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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Ultimate Duelist Challenge #5: String Them Up!
Julia Hedberg and Jason Grabher-Meyer

I don’t need to ask if you all have been enjoying the Ultimate Duelist Challenges, because the responses we’ve been getting speak for themselves! This time, rather than testing you on some torturous tricks with the cards, we’re going to test your knowledge of card art and recurring characters.

The objective for this challenge is to earn points by creating “strings” of three cards. Each string must feature one common character or monster in all three card illustrations. You can (and should, if you want to win) create as many strings as you like, but you can’t use the same card more than once in your entry.

For example, here’s a valid string.

Character: Marauding Captain

1. My Body as a Shield
2. Marauding Captain (Go figure.)
Reinforcement of the Army

You’ll need to show your strings just like that. Now, if you also wanted to create a string for Gagagigo, you might list the following.

Character: Gagagigo

1. My Body as a Shield
2. Gagagigo
3. Giga Gagagigo

But because both of these strings use My Body as a Shield, you couldn’t submit them both in your entry. If you can find Gagagigo in a different card, you’d be able to complete the string. You are welcome to use the same character in multiple strings if you can find enough multiples of three cards that feature him, her, or it.

Does that sound easy? Not quite—there are a lot of well-known, recurring characters, so it’s a safe bet that all of the other contestants are going to look for those. You’re going to need to find some less obvious ones if you want to win. Most importantly, pay attention to each string in your entry, because if you repeat a card, that string will be invalid. If you list a card that doesn’t actually feature the character in the string, the string will be invalid.


If you have even one invalid string, you’ll be disqualified. Ouch! Be careful with your choices, and if you’ve got a string that you’re not sure about, it might be best to leave it out.

There you have it! In case you haven’t memorized the submission rules by now, we’ll give them to you again. Always follow them carefully! We mean it when we say that if you mess up the submission rules, you’ll be eliminated from the challenge. We get a massive number of entries, so you have to make sure your entry makes it through the first round of screening by sticking to the rules.

Please put “Ultimate Duelist Challenge #5: XX” in the subject line of your email, where the X’s are the total number of strings you’ve discovered. Pay attention to your math and be sure to report the correct score.

Write out all of your strings, starting with the character’s name on top. Then, list the full names of the cards in each string. This isn’t a good time to use abbreviations!

Don’t forget to include your full name and mailing information. We can’t send you your prize without it, and with a booster box on the line, we’re pretty sure you’re going to want us to send it to you.

Please enter only once. Additional entries will void all entries you submit.

Entries should be submitted to
contest@metagame.com and must be received by Friday, May 6 at 5 pm EST. Good luck!
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