He opened with Reinforcement of the Army to fetch Armageddon Knight. The Knight sent Dasher to the graveyard, and he followed it up with Allure of Darkness removing Dark Magician of Chaos to complete its effect. Armageddon Knight was backed up by a spell or trap, and Jesus drew. He immediately activated Allure of Darkness and removed Jinzo from play to finish the effect. Armageddon Knight came down next—sending Dasher to the graveyard—and Jesus blasted Cedric’s Return with Mystical Space Typhoon before having the Knights bump heads. He set two spell or trap cards and revealed Trap Dustshoot to look at Cedric’s hand. Cedric drew and activated Dasher’s effect to summon a new Dasher. Jesus opted to send Armageddon Knight back to Cedric’s deck, and Dasher resolved properly. Cedric summoned Sangan and swung with both monsters before passing. Jesus drew and summoned Strike Ninja for his Dasher’s effect before setting a monster and flipping Escape from the Dark Dimension to pull back Jinzo. Both of Cedric’s monsters went down, and Cedric topdecked into Darklord Zerato! He summoned Snipe Hunter and pitched an Armageddon Knight to wipe Jesus’ field, attacking directly with both.


He had no follow-up play, however, and Jesus was able to clear his field out next turn. Cedric played Heavy Storm next turn—saving himself from a potentially fatal Return from the Different Dimension—but his options were wearing a bit thin. Strike Ninja kept pounding away, and Cedric’s problems compounded as his draws continued to fail him. Jesus added a Fear Monger to his field to press some damage, and Cedric finally managed to pick up a playable monster! Elemental Hero Stratos came down and he tried to attack for game, but Mirror Force from Jesus Suarez was enough to make Cedric call it quits! Cedric Sequerra takes his first loss for the weekend as Jesus Suarez brings his feature match record up to .500, 2-1!

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