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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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The Apotheosis — Competitive Morphtronics?! -
  Go figure — a Morphtronic deck that can actually win games, sometimes at a shocking pace!

The Binder: Greenkappa -
  I’m really tired of Solemn Judgment, and playing my own copies of it to fight back just doesn’t make me feel warm and tingly inside. This guy, however, comes with tingles aplenty!

Seven Days: January 26 -
  It’s Monday, January 26, 2009, and less than two weeks remain until thousands of duelists get their shot at a copy of Gold Sarcophagus!

The Binder – Karma Cut -
  To understand why Karma Cut is a competitive tech choice in this format, you need to understand how it varies from Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.

The Apotheosis — Dark Warrior Toolbox -
  The thing to remember when you build a theme deck is that if you want it to be more than just a handicapped oddity, you need to take full advantage of your theme.

Seven Days — January 20 -
  We’re back again, and after a title victory just weeks ago in Atlanta, Jerry Wang has captured his third Shonen Jump Championship!

Shonen Jump Championship Houston Top 16 Decks -
  This weekend over 300 competitors went head-to-head at Shonen Jump Championship Houston, and when the dust settled and the smoke cleared Jerry Wang had claimed his third Shonen Jump Championship title!

The Binder — Dandylion -
  A lot of players think that Dandylion is being released two years too late. I think those duelists are missing the point.

Insane Prizes Announced For “Upper Deck Day” Events! -
  Awesome news this week—Upper Deck has made the surprise announcement of "Upper Deck Day" events, a multi-tournament festival of free stuff aimed at Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players.

Seven Days — January 13 -
  We’re back after our holiday hiatus, and this past weekend we kicked off 2009 with an unexpected new Shonen Jump Champion!

The Binder ― Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon -
  Is anybody else as pumped about this as I am?

Best of 2008 – The 2008 US National Championship: Scurry Versus Bowling -
  Two of the best duelists in the world went head-to-head and Scurry made one of the biggest scoops of all time, in a display of dueling skill that had the audience on the edge of their seats.

Best of 2008 - The Apotheosis: Skull Servant Spectacular! -
  After all, what’s the point in winning if you aren’t winning with style?

Best of 2008 - Harry Anderson Versus Fabian Cantu -
  If you're the kind of duelist who skips ahead to the Top 16 deck lists and doesn't read the full coverage, now's your chance to revisit one of the most shocking feature matches ever...

Best of 2008 - The Binder: D.D. Crow -
  With two Shonen Jump Championships looming imminent, it’s a great time to take another look at one of the most loved and hated tech cards of all time!

Seven Days: December 22nd -
  It’s December 22, 2008, and here in the midst of the holiday season we are just two-and-a-half weeks removed from the next Shonen Jump Championship!

The Binder: Dark Eruption -
  Calvin Tsang may be a lot of things, but "bad at Yu-Gi-Oh!" has never been one of them.

The Binder: Fire and Ice . . . and Penguins! -
  Since Tony (and everybody else) can now get Blizzard Dragon without flying to New Zealand, we’re going to change this deck into a full-on draconic dynamo.

The Binder: Shiba-Warrior Taro -
  While the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG already has plenty of level-2 Tuners, Shiba’s effect and attribute make it unique.

Seven Days: December 15 -
  The year is drawing to a close and the 2008 season is cooling down, but in less than four weeks hundreds of duelists will converge on San Francisco!

Seven Days: December 9 -
  It’s Tuesday, December 9 2008, and we’ve got yet another two-time Shonen Jump Champion!

The Binder: Card Destruction -
  In a format where having the right cards is sometimes more important than having more cards, the doors are wide open for Card Destruction to see tournament play.

The Apotheosis: Sky Scourge Zombies -
  There’s one Zombie deck that’s become a familiar presence, but never tasted major success.

Seven Days – December 1st -
  It’s Monday, December 1, 2008, and we are counting down the days to the final Shonen Jump Championship of the year!

The Binder: Slowing Stuff Down -
  The ability to shut down your opponent’s offense and force that duelist to play out his or her hand creates a big opportunity, and a strong defensive line is often the best way to create that situation.

Seven Days: November 26th -
  It’s Wednesday, November 26, 2008, and the dueling world has another two-time Shonen Jump Champion!

The Binder: Splashing Mark of the Rose -
  It could actually go in decks that aren’t dedicated to Plants. In fact, thanks to some basic math, it could go in pretty much anything.

The Apotheosis: Crystal Rose -
  Crystal Beasts have a really cool synergy with Synchros, and that synergy is centered around Stardust Dragon.

Seven Days – November 19 -
  It’s Wednesday, November 19, 2008, and we are smack-dab in the middle of two big Shonen Jump Championships!

The Binder: Gorz the Emissary of Darkness -
  It doesn’t even matter what you play: just cram it in there and let it win you games!

Seven Days – November 11 -
  It’s Tuesday, November 11, 2008, and in just five days we’ll kick off the first in another string of Shonen Jump Championships!

The Binder: Thunder King Rai-Oh -
  The big deal isn’t that Thunder King Rai-Oh does something we’ve never seen before. It’s that it does it far better...

Dark Legends Update – Legality, Release Date, And Spoilers! -
  This time we’re back, with a few more details about this stellar new set and what you can expect to see in it.

The Apotheosis: The Village People -
  Why yes! I DO take liberties with peoples’ deck names when they don’t provide one! So glad you asked…

Seven Days: November 3 -
  Shonen Jump Championship Chicago is right around the corner, and a pair of Day 2 alums are joining us to pen featured articles here on Metagame.com!

The Binder: Queen of Thorns -
  Plants are no longer simple blunt objects to be special summoned and hurled at your opponent. If I wanted to play a straight swarm deck, I’d run Zombies.

