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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Quarterfinals: Dale Bellido vs. Kris Perovic
Jerome McHale

This is the textbook definition of “epic battle.” Kris Perovic is still hunting for his first Championship while Dale is looking to add another trophy to his wall. Now, these two high profile players are forced to clash, and only one will continue on their journey. Kris has stuck with Diamond Dude Turbo through every Jump he’s played this format, and, after successfully dispatching Marc Glass yesterday and Yannick Dubeau (who has a nasty anti-DDT side deck) today, he’s feeling pretty good about himself. Dale had a great match against Devon Schwartz in the Top 16 round with his full complement of Mobius the Frost Monarch giving him an edge over Devon’s Royal Decree dependant deck. Now, we’ll see if he can succeed where his brother failed, in taking down Diamond Dude Turbo.


“I was so afraid last round that he’d start with Future Fusion and Overload Fusion and Dragon’s Mirror and he did . . . I won that game!” remarked Kris regarding his last round opponent. Dale was checking his side deck already, “Just looking towards game 2.” Kris won the opening toss and opted to go first. He started off with a set spell or trap, and Dale fired off immediately with a Spirit Reaper! Threatening Roar kept Kris’ hand safe, and Dale set a spell or trap. Reinforcement of the Army fetched Elemental Hero Stratos for Kris, and he summoned him searching out Destiny Hero — Malicious. Kris set a spell or trap and passed over to Dale who stole Stratos with Brain Control! Spirit Reaper took a swing, and Kris lost Premature Burial. Stratos swung in as well before being tributed for Cyber Dragon. Dale set a second spell or trap and passed back over to Kris, who activated Reasoning. Dale thought about the odds and called 4, but he was wrong and Malicious hit the field. Still, Malicious on the field was bad for Perovic, who already had one in hand. He set a spell or trap and passed over to Dale. Cyber Dragon blew away Malicious, but Threatening Roar stopped the Reaper from doing its thing once more. Kris flipped Heavy Storm, and Dale chained Book of Moon to flip his own Reaper before losing Soul Exchange and Mirror Force.


Kris brought his third Malicious out and activated Reasoning. Dale called 4 again, but he had it right this time and Destiny Hero — Diamond Dude went away. Monster Gate was up next, and Malicious became a Diamond Dude in defense position. Diamond Dude missed, and the Malicious Kris had searched earlier was pitched to Destiny Draw. Another Monster Gate traded in Diamond Dude for another Diamond Dude! Kris lost Dimension Fusion in the process and activated the Dude only to reveal the Dark Magician of Chaos he needed to hit with the Monster Gate! Dude was tributed for Jinzo, and Kris attacked Cyber Dragon. Next turn, Dale had Snatch Steal for the Jinzo, and one turn later this game was over! Dale takes the game 1 he thought he was going to lose and fakes a coughing fit immediately afterwards!


The side decking took longer than usual between games, indicating just how important this match was to each of them. After an exceptionally excruciating shuffling period, Kris started off with Diamond Dude, which missed, sending Divine Sword — Phoenix Blade to the bottom of the deck. Kris ended, and Dale blazed out of the gates with Cyber Dragon and Spirit Reaper. Once again, Reaper pitched Premature Burial from Kris’ hand, and play was back to Perovic. Kris Perovic pitched a Phoenix Blade to Lightning Vortex to clear the field before playing another Diamond Dude and hitting Monster Gate this time! The Dude attacked, and Dale was up. He played Cyber Dragon and tributed it for Thestalos, discarding Snatch Steal from Kris’ hand. Diamond Dude fell in battle and Kris was in serious trouble. He played his Monster Gate, but Malicious came off his deck! Dale had Banisher of the Radiance next turn, but lost both monsters to Mirror Force! Kris dropped his third Diamond Dude in the next turn and switched his Malicious to attack mode. Both monsters swung, and Kris passed. Dale drew and finally set a card to his back row, adding a monster to join it. Diamond Dude missed again on the next turn and Kris switched his monsters to defense position. Dale flipped over Old Vindictive Magician to blast Diamond Dude and set another monster. Play was back to Kris, and he summoned Stratos, using his search effect to grab a Destiny Hero — Malicious. Stratos attacked the Old Vindictive, but he was blown away by Sakuretsu Armor. Kris passed, and Dale flipped Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. He summoned Banisher of the Radiance and had Dekoichi take Malicious out of play before attacking with the rest of his monsters and setting a spell or trap.


“You’re ridiculous!” remarked Kris. “Aww, aren’t we friends?” replied Dale. Kris brought Phoenix Blade back to his hand by removing Stratos and Diamond Dude before activating Card Destruction. Everything discarded went out of play, and Kris then activated Magical Stone Excavation, discarding a Phoenix Blade and Destiny Draw to bring back Snatch Steal. He stole Banisher and tributed it to Monster Gate. The Gate revealed Exiled Force on the 4th card and he used it to obliterate the flipped Dekoichi. It was all over next turn, however, as Dale activated Premature Burial to pull back a monster and tributed his Magician for Thestalos! Dale Bellido is on his way to a second championship, defeating Kris Perovic 2-0!


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