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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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The Kyle Holzwart Benefit Fund
Chris Hummell

One of the benefits of owning a comic book/gaming store is the interaction with the customers. Many become family. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Watching your “children” grow up. Helping them learn new games. Watching them mature as players, and as people. That is the best part of what I do.


One of my children is sick. He has been a loyal part of ToyMan Collectables, and a wonderful addition to my family. Kyle Holzwart was recently diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma (a soft tissue cancer), and he has had to endure many treatments of chemotherapy. As the medical bills mounted, we knew we had to do something. One of the leading parents in my store, Linn Boedeker, took it upon himself to get involved. He sent a letter to Upper Deck asking them to do something special for Kyle, who is a huge Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG fan. He attends tournaments every week in my store, as well as traveling up to three hours to attend Regional events when he is feeling well enough. When Upper Deck received Linn’s letter, it was forwarded to my sales rep, William Estela, who called me and helped set things in motion.


Together, we held a special tournament in Kyle’s honor on March 18, 2006. Upper Deck sent some product for us to give away as prizes. We charged a $20.00 entry fee and gave away a box of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards for the first place winner, as well as pack prizes for the top four positions. All monies received were donated to the Kyle Holzwart Benefit Fund. We held the tournament at Regal Cinemas in Appleton, Wisconsin, and were very pleased with the outcome. We still have prizes available and will be scheduling another tournament for Kyle soon.


I would like to extend a big thank you to Upper Deck and Mr. Estela for taking the time to care about this fine young man. They sent along a trophy for Kyle, which I believe was the best moment of the day. The smile on his face will never go away, and neither will our love for this boy and his will to beat the cancer!

Chris Hummell


ToyMan Collectables, Comics & Games

If you would like to send donations to Kyle, you can write a check to the Kyle Holzwart Benefit Fund, and send it to the address below. Letters are great too!

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