Seven Days – October 27 -
  Much to my surprise, a reliable source sent me some explosive information just minutes ago. Early next month a new booster set called Dark Legends will make its debut...

Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Botanical Lion and Mark of the Rose -
  There are probably more competitive Plant-themed cards in Crossroads than every other set combined.

Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Plaguespreader Zombie and Revived King Ha Des -
  Get ready, because you’re going to be seeing a ton of this card over the coming months.

Seven Days: October 21 -
  Another week, and another Shonen Jump Championship is in the books!

Seven Days—October 13 -
  Only one week has passed since Cesar "The Princess" Gonzalez captured his second title at Shonen Jump Championship Seattle, but there’s more SJC action on the way this weekend!

The Binder: Gladiator Beast Octavius -
  Gladiator Beast Octavius might finally be fit for tournament play.

The Apotheosis: Voltic City -
  If I’m going to be playing a deck like this, I want it to be both reliable, AND flashy.

Seven Days—October 7 -
  It’s Tuesday, October 7, 2008, and we’ve got a brand new, two-time Shonen Jump Champion!

The Binder: You Wouldn’t Believe It If I Told You -
  A card we completely disregarded might just be the key to the best Lightsworn build ever.

The Binder: Necroface -
  Tele-DAD is basically a six-shot magnum with only two or three bullets in the chamber. That’s poor, so let's fix it.

The Apotheosis: Bushi Synchro -
  Thanks to the new Synchro summon mechanic, which sends monsters to the graveyard instead of tributing them, there’s finally a consistent purpose for The Little Ronin That Could.

Seven Days—September 23 -
  It’s Tuesday, September 23, 2008, and as the final days tick down to Shonen Jump Championship Tulsa, three new tins are hitting stores today.

The Binder: The Transmigration Prophecy -
  Lately I’ve drawn more dead copies of Dark Armed Dragon and more double-Malicious openings than I’ve really felt comfortable with. We all hate those scenarios, and The Transmigration Prophecy is the answer.

Seven Days—September 15 -
  It’s Monday, September 15, 2008, and the next chapter in the war between Synchros and Gladiator Beasts is about to unfold.

The Binder: Baltimore Tech -
  Some of the weekend’s best tech actually didn’t make it to Day 2, and wasn’t covered in feature matches.

The Apotheosis: Psycho Synchros -
  So Psychics are good as a support engine in a variety of decks—that’s fact at this point. But where do we go from here?

Seven Days—September 9 -
  It’s September 9, 2008, and after an incredible showing from the new Teleport Dark Armed deck, Gladiator Beasts have edged out one more victory!

The Binder: D.D. Crow -
  How did Gladiators beat what’s so obviously a terrible matchup, and in Jupiter’s case, how did he do it three times?

Seven Days: September 2 -
  An all-new Advanced format is upon us: this weekend we’ll see The Duelist Genesis make its debut at Shonen Jump Championship Baltimore, and one week after that, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s hits the airwaves in North America!

The Binder: Psychic Commander -
  Psychic Commander is going to be around for a very long time, and right now, it’s one of the best answers to the most-played deck in the format.

The Apotheosis: Synchro Samurai -
  Samurais have evolved—going from a lucksacking combo deck to something far superior—and you may be surprised at how good they’ve become.

Seven Days—August 25 -
  It’s Monday, August 25, 2008, and as the days tick down to the debut of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s on North American broadcast television, 4Kids Entertainment is giving fans of the new show a unique opportunity.

The Binder: More World Championship Tech -
  Today, we’re going to go deeper and look at three more cards that were played in new and unique ways at the World Championships.

Seven Days: August 19 -
  It’s Tuesday, August 19, 2008, and after a second-place finish at the World Championships ten days ago, one duelist has finally claimed his title!

The Binder: World Championship Tech -
  I want to take a quick look at the top tech cards we saw at the World Championships, and we’ll start with the one that won the tournament.

The Apotheosis: Valhalla -
  Overshadowed by its Premium Pack 2 comrade Mezuki, Valhalla is one of those cards that opens up so many possibilities that it’s difficult to tell what exactly you should use it for.

Seven Days: August 12 -
  It’s Tuesday, August 12, 2008, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has a brand new World Champion!

The Binder: Herald of Orange Light -
  Not talking about Herald of Orange Light would be a crime against you, the reader. This card is berserk, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out right now.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Avenging Knight Parshath -
  Avenging Knight Parshath does one thing really well. Something that no other Synchro is designed to do.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Toy Magician -
  There’s no disputing the fact that Toy Magician is in a league of its own.

Seven Days: August 4th, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, August 4, 2008, and both the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game 2008 World Championship and The Duelist Genesis Sneak Previews are this weekend!

Seven Days—July 29 -
  It’s Tuesday, and as we count down to the Sneak Preview release of The Duelist Genesis, duelists across the globe are celebrating yet another title win for Lazaro Bellido!

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Stardust Dragon and Dark Resonator -
  The Duelist Genesis will rock dueling to its core, and leading the pack is the marquee monster from the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s series: Stardust Dragon.

Seven Days—July 21 -
  It’s Monday, July 21, 2008, and as the days tick down to the release of Premium Pack 2 and The Duelist Genesis, things are heating up north of the border.

The Binder: Mezuki -
  Get ready to dust off your copies of Zombie Master and Il Blud: Zombies are back from the dead!

The Apotheosis: Little City -
  As much as I may have made light of Paul Levitin’s Elemental Hero deck, I featured him for several reasons. First, I knew the theory driving the deck to be solid. Second, I’d been testing a similar strategy myself for weeks.

Seven Days—July 14 -
  The next Premium Pack booster set will hit store shelves on July 29, just two weeks from today!

The Binder: Pole Position -
  Today I want to show you why Pole Position is so good, where to use it, and how you can use it to outwit your opponents.

