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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Last Chance Regional 3 — Finals: Matt Abrams vs. Mike Lam
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Matt Abrams is a relatively well-known duelist in the local Toronto scene, and nearly made Top 8 at last year’s National Championships. At 21 years of age, he’s an airport baggage handler in his non-dueling life.


Mike Lam hails from Morden, Manitoba, and at age 23 is an electrical engineer. Triumphing over Natalie Leduc earlier in this LCR, his momentum seems likely to carry him through to the National Championships tomorrow. He just has that “wrecking ball” look about him at the moment.


Abrams won the roll and opened the first duel with a single set card to his back row — no monsters. Lam opened up with Confiscation to force the reveal of Cyber Dragon, Destiny Hero — Fear Monger, Metamorphosis, Heavy Storm, and Limiter Removal. He briefly considered his own hand, took a moment to read Fear Monger, and then sent him to the graveyard. He then activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Abrams’ Ring of Destruction, summoned Card Trooper, pumped it to 1900 ATK, and attacked directly. A set spell or trap ended his turn.


Abrams dropped Heavy Storm, but winced as he saw Trap Dustshoot chained. He lost his Cyber Dragon, his only remaining monster, and was down to three cards in hand — not a good place to be. He set a spell or trap in desperation and ended.


Trooper ate three more cards, and Lam activated Heavy Storm to destroy his opponent’s Mirror Force. He summoned Abyss Soldier, attacked directly for 3700 damage, and ended. Abrams drew, set another spell or trap, passed, and Lam was swinging for game with a jacked-up Trooper one turn later.


That was fast.


Lam quickly shuffled and passed his deck to his opponent: Abrams did the same, with neither duelist side decking. “I’ll go first”, announced Abrams, throwing on his hat. Now it was on. Cause he was wearing a hat.


And hat’s mean it’s on. That’s how these things work.


He set a spell or trap and Lam set two. Trap Dustshoot flipped in Abrams’ draw phase and he lost Card Trooper to his deck as a result. He set a second spell or trap and activated Card Destruction before passing his turn. It was a peculiar play.


Card Trooper came down for Lam again, and he immediately pumped it to 1900 ATK. Trooper attacked, but Abrams flipped Ring of Destruction to give his opponent the free draw. “We’re at 61 each,” noted Lam, who was clearly in mental control of the game even if he wasn’t in control of what was going on on the table itself. He set Trap Dustshoot and used it on the following turn.


This time he shuffled back Destiny Hero — Dasher, continuing to cripple Abrams’ range of options by denying him monsters. Once again Abrams was forced to pass, and Lam attacked him with Sangan — Abrams flipped Call of the Haunted and brought back Snipe Hunter, which he had discarded with Card Destruction, but it wasn’t enough. Ring of Destruction destroyed the Snipe Hunter and Sangan attacked again on the replay. Abrams drew, passed, and play was back to Lam.


He once again found himself activating Heavy Storm to blow away Mirror Force. He summoned Abyss Soldier, attacked directly with it and Sangan, and Abrams was down to 800 life points. Abrams tried to use Snatch Steal to take control of Abyss Soldier, but Lam blocked him with Book of Moon and the match was won a turn later!


Mike Lam moves on to the National Championships!

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