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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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SJC Nashville Blog
Metagame Staff


How Not to Get a Feature Match

Come up and keep nagging Jason. The more you nag, the less likely he is to give in. Importune at your own risk, folks. Honestly, if he picks you he picks you and if he doesn’t you don’t get a match.



Not even this elite cadre was able to change his mind — how much of a chance do you think you’d stand?



Quiznos It Is

It’s just not feasible to walk all the way to the barbecue place . . . oh well. Toasty!

They put onions on pretty much everything, I don’t know if everyone was aware of that. Hopefully the judge dinner will make up for it!


Beautiful Decklists Earn Rewards

As entertaining as poorly written decklists can be for judges, they really prefer neatly written, error-free, clean lists. Prizes were offered at this event for the most beautiful decklists, and several players rose to the occasion!


Here are the lists that made the first cut:

Ben Delk

Jake Delk

Doug Sturdivant

Steven Hulshizer

Russell Dominuco

Summer Smith

Chase Finley

Matt Barnes

Joey Eckert

Brandon Smith

Lucus McBryan


Matt Barnes takes home the coveted title with an absolutely clear and wonderful to look at list (he gets a Phantom Darkness pack, and two promo cards), while Steven Hulshizer and Lucus McBryan were added in as runner ups for effort well spent, receiving a pack of Phantom Darkness and a promo card. Let’s see more lists like these in the future!


Hot Team Gossip Update!

So I spoke a bit with Erin Diaz. He and Jerry Wang are calling themselves DOA, and he had a little bit of info to spill about these decks they’re playing . . . and we’re introducing a subplot involving a bet!

“Basically, the deal with the bet was I realized my deck was bad,” Erin explained (remember, he didn’t find out he couldn’t play his deck until last night), “so I entered with Blue-Eyes. Right now everything’s running on Jerry; if he loses I have to buy him dinner! But I’ve got confidence in Jerry’s ability to win.”

I’m sure what we all want to know at this point is, what is Jerry Wang running?

Who’s At The Top Tables — Round 3

6 more rounds to go! Let’s see what we’ve got here . . .

Table 1 Brandon Lewis (2 wins) vs James Neumann (2 wins)

Table 2 Daniel Morris (2 wins) vs. Carlo Piasecki (2 wins)

Table 3 Eric Suratt (2 wins) vs. Lawrence Sylvan (2 wins)

Table 4 Henry Vi (2 wins) vs. Chioh Yim (2 wins)

Table 5 Hugo Adame (2 wins) vs. David Borden (2 wins)

Table 6 Fili Luna (2 wins) vs. Jeremy Usher

Table 7 Agustin Herrera (2 wins) vs. Matt Ortiz (2 wins)

Table 8 Scott Childress (2 wins) vs. Jake Silver (2 wins)




Thoughts Turn Lightly To Lunch

Hmm, what is there to eat around here? There’s a Quizno’s upstairs, and a sort of coffee shop booth, and that seems to be the options for food in the building. However, there is a barbeque place that sounds pretty good about a half a mile away. But they don’t deliver . . . is reputedly excellent barbeque worth over a mile roundtrip walk (carrying takeout) or should one be content with an average sort of toasted sub?


This is an important decision to make . . .



Who’s At The Top Tables — Round 2

Table 1 James Nicholas Davidson (1 win) vs. Brandon P Thieben (1 win)

Table 2 Matt Barnes (1 win) vs. Khanh Ly (1 win)

Table 3 Johnny Bonds (1 win) vs. Chip Schmidt (1 win)

Table 4 Christopher Ballard Jr. (1 win) vs. Gregory Britt (1 win)

Table 5 Alex Bradshaw (1 win) vs. Brandon Davis (1 win)

Table 6 Maurice Brantley (1 win) vs. Bobby Lockhardt (1 win)

Table 7 Matt Peddle (1 win) vs. Chioh Yim (1 win)

Table 8 Chris Carpenter (1 win) vs. Cody Prestwood (1 win)


Seven rounds left in the day . . . we’ll be seeing a lot of names moving in and out of these spots.


Round 1 Pairings Are Up!

Let’s get this show on the road! Everyone is rushing to his or her seat to start the first of 9 rounds. Head Judge Simon S is making his announcements, and then we’ll be ready to go!



Hot Gossip!

Jerry Wang and Erin Diaz have apparently formed a 2 man team after playing one another in the finals of the Columbus Shonen Jump, and they’ve developed a mysterious new deck for this event. Stay tuned for further developments!


9:55 a.m.

Isn’t That the Way It Always Goes

They’ve been open for registration for 2 hours and now is when everyone goes to get in line. No minute like the last minute, I suppose. The line’s moving along smartly though, so we should be ready to start soon. If the entire tournament steps along at this rate, it should be a very good day.



9:30 a.m.


Well, players are scrambling to get their decklists written and ready to turn in — today, lists are being collected at registration rather than during the player meeting. And we’ll probably be seeing a variety of decklists, if the number of people wanting to show Metagame their decks is any indication.



Head Judge Simon Sangpukdee is giving constant reminders about the format update over the PA, so hopefully no one ends up with an illegal deck because they somehow managed to miss the news.


While we’re on the subject of decklists, the offer of prizes given out for amazingly perfect decklists seems to have inspired a lot of today’s players to make an extra effort on their lists. Or is it the fear of starting off with a game loss if they’ve screwed it up? Whatever it is, let’s hear it for the carrot and the stick!
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