Seven Days—July 8, 2008 -
  It’s Tuesday, July 8, 2008, and with Shonen Jump Championship Honolulu taking place this coming weekend, we pause to celebrate another new Shonen Jump Champion!

The Binder: Enemy Controller -
  Enemy Controller first came up on my radar after Jerome made Day 2 with Counter Fairies.

US Team Dueling Championship Finals: Team Goonies vs. Team AZN Carnage -
  A whopping 58 teams competed in the first-ever American Team Dueling Championship!

The Apotheosis: Skull Servant Spectacular! -
  Let’s throw serious business to the wind and have some fun instead.

Seven Days: June 30 -
  The European Championships and American National Championships have come and gone, and now, one of the world’s greatest duelists has earned the title of Canadian National Champ.

The Binder: Prime Material Dragon -
  Wow. So how good is Prime Material Dragon?

Seven Days: Monday, June 23 -
  It’s Monday, the 23rd of June 2008, and the first of four consecutive premier tournaments in North America drew to a close this past weekend.

The Binder: Kuraz the Light Monarch -
  Not all Special Edition promos are created equal.

The Apotheosis: Dragoon Control -
  The ability to unleash Eradicator Epidemic Virus or even Deck Devastation Virus before the opponent can act is massive...

Seven Days: Tuesday, June 17 -
  It’s Tuesday, June 17 2008, and we are just four days away from the American National Championships!

The Binder: Eradicator Epidemic Virus -
  The potential explosiveness of this card is unparalleled as we head into a three-week period of American Nats, Canadian Nats, and Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia.

Seven Days—June 9 -
  It’s Monday, June 9, 2008, and only twelve days remain until the American National Championship!

The Binder: Angel O7 -
  To understand the full potential of Angel O7, we need to look at what makes it different from Skill Drain and Plasma.

The Apotheosis: Mind My Monkey -
  The first deck I’ll be looking at is an updated classic, and I think it’s a great time for a revamp. Here’s what the deck’s submitter had to say about his Ratbox build . . .

Seven Days – June 2 -
  It’s Monday, June 2, 2008, and the American and Canadian National Championships are coming up fast!

The Binder: Phantom of Chaos -
  Shonen Jump Championship St. Louis has come and gone, and while Phantom of Chaos had less representation at that event than it did at Nashville, I think it’s become a far more relevant card.

Seven Days—May 27 -
  Shonen Jump St. Louis has changed the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game playing field, and with the American National Championship just four weeks away, duelists have a limited amount of time to adapt.

The Binder: Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter -
  Light of Destruction brings us arguably the best flip-effect monster ever printed.

Seven Days—Monday, May 19 -
  It’s Monday, May 19, 2008, and this week is a big one for Championship tournaments across the globe!

The Binder: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast -
  I expected Wind Blast to make an impressive comeback: it just happened two weeks earlier than I thought it would.

Seven Days—May 12 -
  It’s Monday, May 12, 2008, and after a star-studded showdown in Nashville, we’ve got a brand new Shonen Jump Champion.

The Binder: Elemental Hero Prisma -
  Wait...Since when were Fusion monsters GOOD?

Addressing the Mid-Format Change -
  I, for one, can’t wait for the weekend.

The Binder: Limit Reverse -
  Was anyone else surprised to see this thing was a common?!

Light of Destruction Preview: Guardian of Order -
  Because three of the biggest monster groups in Light of Destruction share the Light attribute, Guardian of Order can work for all three, making all of them more competitive.

Seven Days—April 28, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, April 28, 2008, and we are just five days away from the Sneak Preview release of Light of Destruction!

Light of Destruction Preview: Wulf, Lightsworn Beast and Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner -
  The Lightsworn can do a lot more than just summon Judgment Dragon as they pitch stuff to the graveyard, and today I’ll show you two more cards that take advantage of their key mechanic.

Seven Days—April 21, 2008 -
  With two Shonen Jump Championships, the U.K. Nationals, and Light of Destruction, May is going to be a huge month for duelists worldwide.

Light of Destruction Preview: Judgment Dragon and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress -
  The new Lightsworn monsters might be the most vicious, well-equipped theme the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has ever seen, and now their release is just days away...

Seven Days—April 14, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, April 14, 2008, and the scaled grip of Dark Armed Dragon has finally been shattered by... the Gladiator Beasts!?

The Binder: Cold Wave -
  We’ve all seen it for weeks now: strategies that draw through half the deck or more on turn 1 or turn 2.

Seven Days—April 7, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, April 7, 2008, and we are five days away from Shonen Jump Championship Minneapolis!

The Binder: Fires of Doomsday -
  Today I want to explore both the proven uses for this card, and the potential uses we’ve yet to see in mainstream tournaments.

Seven Days—April 1, 2008 -
  It’s Tuesday, April 1, 2008, and while the dueling world celebrates its newest Shonen Jump Champion, we are less than two weeks away from the next tournament in the SJC series!

The Binder: The Dark Creator -
  With your opponent having just paid heavy life point costs, it’s the perfect opportunity to strike back...

The Five Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing -
  No matter what deck you play or what level you compete at, there are obvious mistakes that can threaten your win percentage. The shocking part? Most Shonen Jump players just keep making them.

The Binder: Looking Back on Costa Mesa -
  There was a lot of innovative tech at Costa Mesa that we didn’t have time to discuss over the course of the weekend...

Seven Days—March 24 -
  It’s Monday, March 24, 2008, and we are just days away from the return of Shonen Jump action to Ohio!

Defeating the Dragon: Dark Armed Edition -
  Let’s talk about how to beat Dark Armed Return.

Seven Days—March 17, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, March 17, 2008, and we’re less than two weeks away from Shonen Jump Championship Columbus and the new Gold Series!

