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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Houston, TX Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff
And then there was one. After an intense finals match between teammates Theeresak Poonsombat and Ryan Hayakawa, Ryan won the match with one massive, final offensive to become the Houston Shonen Jump Champion. Ryan made it through a field of 393 players over two days of tough competition before finally taking home the prize. This marks the seventh Cyber-Stein won by Team Comic Odyssey since the Shonen Jump Championship series began.

This weekend’s tournament brought forth some of the most fantastic and creative decks ever seen. Its legacy will reach far, changing the way we play the game and creating a fresh environment in the weeks leading up to this year’s National Championship. Congratulations to Ryan Hayakawa, Shonen Jump Houston Champion!


Mario Begay
 Theeresak Poonsombat
Theeresak Poonsombat
 Theeresak Poonsombat
Chad Justice
 Chad Justice
Ernesto Menchaca
 Ryan Hayakawa
Nate Nielebeck
 Nate Nielebeck
Craig Carver
 Ryan Hayakawa
Ryan Hayakawa
 Ryan Hayakawa
David Stivender
Day 2
The finals saw the two members of Team Comic Odyssey in the Top 8 meeting each other on the battlefield. At this point it didn’t matter who won the match, because either way, Team Comic Odyssey was going to get Cyber-Stein number seven.
Chad Justice turned out a stellar performance this weekend, making it all the way to the semifinals with a $40 [Armed Samurai – Ben Kei] deck. Theeresak powered his way through the quarterfinals with strong opening hands and excellent follow-through.
As the match began, both players seemed a bit on edge. Shuffling didn’t take nearly as long as it had in previous matches—it was clear that these two were ready to play.
Day 1
It’s been an amazing day here in Houston, Texas.
Read all about this weekend's Top 8 finishers!
As they shuffled up for the start of the match, both players knew that they needed to win this match to make Top 8.
Check out the mix of innovation and metagame standards in this weekend's Top 8 decklists!
Glenn Schumann’s deck takes convention and throws it out the window.
When I first heard about Dillon’s deck, I couldn’t quite believe my ears. The list of cards I saw didn’t seem to work together in any recognizable fashion at all!
Coming into this round, both players have six wins and likely needed to win this match to stay in Top 8 contention.
I consider myself a very well seasoned duelist, and as such, it takes some serious deck building creativity to impress me. Michael Powers has managed to do it . . .
“I remember you,” said Michael. “You had the Solemn Judgments.”
Watch the action fly between Eric and Ernesto as they play three games to time in Round 5!
“I’ve never played you before,” said Jae sarcastically as these two players sat down. “Let’s make it a good one for the audience!”
Eben realizes that luck can sometimes be a huge factor in this game, but unlike most, he loves every second of it.
“I just want Pot, Graceful, and Duo,” said Marco. “You get that and I’ll scoop,” replied Evan.
With three years of Yu-Gi-Oh! experience, Steven seems to have the skills to take this deck to the top.
There are a special few players who have the courage to look beyond the ordinary and dip into new territory to find their deck ideas.
Local teams are an integral part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, so I talked to one of the local teams to get their perspective on the new format and their plan of action for today’s event.
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