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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Charlotte Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

After a Top 8 studded with team members from Comic Odyssey, Team Savage, Crew!!, Team NANA, and Team Blaze one winner has finally emerged. Team Overdose’s Anthony Alvarado has won Shonen Jump Championship Charlotte!

Picked as one of the top two members of the team by his teammates, Alvarado proved that today he was the luckiest, smartest, and best duelist in Charlotte. Beating out Team Blaze’s Jimmy Bueno in the quarterfinals, Comic Odyssey’s Eric Wu in the semis, and finally coming up against Jae Kim in the finals, Alvarado had to face some of the greatest duelists in North America to win his title.

Alvarado’s clash against Kim in particular was truly epic, ending on a third game in which the heart of the cards were truly in Alvarado’s favor. He knew exactly what to do with his draws, and despite Kim’s use of many of his signature tricks, it just wasn’t enough to stop the indomitable force that was his opponent.

Congratulations to Team Overdose and Anthony Alvarado, the newest Shonen Jump Champion!


Taylor Braswell
 Jae Kim
Jae Kim
 Jae Kim
Donald Meadows
 Tyrome Cox
Tyrome Cox
 Anthony Alvarado
Eric Wu
 Eric Wu
Kyle Duncan
 Anthony Alvarado
Anthony Alvarado
 Anthony Alvarado
Jimmy Bueno
Day 2
It all comes down to this! Eerie shades of Day 1’s final match abounded as the finals pitted Jae Kim of Team Savage against Anthony Alvarado of Team Overdose. Rhymus Lizo called out Team Savage at SJC New Jersey, and now the entire main event came down to this: Savage versus Overdose!
Tyrome “T-Money” Cox, from Richmond, Virginia has made the Top 8 in three Regional events in the past year. This is also his first SJC T8, representing Crew!! “With two exclamation points.” Right on, T-Money. Right on.
Anthony Alvarado was the lone representative of Team Overdose who made the cut to Top 8. With Top 8 contenders Rhymus Lizo and Kris Perovic narrowly knocked out of the race in Round 9 yesterday, Alvarado was the team’s last hope for a Cyber-Stein.
Day 1
Check out the Top 8 Decklists here!
It all comes down to this! With 7-1 records each, Kris Perovic squared off against Jae Kim in a match that would decide who would advance to Day 2.
Eric Wu is yet another member of Team Comic Odyssey, and won Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles. Emon Ghaneian is the leader of Team Naruto, the team that first broke into public view at that very event.
Feroze Ramcharan was representing Team Nexus, while Wilson Luc, SJC Las Vegas Champion, was represting Team Comic Odyssey. Luc was playing Thousand-Eyes Restrict Lock, but Ramcharan was running an innovative Machine deck.
I love tech. While the work we do here at Metagame.com towards building teams and individual players is invaluable, sometimes it’s nice to just dive into a big pile of under-appreciated cards. Join me as I explore four of today’s most influential pieces of tech!
Feroze Ramcharan is one of the star members of Team Nexus, and a well-versed, well-recognized Level 3 judge. Though his efforts at running Machines in the first Shonen Jump Championship last year at Gen Con So Cal met with resistance, he’s persevered to create a very cool Machine variant that’s taken him to impressive standings midway through today.
My first question today was about what he was wearing. Normally wearing some sort of polo shirt or an elegant button-up long-sleeve shirt, today Ramcharan was sporting a big black t-shirt with the words “Team Nexus” written in bold red text. “It’s our team!” he grinned.
Kyle Duncan took sixth at the recent Canadian Nationals. He made the trip down to Charlotte with three other teammates and is representing Team NANA—“Non-Asian, Non-American” he explained with a sly smirk. So Canadian.
Rhymus Lizo is from New Jersey, and represents Team Overdose. A relatively unknown player until last week, he made the Top 4 at SJC New Jersey. Seventeen-year-old Toko Masaki is from Memphis, TN. Masaki has never competed in Nationals, never made Top 4 at a Regional, and yet here he was, sitting at table 1.
With a style that boggles his opponents and onlookers, Lizo is one of the most exciting duelists to watch, making thrilling decisions that are often difficult to comprehend—but always work out when his plan comes to fruition.
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