The Binder: Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord -
  They say the devil’s greatest trick was convincing people he didn’t exist. Personally, I think Dark Armed Dragon’s greatest trick is making players believe he’s the one to blame.

Seven Days—March 10, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, March 10, 2008, and the dueling world has a brand new Shonen Jump Champion!

The Binder: Goblin Zombie -
  Looking at Goblin Zombie, playing it myself, and having seen it played on the sidelines at Shonen Jump Championship Houston, I think there’s more to this card than anyone first suspected.

Seven Days—March 3, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, March 3, 2008, and we’re just four days removed from the 50th Shonen Jump Championship tournament!

The Binder: Raigeki Break -
  There’s a general perception amongst some duelists that the entire spin mechanic is losing power, largely due to an upswing in monster cards that simply don’t mind being spun.

Seven Days—February 26 -
  We are back from Shonen Jump Championship Houston with another seven days of article previews and news!

The Binder: Monster Reborn -
  Wow. I don’t think many people predicted this one.

Seven Days—February 18, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, February 18, 2008, and we are just a few days away from the first-ever Shonen Jump Championship appearance of Phantom Darkness!

The Binder: Hand Destruction and Hero Rule 2 -
  I want to take some time to look at two of the top cards from Duelist Pack - Jesse Anderson and Duelist Pack - Jaden Yuki 3.

Seven Days—February 11 -
  It’s Monday, February 11, 2008, and Phantom Darkness has already sold out!

The Binder: Drastic Drop Off -
  This card provides a deadly counter to key components of at least four and arguably six of the top decks in this format.

Seven Days—February 4, 2008 -
  It’s Monday, February 4, 2008, and with the retail release of Phantom Darkness tomorrow, competitive duelists have one thing on their minds: Houston!

The Binder: Metal Reflect Slime -
  I’m in the camp of folks who have been waiting very patiently, for a very long time, to get this card...

Seven Days: January 28th -
  It’s Monday, January 28th 2008, and as we gear up for the 50th Shonen Jump Championship just weeks from today, the dueling world is celebrating its newest Champion!

The Binder: Allure of Darkness -
  For those of you who didn’t make it to your local Sneak Preview this weekend, you missed out on a few major surprises.

Phantom Darkness Sneak Preview: Dark Grepher -
  The number of crazy plays Dark Grepher can create is impressive.

Phantom Darkness Sneak Preview: Dark Red Enchanter -
  Dark Red Enchanter is one of those Japanese promos we thought we'd never get, and it's been on my "wants" list for a while.

Seven Days—Tuesday, January 22, 2008 -
  It’s Tuesday, January 22, 2008, and we are just a few days away from the weekend we’ve all been waiting for!

Seven Days—January 14, 2008 -
  Today, we kick off two straight weeks of all-new card profiles as we count down the days to the Phantom Darkness Sneak Preview.

Phantom Darkness Preview: Yubel -
  As much as we’re used to simple GX monsters being the most playable, Yubel has some serious potential for tournament play.

Seven Days: Monday, January 7 -
  The Sneak Preview weekend for the first new booster set of 2008 is less than three weeks out, and it’s going to be epic.

The Binder: Energy-Absorbing Monolith -
  You need to understand how this card works against each unique deck before you can really grasp how good it is.

Best of 2007, Tactical Evolution Preview: Zombie Master -
  Zombie fans are going to be very happy with Tactical Evolution.

Best of 2007, The Binder: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast -
  The last time you saw Phoenix Wing Wind Blast here in The Binder, it was almost exactly two-and-a-half years ago, as Mike Rosenberg, fresh off his Top 8 appearance at Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles, lauded the hot new card that took him to such a great finish.

Seven Days: December 17th -
  When we return on January 7th, we’ll have one week before we start our previews of Phantom Darkness, so get ready to kick off the new year in a big way!

The Binder: Destiny Hero - Plasma -
  The biggest, baddest answer out there to Light and Darkness Dragon.

Seven Days: December 10th -
  It’s Monday December 10th, and with the final Shonen Jump Championship of 2007 now in the record books, it’s time to look ahead to the new year!

The Binder: Forced Back -
  Forced Back has just a handful of uses in the current format, but the one that’s gotten it so much attention lately is its ability to negate the summoning of Light and Darkness Dragon.

Seven Days: December 4th -
  This past weekend we witnessed the final Shonen Jump Championship of the year.

The Binder: Spirit of the Six Samurai -
  I have a confession: I didn’t really notice how nuts this card is until about a week ago.

Defeating the Dragon -
  With less than 72 hours between now and Day 1 of Shonen Jump San Mateo, one of the most important questions on duelists’ minds has to do with metagaming the number-one pick for the weekend: Light and Darkness Dragon.

Seven Days: Monday, November 26th -
  As duelists across the globe brace themselves for the impact of Shonen Jump Championship San Mateo this weekend, it seems that the last of the holiday duel merch has made its way into stores.

The Binder: Herald of Creation -
  Man, the Rise of the Dragon Lords structure deck is pretty amazing.

Seven Days: November 19th -
  It’s Monday, November 19th 2007, and Regional-goers over the coming months will have a brand new Top 8 playmat to compete for!

The Binder: Security Orb -
  Security Orb does a lot of unique things, the first of which is teching some major matchups.

Seven Days: November 12th -
  It’s November 12th, and duelists across the globe are starting to feel the impact of one of the best monsters ever to be released—Light and Darkness Dragon.

The Binder: Veil of Darkness -
  Veil of Darkness is probably one of the most versatile combo cards ever printed.

Seven Days: November 5, 2007 -
  It’s Monday, November 5th, and if you’re like me, you’re still recovering from your Gladiator’s Assault Sneak Preview this past weekend!

The Binder: Royal Firestorm Guards -
  It’s Pot of Avarice on Legs!

