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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 12: Jorge Olivella vs. Shane Scurry
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Both of these duelists were featured yesterday — Jorge Olivella, the Mexican National Champion and Shane Scurry, two-time Shonen Jump Champion. Each duelist was 9-2 heading into this round, and would almost assuredly have to win this round to make it to the Top 8.


Olivella won the die roll and opened with Reinforcement of the Army. He searched his deck for Elemental Hero Stratos, summoned him, searched for Destiny Hero – Dasher with his effect and then removed Dimension Fusion from play with Gold Sarcophagus! He proceeded to remove the Dasher with Allure of Darkness too, getting two more cards.


Another Reinforcement of the Army let him nab Dark Grepher from his deck, and another Allure of Darkness removed the Grepher. He set one card to his back row and ended.


Scurry activated Allure himself, removing Darklord Zerato from play. He summoned Armageddon Knight, sent Jinzo to his graveyard with its effect and then set two cards to his back row. He lost one of them, Trap Dustshoot, in his end phase when Olivella flipped Mystical Space Typhoon. Olivella summoned Card Trooper next turn, activating it to put Jinzo, Allure of Darkness, and Soul Release in his graveyard before attacking. Card Trooper destroyed Scurry’s Armageddon Knight, and Stratos struck directly to bring Scurry down to 5700 life points. “Your go.” Next turn he’d get to take his Dimension Fusion.


Scurry was in a bind. He summoned Prometheus, King of the Shadows and removed Jinzo and Armageddon Knight to run it over Stratos. “Go ahead.”


Olivella claimed his Dimension Fusion, then sent two copies of Destiny Draw and Snipe Hunter to his graveyard next turn with Card Trooper. He normal summoned Armageddon Knight, sent Darklord Zerato to his graveyard and activated Dimension Fusion, bringing out his own Dark Grepher and Destiny Hero – Dasher along with Scurry’s removed monsters. He tributed Armageddon Knight for Dasher’s effect to free up a monster slot, activated Premature Burial to bring back Darklord Zerato, then took control of Jinzo with Brain Control. It was over! Darklord Zerato would clear Scurry’s monsters, and with Jinzo on Olivella’s side of the field Scurry would have no way to defend himself.


The talkative, frankly fun-loving Olivella made conversation as both players sided, but Scurry was still feeling the impact of his poor hand. The competitors shuffled up, Olivella shook Scurry’s hand, and he began the second duel.


Scurry opened with Allure of Darkness, removing Dark Magician of Chaos, then used Reinforcement of the Army to get Stratos. He summoned him, took Destiny Hero – Dasher from his deck with Stratos’ effect, and then discarded Dasher for Destiny Draw. Allure of Darkness let him get two more cards while removing Destiny Hero – Fear Monger, and he set two cards to his back row to finish up.


In Olivella’s draw phase Scurry flipped Escape from the Dark Dimension to bring back Dark Magician of Chaos, returning Reinforcement of the Army to his hand. Olivella played Destiny Draw, discarding Destiny Hero – Disk Commander. He summoned Snipe Hunter, discarded Jinzo to draw a bead on Dark Magician of Chaos and rolled a six, missing. He pitched Dark Grepher next, this time destroying the Magician, and set his last three cards to his back row. It seemed as if it was now Olivella’s turn to face a bad hand.


Reinforcement of the Army got Scurry Armageddon Knight, which he summoned and used to send Jinzo to his graveyard. Stratos attacked, and Olivella flipped Mirror Force! That left Scurry at three Dark monsters, and he played Dark Armed Dragon in main phase 2. Jinzo was removed to blow away Snipe Hunter, Armageddon Knight was used to destroy Return from the Different Dimension, and Dasher was removed to destroy Waboku. Scurry set another spell or trap. Olivella topdecked Soul Release and set it to his back row.


Scurry summoned Snipe Hunter, discarded Threatening Roar to target Olivella’s Soul Release, and missed. Another discard later though the Release was destroyed, and Scurry flipped Return for game!


Shane Scurry makes a comeback, and with twenty minutes left in the round this match was moving to game 3! Both competitors did some brief side decking before embarking on the final duel. This was life or death.


Olivella opened with Allure of Darkness, removing Prometheus, King of the Shadows. A set spell or trap ended his turn. Scurry fired back with his own Allure, removed Dark Magician of Chaos yet again, and set a card to each zone. Another set spell or trap ended things. Olivella summoned Snipe Hunter.


He discarded Return from the Different Dimension to target Scurry’s monster, Scurry chained Crush Card Virus to tribute his face-down Fear Monger, and Olivella chained Mystical Space Typhoon from his hand to destroy Scurry’s Mirror Force! He then revealed his hand: Crush Card Virus, Waboku, and Destiny Draw. Snipe Hunter was destroyed and Olivella passed.


Scurry summoned Armageddon Knight and sent Jinzo to his graveyard. The Knight attacked and Olivella dropped to 6600 life points. “Go ahead.” Olivella drew Jinzo and was forced to discard it. He set Waboku and ended.


Scurry summoned Prometheus, King of the Shadows, removing Jinzo from his graveyard — but Olivella flipped Torrential Tribute! Scurry activated Dimension Fusion and Olivella chained Waboku. Scurry brought out Jinzo and Dark Magician of Chaos in attack mode, Fear Monger in defense, and Olivella brought back his Prometheus in defense mode. Scurry then used Dark Magician to take back Dimension Fusion. “Go ahead.”


Olivella drew Destiny Hero – Dasher and had to discard him. He turned Prometheus to attack mode, ran over the Fear Monger and ended with nothing set. All he had left were Crush Card Virus and Destiny Draw. Scurry activated Allure of Darkness, removed Snipe Hunter, and then sought out Strike Ninja with Reinforcement of the Army. He summoned him, dodged, and removed Prometheus and Armageddon Knight to do so. Dimension Fusion then brought back Strike Ninja, Snipe Hunter, and Armageddon Knight, and it was all over! There was no way Olivella could come back from Scurry’s five monsters.


Shane Scurry comes back from a game 1 loss to take games 2 and 3, moving on with a 10-2 record!

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