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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Orlando Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Michael Lux has done it! The seventeen-year-old from Wesley Chapel fought his way through two killer matches before facing down Roy St. Clair. In a three-game finale that was down to the wire, Lux destroyed his opponent to claim the title of Shonen Jump Champion. And he did it with Treeborn Frog!


The verdict is in, and though Treeborn Frog is most certainly not a staple, it did win the tournament. Monarch Stall is going to be a huge presence in the next Advanced format. Sand Moth will also see a massive amount of play too, so St. Clair is not without a legacy.


Though it was a big weekend for Teams Rampage, Nexus, and Immortal Technique, Lux came alone this weekend and is not affiliated with any player organization. “I don’t need a team,” he said during the finals, flashing a smile. Whether he was winning or losing, Lux had a smile on his face all day, and a friendlier duelist has probably never won a Shonen Jump Championship


With many of the duelists competing this weekend planning to attend Long Beach next week, most duelists are looking to the future. But today, one duelist is enjoying his present victory. Congratulations to Michael Lux, the newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Daniel Fitzgerald
  Daniel Fitzgerald
Emon Ghaneian
  Roy St. Clair
Chris Pittao
  Roy St. Clair
Roy St. Clair
  Michael Lux
Roberto Martinez
  Michael Lux
Michael Lux
  Michael Lux
Raheel Merali
  Raheel Merali
Leonard Hamilton
Day 2
Michael Lux is a seventeen-year-old kid from Wesley Chapel, just an hour and a half south of here. A relative unknown up until now, he came here this weekend and played alone without a team backing him. “I don’t need a team,” he said with a good-natured smile.
Thrilled by his quarterfinals win against Roberto Martinez, Michael was very confident in his ability to win this match. Raheel had just come off a victory over Leonard Hamilton, and he scored another one in the opening die roll.
Daniel Fitzgerald was keeping the NeXus dream alive and defending Orlando for the natives, but now he was up against Roy St. Clair. Both competitors have made the Top 8 in the past. While their Day 1 match had been played casually, since both competitors were guaranteed a spot in the Top 8, this one was for keeps.
Both players were grinning wildly during their deck checks as they discussed their past accomplishments.
Emon Ghaneian almost went down in history as the first duelist to ever no-show a Shonen Jump Championship Top 8.
Day 1
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
Both duelists are on the bubble. One will likely make Day 2, while the other will fall just short. Which one will it be? Let’s find out!
Tech is the dividing line between victory and defeat in many a match. It’s also usually the border between boredom and amusement for the creative, cutting-edge duelist, and in that respect, this event was certainly anything but boring.
Both players were excited to be here at the start of round 8. After 7 rounds of competition, Brian and Richie were both riding on the bubble at 6-1.
With Feroze Ramcharan, Miguel Garcia, and John Jensen all eliminated from contention, Team NeXus’s hopes rested on the shoulders of the newest member, Daniel Fitzgerald. Undefeated today, he’s a definite rising star in the game.
My strategy in writing this article was to wait until after Paul had established a considerable winning streak before discussing his deck.
The round began with both players commenting on the lack of burger breaks in the Shonen Jump schedule. Unfortunately, there’s no rest for the wicked.
Despite the fact that he’s kept a relatively low profile for the past year, Sang Bui is still one of the most recognizable players in the North American Yu-Gi-Oh! scene.
Chris Pittao is a player for Team Xtreme, and is, at a glance, the only Canadian in competition today. Well-reputed in the Toronto area, a Top 8 showing this weekend would be a much-deserved breakthrough performance for him.
Jerome McHale is no stranger to our readers. Zak Bishop is no stranger to Jerome McHale. With both players running Treeborn Monarch decks, albeit with different tech selections, this one was irresistible!
Like Comic Odyssey before them, Team Fallen has numbers on their side.
Jon Hochberg is a pro poker player, the number-one ranked player in Georgia, and the captain of Team Collusion. Bryan Coronel is a former Top 8 competitor and a star player of Team Overdose. This is bound to be interesting.
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