Seven Days: October 29th -
  It’s Monday, October 29th, and it seems as if Light and Darkness Dragon is debuting a few days early!

Gladiator’s Assault Preview: Test Tiger -
  Test Tiger may not be very big when it comes to ATK and DEF, but make no mistake: this kitty’s got claws.

Gladiator’s Assault Preview Card: Gladiator Beast Octavius -
  What better place to start than the new world-exclusive promo card you’ll get just for signing up?

Seven Days: October 22nd -
  It’s Monday, October 22nd, and with information about new cards in Gladiator’s Assault beginning to leak from sources like Shonen Jump Magazine, we’ve received a surprising piece of info.

Seven Days: October 16th -
  It’s October 16th, two days since the final match of Shonen Jump Championship Durham, where we saw two Zombie decks duke it out in the finals!

The Binder: Ceasefire -
  Phoenix Wing Wind Blast isn’t the only card benefiting from this format’s relatively slow pace of play.

When A Common Isn’t A Common -
  One of the cool things about the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG that keeps us coming back for more is the collectability factor.

Seven Days: October 8th -
  It’s October 8th, and after months of anticipation, Premium Pack 1 is finally being released!

The Binder: Dark Bribe -
  Released in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force 2 for the Playstation Portable, Dark Bribe is a Swiss Army Knife of negation that comes with one of the most debated costs we’ve ever seen.

Seven Days: October 2nd -
  It’s Tuesday October 2nd, and with another big tournament now behind us, this format is starting to take shape.

The Binder: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast -
  The last time you saw Phoenix Wing Wind Blast here in The Binder, it was almost exactly two-and-a-half years ago, as Mike Rosenberg, fresh off his Top 8 appearance at Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles, lauded the hot new card that took him to such a great finish.

The Apotheosis: Earth Rush -
  For all the hubbub surrounding Jinzo’s newly Semi-Limited status, few duelists are really taking advantage of the option to run two.

Seven Days: September 24th -
  It’s Monday, September 24th 2007, and we are just days away from Shonen Jump Chicago.

The Apotheosis: Dark World Explosion -
  Dark World headed into Washington carrying a decent amount of hype, and for good reason.

Seven Days: September 18th -
  It’s Tuesday, September 18th 2007, and two days ago we witnessed the finale to the first big tournament of the new Advanced Format.

The Apotheosis: Vanilla Strike -
  I’ll admit it—ever since I saw Volcanic Rat I’ve had a strange urge to put together a revamped Human-Wave Tactics deck.

Seven Days: September 10th -
  It’s Monday, September 10th, and as the days tick down to the first Shonen Jump Championship of the new Advanced format, we’ve got our first glimpse of the next booster set!

The Apotheosis: Desert Twister Return -
  Desert Twister is really a phenomenal card, and I’m a bit surprised at just how little attention it’s been getting.

Seven Days: September 4th -
  It’s Tuesday, September 4th, and less than two weeks remain until the first Shonen Jump Championship of the new format!

The Apotheosis: Crystal Power -
  Ever since Rainbow Dragon dropped in Tactical Evolution, I’ve been tempted to play it in a tournament-level deck, at least for a local.

Seven Days: August 27th -
  It’s Monday, August 27th 2007, and this year’s first wave of Collector’s Tins have started appearing in stores!

The Apotheosis—Hunter Dragon’s Impact -
  Come September, it’s going to be a great time to play Cyberdarks.

Seven Days: August 21st -
  It’s Tuesday, August 21st, and the dueling world is still reeling from the unexpected events at Shonen Jump Championship Indianapolis!

The Apotheosis—Chomp Chomp -
  There’s something to be said for having the biggest, meanest monster on the field.

Seven Days - August 14th -
  It’s Wednesday, August 15th 2007, and we’re just days away from the official release of Tactical Evolution!

UDE Announces Exciting Changes To Organized Play Support -
  It seems like everyone in Upper Deck Entertainment’s Organized Play department is really kicking it into high gear lately.

The Apotheosis: How Fast Do Zombies Run? -
  The recent additions to the Zombie theme in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG seem very fitting. There’s a lot more coming back from the dead, and Zombies are now imbued with the ability to attack in swarms (as any B-movie buff would expect them to).

Seven Days: August 6th -
  Right now not one, but two Yu-Gi-Oh! tours are making stops all across the country. News to you? Let me give you some info on each event series.

Tactical Evolution Preview: Il Blud -
  What I love about Il Blud is how he instantly balances out your lost normal summon.

Seven Days: July 31st -
  It’s Tuesday, July 31st 2007, and duelists across the globe have a brand new World Champion!

Tactical Evolution Preview: Zombie Master -
  Zombie fans are going to be very happy with Tactical Evolution.

Seven Days: July 23rd -
  It’s Monday, July 23rd 2007, and with the World Championships just five days away, we are on the verge of a brand new booster set release: the biggest one in years!

Tactical Evolution Preview: Rainbow Dragon -
  Rainbow Dragon has a whole new foil treatment that’s never been seen before, and it’s going to be in high demand from collectors and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fans alike.

The Apotheosis: Exploiting Ectoplasmer -
  For the life of me, I can’t think of a card that creates weird game states that’s better than Ectoplasmer.

Seven Days: July 16th -
  The World Championships are right around the corner, Tactical Evolution looms imminent, and the dueling world has a brand new two-time Shonen Jump Champion!

The Apotheosis: Diamond Dude Dinos -
  Every now and then, a special deck comes along that does more than just establish an archetype: it shows us a whole new way to approach dueling, and even as formats change, those lessons stick with us.

Seven Days: Monday, July 8th -
  It’s Monday, July 8th, and after two-and-a-half years of tireless effort, one of the world’s most respected duelists has finally become a Shonen Jump Champion!

