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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Quarterfinals: Evan Vargas vs. Emon Ghaneian
Julia Hedberg

I was really looking forward to covering this match. Both duelists played quite well yesterday, so it promised to be an exciting matchup.

Emon opted to go first, and both players got set up quickly and were ready to go. The round began, and Emon opened with the devastating combo of Pot of Greed, followed by Delinquent Duo. “Right, give him a god hand,” Evan groaned, as he lost Thestalos and discarded a Mystical Space Typhoon. Emon laughed, set a spell or trap, and ended his turn.

Evan gave as good as he got on his turn, with his own Pot of Greed and Delinquent Duo. Emon admired Evan’s foil Pot as his Injection Fairy Lily and Lightning Vortex were dumped in the graveyard. Evan set a monster and a spell or trap, and ended his turn.

Emon drew, set another spell/trap, and ended his turn. Evan drew, and got down to business. He flip summoned Magician of Faith, noted that Emon had four cards, and returned Delinquent Duo to his hand. He activated it, and forced Emon to discard Jinzo. Emon studied his hand and thought before pitching Torrential Tribute. Evan tributed Magician for Thestalos the Fire Monarch, which cost Emon yet another card—Metamorphosis—and then attacked directly, and Emon responded with Scapegoat. Evan used Lightning Vortex to clear the field of sheep, then ended his turn.

Emon then used Snatch Steal to take Thestalos, and attacked directly, causing Evan to respond with his own Scapegoat. He then set a monster and ended. Emon summoned Sangan, attacked the set Apprentice Magician, and Evan brought Magician of Faith to the field. Emon attacked that, and Evan took back Pot of Greed.

A turn or two passed uneventfully, until Evan activated Metamorphosis to trade in a goat for Thousand-Eyes Restrict, sucking up Emon’s Sangan. Emon began his turn by calling head judge Gary Haynes over for a whispered consultation, resulting in both players being provided with the current text for Thousand-Eyes Restrict. Emon proceeded with his turn by Creature Swapping Thousand-Eyes Restrict for Thestalos and attacking to destroy his Sangan. He sucked up Thestalos which destroyed the Snatch Steal, and ended his turn.

Evan drew, set a spell or trap, and ended. Emon attacked with Thousand-Eyes, hitting Evan’s D.D. Assailant, and both monsters were removed from the game. Evan drew, studied his hand, the field, and Emon’s graveyard, then set a monster and ended.

Emon flip summoned D.D. Assailant, and summoned Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. He attacked into Evan’s set Apprentice Magician, and Evan brought out Hand of Nephthys. Emon continued with the attack, taking out Hand of Nephthys, and then looked through Evan’s graveyard. Emon activated Call of the Haunted, aiming for his Injection Fairy Lily, but Evan responded with Torrential Tribute.

Evan summoned D. D. Warrior Lady, prompting Emon to activate Bottomless Trap Hole. Evan chained Royal Decree, keeping her on the field.

For the rest of the game, Evan picked away at Emon’s life points, attacking with the D. D. Warrior Lady, and Sinister Serpent. Emon responded with Breaker and Mystic Tomato, but the game ended as Evan used Enemy Controller to take Emon’s Tomato, and attack with it for the win.

Game Two

Both players opted to side deck, and carefully considered the choices they’d make. Emon finished some time before Evan, and was eager to begin the second duel.

Emon again went first, with a less powerful opening than the first duel. After studying his hand, he set one monster and one spell or trap, then ended. Evan drew better, again bringing off Pot of Greed and Delinquent Duo, costing Emon a Mystic Tomato and Book of Moon. Evan set a monster and a spell or trap, and ended his turn.

The second duel went remarkably like the first. Control shifted from each player in turn, and they played through similar strategy, with Thousand-Eyes Restrict sucking monsters back and forth, Scapegoats littering the field, and Royal Decree ending a chain of vital traps. Evan again picked away for the win with smaller monsters, finally clearing Emon’s spell and trap zone with Heavy Storm, before summoning a final monster and attacking for the win.

Both players were very clear and specific about their actions, asking if the other wished to respond where appropriate, which made the game very easy to follow. It was easily one of the most interesting matches I’ve watched this weekend, as confidence and competence are always worth seeing.

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