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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Philadelphia Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Thirteen rounds have come and gone, and one duelist has beaten out over eight hundred others in the largest Shonen Jump Championship of all time!


Kyle Duncan beat out Bruce Colburn in the quarterfinals, winning a match that pitted Recruiter Chaos against Recruiter Chaos. Duncan had the advantage going into the matchup with three Royal Decree to his opponent’s seven traps, and all he had to do was ride them to victory. A couple Book of Moon shut down all of Colburn’s valiant footwork, and moved Duncan to the semifinals after a thrilling finish owed to, of all things, Gatling Dragon.


There he competed against Michael Kohanim, fresh off a win over Shane Scurry. Recruiter Chaos triumphed again, defeating Chaos Return in textbook fashion. From there Duncan took on Westchester’s David Everett in the finals, a duelist he’d already defeated earlier in the weekend. Armed with superior field presence, Duncan’s deck mowed Everett down in a fast 2-0 match that drew the weekend to a close.


Canada’s Kyle Duncan is your victor, and the winner of Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia!


What does his win mean for the North American Metagame? Well, with three Recruiter Chaos builds in the Top 8, and only four copies of Return from the Different Dimension seeing main deck play, we might be in for some changes. The deck plays for superior field presence, and from there it reaps benefits on both defense and offense. That makes it resilient, aggressive, and consistent, all things that duelists are demanding for top tier competition. Shonen Jump Championship Indianapolis is just a few weeks off, and we’ll see the impact of Philadelphia then. For now, our congratulations go out to Kyle Duncan of the new Superfriends / X-Treme alliance, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Kyle Duncan
  Kyle Duncan
Brandon Colburn
  Kyle Duncan
Michael Kohanim
  Michael Kohanim
Shane Scurry
  Kyle Duncan
Cesar Gonzalez
  David Everett
David Everett
  David Everett
Eric Blum
  Eric Blum
Tony Mera
Day 2
It all comes down to this. Over eight hundred duelists were now reduced to a final two: Kyle Duncan of Superfriends, and David Everett of Team Trixter.
Both of these players were feeling pretty good coming off of their quarterfinal victories, discussing previous matches as they readied themselves.
Michael Kohanim is from Long Island, and is one of the weekend’s most successful independent competitors. Armed with a somewhat mainstream Chaos Return deck, he’s up against Kyle Duncan’s Chaos Recruiter.
Both players were representing AZN Carnage. Both players wished each other good luck and the match was underway.
Three Recruiter Chaos decks had made it to the Top 8, and here, two of them would be pitted against each other for the quarterfinals.
The last two Challenges we’ve had have actually produced a winner — but such is not the case for this weekend. Here's a look at our final standings!
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
Day 1
For Paul Levitin and Eric Blum, it all came down to this. Both of these duelists were on the bubble: one of them would make it to Day 2, and the other would fall in defeat.
Cesar Gonzalez is from Springfield, Massachusetts and plays for Team Bangfield. At seventeen years of age, he’s a student and bothered me all day for a feature match. Now, with an on-the-bubble record and facing down Anthony “Big Shark” Alvarado, he’s getting his wish.
It was round 8, and with three rounds still remaining in the tournament, and the clock striking 9:30, both of these duelists would be winners!
We’re between round 8 and round 9, and the dominant single card trends of the day have become readily apparent!
Get a look at what's going on at SJC Philadelphia!
Well, when I walked into the venue today, I was greeted with the longest line I’ve seen in . . . I don’t know how long. Registration had opened some time ago, too!
Alex Ruck, from New Jersey, represents Team Oblivion and is the proud owner of a 5-1 record here today, but he has no idea what he is up against.
Christopher Foster is a lone gun. Fifteen years old, he’s here without a team backing him up, but his innovative Machine deck has made him undefeated here today.
Well, with such a massive turnout, it’s no surprise there were a lot of players eager to take the challenge.
While Scurry already has one Top 8 and one SJC Championship under his belt, Wang has Top 8’d four, but never won. Both of them were hungry for the win.
Chris Foster, a fifteen year-old competitor who’s here with his friends and competing without the backing of a team, is one of several duelists playing Machine builds here today.
What a match! Christopher Ivan Flores of Team Rampage was up against Windsor’s Andrew Hayton, former Team X-Treme member and recent signee of the new Xtreme / Superfriends alliance!
The fifteen year-old Radzwilla is now 3-0, destroying three consecutive Chaos Return duelists and showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.
Anthony Alvarado, the headliner of Team Overdose, is one of the best duelists in the nation. Here from New Jersey, he was up against New York’s Edgar Flores, a recent recruit of Carlos Santiago’s new dream team debuting this weekend.
Without a big celebrity duelist feature match to cover for round 1, and with no dominant strategy of interest emerging early on in the day, I decided to cover one of the weekend’s more unorthodox decks to start off.
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