The Apotheosis: Really Pointy Harpies -
  If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of right now, it’s Harpies. When Hysteric Party was released in Lord of the Storm, I was immediately hooked: I knew there was a deck there, even if the deck in question wasn’t quite ready to dominate.

The Apotheosis: Volcanic Vigilance -
  It’s interesting to see how different players approach the Volcanic strategy. The Volcanics are essentially three different strategies rolled into one: burn damage, beatdown, and monster destruction.

Seven Days: June 25th -
  It’s Monday, June 25th, and the U.S. dueling community has a brand new National Champion!

The Apotheosis: My Favorite Monkey -
  I like Defender of the Forest, Green Baboon for three reasons. First, it’s a monkey: everyone likes monkeys, right? Second, it’s my favorite color. And third, it’s an unstoppable powerhouse that takes Beast decks right to the top of their competitive form.

Seven Days: June 18th, 2006 -
  It’s Monday June 18th, and the duelists of Canada have an unexpected new National Champion!

The Apotheosis: Total Pandemonium -
  Hand manipulation. If there’s one concept that can truly terrify your opponent, it’s messing with the options he or she thought were safe.

Seven Days: June 11th -
  It’s Monday, June 11th, 2007, and we are getting ready for the most intense three weeks of the year!

The Apotheosis: Crystal Beast Crush -
  After careful consideration, we’ve decided to ship Dr. Vowler back to the sideshow carnival where we found him. That’s right: the good professor’s angst-ridden reign of terror has come to an end here on Metagame.com!

Seven Days: June 4th, 2006 -
  It’ Monday, June 4th, and with the last Shonen Jump Championship of the 2006-2007 season now behind us, the dueling world has a brand new two-time champ!

The Apotheosis: Phoenix Rising -
  This deck aims to flood the field with Zombies to provide enough fodder for Hand of Nephthys, in order to bring out Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.

Seven Days – January 29th, 2007 -
  It’s Monday, January 29th, and less than 24 hours have passed since the surprising events of Shonen Jump Championship Orlando.

Trends ‘N’ Tactics: Orlando Pre-Game -
  Several regulars of the Shonen Jump circuit have spoken to me over the past few weeks, and while everyone’s got an ace up their sleeve, they all seem to agree on one thing: creating a deck for tomorrow’s tournament is a huge challenge.

New Prize Structure And Top 16 At Shonen Jump Championships -
  Instead of giving away just two copies of the powerful new Crush Card Virus, SJC competitors will now have four opportunities to win one.

The Apotheosis – Gadget To Be -
  Josh’s focus on limiting his opponent’s summoning and forcing him or her to make predictable moves is what makes his strategy stand out.

Seven Days – January 22nd, 2007 -
  We are just five days away from what’s shaping up to be one of the most challenging Shonen Jump Championships of all time!

Restructuring Structure Deck 10 – Machine Re-Volt -
  It’s finally here! Structure Deck 10 started hitting store shelves across North America this morning.

The Apotheosis – Destiny Demolition -
  Destiny Hero monsters offer a ton of unique strategies.

Seven Days – January 16, 2007 -
  The long-awaited Machine’s Re-Volt Structure Deck will ship to stores across North America this week, and could be appearing in your local hobby store as early as Wednesday.

The Apotheosis – The Whole Kitten Caboodle -
  Oh, how I love Rescue Cat.

The Path Behind And The Road Ahead: What To Expect From 2007 -
  Looking back on the past twelve months, I think it’s safe to say that 2006 was the most dramatic year for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG yet.

Seven Days: January 8th, 2006 -
  2007 is shaping up to be a huge year for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, so let’s take a look at all the news, events, and articles for the next seven days.

Best of 2006: The Apotheosis: Double Dude Abuse -
  Back in September, one of the first articles I wrote for the new format was a deck fix that resulted in a Wind/Double Dude deck.

Best of 2006: The Apotheosis – Necrofear Return -
  Fast forward four months and I’ve taken similar builds to multiple tournament wins in my area.

Happy Holidays Get A Little Bit Happier! -
  Effective immediately, “Cyber-Stein” is Forbidden for Advanced Format tournaments, and Limited for Traditional Format tournaments.

The Apotheosis: Homunculus -
  This deck has the potential to bring out big attackers and then swing with them for game-winning amounts of damage, but that requires focus and a lot of support.

Seven Days — December 18th -
  One day has passed since the surprising finals of Shonen Jump Championship San Jose, and the biggest news in dueling is the newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Trends N’ Tactics: Shonen Jump Championship San Jose Pre-Game -
  Cyberdark Impact is finally legal for play in an SJC this weekend, and despite the lack of hype around the set, two new decks might make a big impact in tomorrow’s Day 1.

The Apotheosis: Bubbleman Blast -
  Everyone from Vincent Tundo to several Level 3 judges has created their own twists on the same base strategy, and since the deck has received little to no press, I’m eager to feature it in The Apotheosis today!

Seven Days: December 11th, 2006 -
  It’s December 11th, and as the year winds down, duelists are getting ready for the final Shonen Jump Championship of 2006!

The Apotheosis: Circuit Sphinx -
  While many duelists are aware of the synergy between Degenerate Circuit and Guardian Sphinx, few are prepared to actually deal with it.

Seven Days: December 4 -
  It’s another bright and shining Monday, and there are less than two weeks between today and the final Shonen Jump Championship of the year!

Trends ‘N’ Tactics: The Aftermath of Anaheim -
  Shonen Jump Championship Anaheim was everything the dueling community hoped for and then some.

The Apotheosis: Cyber Smash -
  Cyber Ogre is one of the few monsters in the game capable of shutting down an opponent’s plans for battle without any sort of assistance from the spell and trap zone.

Seven Days: November 27 -
  It’s Monday, November 27, and while the dueling world continues to reel from the impact of Shonen Jump Championship Anaheim, thoughts begin to turn to the next stop on the SJC circuit!

The Apotheosis: Advent of the Normal -
  It’s no secret—one of the most power-packed cards in the new Cyberdark Impact expansion is Justi-Break.

The Apotheosis: I Attack with . . . Big Shield? -
  If there’s anything I like more than when my own plans go right, it’s when my opponent’s plans go wrong.

Seven Days: November 13 -
  In just three days, Shonen Jump Championship heat will begin to build in Anaheim California, as competitors begin to gather at Gen Con So Cal!

The Apotheosis: But Not a Drop to Drink -
  With Spirit Reaper now Limited, Water is definitely the control attribute of choice and there are plenty of Water-specific spells, traps, and monsters that do nothing but mess around with the opponent’s field or hand.

Seven Days: November 6th -
  It’s Monday, November 6th, and as Shonen Jump Championship Anaheim draws closer, several new products are starting to hit store shelves!

Trends ‘N’ Tactics: November 4, 2006 -
  Certain plays can define a format on the micro level, so while I want to give you a ground-floor look at what’s going on at big tourneys, I also want to break down those trends and show you how they relate to your own play habits.

UDE Issues Cyberdark Impact Sneak Preview Info -
  Kevin Tewart, R&D lead for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG over at Upper Deck Entertainment, sent out an important email to event staff for the upcoming Cyberdark Impact Sneak Previews this morning.

Seven Days – October 31st -
  It’s Tuesday, the 31st of October, and that means many of us will be dressing up to shake down neighbors for candy later tonight!

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Cyberdark Dragon -
  Cyberdark monsters start off a bit slow, and then viciously tear into the mid-game.

Seven Days – October 23 -
  It’s Monday, October 23rd, and only days remain until SJC action returns to the West Coast!

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Cyberdark Horn, Cyberdark Edge, and Cyberdark Keel -
  The Sneak Preview release of Cyberdark Impact is less than two weeks away, and from today on out you can look forward to the inside scoop on one of the set’s most interesting cards every day until the Sneak Preview weekend.

Building the Deck: Five-Headed Dragon -
  Now, Dragons have a mid- and late game KO card that can manipulate tempo, take down even the mightiest of Cyber-Stein’s buddies, and wipe out many an opponent in a single shot.

The Apotheosis—Drain Gain -
  Build your deck properly and Skill Drain can present no disadvantages whatsoever to you, while providing plenty for the opposition.

Seven Days – October 16th -
  It’s Monday, October 16th, and we are just two days away from the Special Set release of Dinosaur’s Rage!

The Apotheosis—Spin Spin -
  Spin a face-up card and you will know what the opponent’s next draw phase will bring, and plan accordingly.

Seven Days – October 10th -
  It’s Tuesday, October 10th, 2006, and after reeling from the weekend’s clash of firestorm monarchs, smoke grenades, and killer koalas, the dueling world has a brand new Shonen Jump Champion!

The Apotheosis—Double Attack Madness -
  The release of several cards over the past few months has brought the concept of dual attacks into vogue.

Seven Days – October 2nd -
  This time I’ve got last-minute news on this weekend’s Shonen Jump Championship, some exciting first-look info on upcoming promos that I guarantee you don’t know about, and lots more!

The Apotheosis—Toon Control -
  Toon Gemini Elf is amazing.

Seven Days – September 25, 2006 -
  It’s Monday, September 25th, and the next Shonen Jump Championship and a cool new special release package are just on the horizon!

The Apotheosis: Nimble Kid Monarch Control -
  People keep sending me decks, and it seems like every two or three weeks I’m putting Nimble Momonga into one of them.

Seven Days: September 18 -
  We’ve got a brand new champ, and a brand new North American metagame!

The Apotheosis: Double Dude Abuse -
  This is a fabulous example of the type of deck that the new format makes possible.

Seven Days: September 11 -
  All the world waits to see who (and more importantly what) will be successful at Shonen Jump Championship Boston!

The Apotheosis: Discard Neos Craziness -
  Because Neos is a normal monster, and not an effect monster, there are a ton of older cards that we can dust off and combo with it to create unique strategies.

Seven Days: September 5 -
  It’s September 5th, and the new Advanced format is well underway!

The Apotheosis: Divine Sword Return -
  So, what makes Divine Sword Return so special? Well, it offers a few cool things that the average Chaos Return never could.

Seven Days – August 28 -
  The new format is here, 2006 Collector’s Tins are just around the corner, and it’s truly an exciting time to be a duelist.

The Apotheosis – Necrofear Return -
  This deck can be a major competitor in the new format, and is especially good against Warrior decks packing Don Zaloog, Mystic Tomato, and Exiled Force.

Seven Days – August 21 -
  North America’s best will show up to throw down at the Ramada Plaza in Hamilton, Ontario this coming weekend.

The New List: Analyzing the Long-Term Impact -
  Let’s look at some of the changes this new format is going to bring about, starting with the one we’ve all been waiting for!

The Apotheosis—T-Rex on Roller Skates -
  This deck can win in a competitive environment, makes use of core theory elements that many duelists overlook, and it’s really fun.

Seven Days: August 15, 2006 -
  It’s August 15, and the dueling world has a new two-time Shonen Jump Champion!

The Apotheosis: Megarock Rampage -
  When it comes down to it, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG was intended to be about big monsters, but very few have the potential to be this large.

Seven Days – August 7 -
  SJC Indianapolis is just five days away, and many of North America’s best duelists will be showing up to compete.

Seven Days – July 31, 2006 -
  As July draws to a close we look ahead to new Shonen Jump Championships, a new expansion set, and the 2006 World Championship!

Power of the Duelist Preview – Future Fusion -
  The possibilities are endless, and that’s really what this card is about: it opens doors for a lot of old favorites and makes a handful of new monsters really powerful.

Seven Days: July 24 -
  It’s July 24, one day after the record-breaking Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Neo-Spacian Dark Panther -
  Flexibility can be a huge asset, and any card that offers you unlimited possibilities will, at one time or another, offer you incredible power.

Deconstructing The Lord of the Storm Structure Deck -
  As a source of playable and desirable cards, Lord of the Storm shines.

The Apotheosis: Uria Unleashed -
  Uria, Lord of Searing Flames is by far the best of the three Sacred Beasts released in Shadow of Infinity, and with its built-in protection plan and game-shaping effect, it deserves a little bit of respect.

Seven Days: July 17 -
  It’s one day after the most innovative Shonen Jump Championship of the format, and the world is wondering what the ramifications of Shonen Jump Arlington will be.

The State of the Game – July 13 -
  It’s July 13, and a unified set of trends demonstrated at the European Championships, Canadian Nationals, and Shonen Jump Championship Denver have sent the format in a new direction.

The Apotheosis: Majestic Mech Mayhem -
  What isn’t so widely accepted is the card’s potential as the centerpiece of a strategy, instead of just a random piece of tech.

Seven Days: July 10 -
  It’s the tenth of July, and after a month of waiting, the Shonen Jump Championship circuit is back!

The Apotheosis: Exchange Control -
  One of my favorite cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG also has the potential to be one of the worst. But at the same time, it can reward a truly skilled player with many advantages.

Seven Days: July 3 -
  It’s July 3, and after a flurry of National Championships and Shonen Jump Championships here in North America, this side of the dueling world is briefly quiet as Europe takes center stage!

The Apotheosis: Machine Control -
  Cyber Phoenix offers a wholesale answer to targeted effects like Snatch Steal and Sakuretsu Armor, keeping them off your Machines and out of the game. That’s a freedom that can’t be ignored.

Seven Days: June 26 -
  It’s Monday, June 26, and the dueling world has two brand-new champions!

The Apotheosis: Legendary Jujitsu Counter Control -
  In an era where Mystic Swordsman LV2 sees far less play than it once did and Smashing Ground has so often become a single copy, the time seems right for the Master’s return.

Seven Days: Monday, June 19 -
  It’s June 19, just hours after the conclusion of Shonen Jump Atlanta, an event that proved to be exactly what the current format needed!

The Apotheosis: Herald Control -
  When I first looked at Enemy of Justice, one of my favorite combos involved Herald of Purple Light, Herald of Green Light, and Layard the Liberator.

Seven Days: June 12 -
  It’s Monday, June 12, and the 2006/2007 qualifying season has kicked off in the US of A!

The Apotheosis: Anteatereatingeverything -
  A monster that can destroy any card in your opponent’s spell or trap zone once per turn? That’s pretty darn impressive.

Seven Days: June 5 -
  The US National Championships have concluded, and the new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG US Champion is one heck of a shocker!

The Apotheosis: Homicidal Batteries -
  If you’ve cracked open a few Voltech Dragons, you’re definitely going to want to keep reading!

Seven Days: May 30 -
  It’s the last day of May, and just four days remain between now and the final showdown of the US 2005/2006 dueling season: the National Championship tournament is upon us!

The Apotheosis: Generations of Manticore -
  Thanks to Generation Shift, Exodia is back!

Seven Days: May 22 -
  It’s May 22, one day after Shonen Jump Championship Chicago, and we have a new Shonen Jump Champion!

The Apotheosis: Sacred Crane Return -
  Kyle’s got a neat idea that blends two of my favorite things: Return from the Different Dimension and Sacred Crane.

Seven Days: May 15 -
  It’s May 15, and we’re just five days away from the showdown in Chi-Town!

Promos, Play Formats, and Prizes at the Enemy of Justice Sneak Previews! -
  Just like the Sneak Preview events before it, the Enemy of Justice Sneak Preview is going to reward you for getting your hands on the new cards weeks before their official street date by giving you more free stuff.

Seven Days: May 8 -
  It’s May 8, and the first of the new Shonen Jump prize cards has been awarded!

Enemy of Justice Preview: Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon -
  With 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF, it’s got rock solid stats for a single-tribute monster, but its effect is what makes it a potential gem.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Voltanis the Adjudicator -
  A 2800 ATK monster that you can summon on your opponent’s turn, for one tribute, is pretty game-breaking.

Seven Days: May 1 -
  Get ready for a killer month of dueling action.

Tournament Pack 8: Magical Arm Shield -
  Magical Arm Shield is highly versatile. Like so many of its predecessors, it’s completely unique and offers a peerless experience to those duelists who are lucky enough to own one.

Seven Days: April 24 -
  It’s April 24, and only eleven days remain between now and the next Shonen Jump Championship!

The Apotheosis: Deck Devastation Deck -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG was meant to be about big monsters clashing in battle, and thanks to Deck Devastation Virus, that might be where this format is going.

Seven Days: April 17 -
  It’s April 17, and with three long weeks to go between now and Shonen Jump Championship Columbus, duelists are testing plenty of new ideas for the environment that was established in Baltimore!

The Apotheosis: Dawn of Dust -
  This is absolutely my all-time favorite Treeborn Frog strategy, and with the loss of Dark Hole and the rise of Dark World, this deck gets a big push from the new Advanced format.

Seven Days: April 10 -
  It's April 10, and we have a brand-new Shonen Jump Champion!

The Apotheosis: Anti-Meta FAO -
  When an original, well-built, tier one deck happens to wander into my inbox, I love to showcase it and make suggestions. Today just so happens to be one of those days!

Seven Days: April 3 -
  It’s April 3, the new format is upon us, and a summer full of Shonen Jump Championship action is just over the horizon!

The Apotheosis: Armageddon of Doom -
  By blending Insects and the power of Armageddon, this deck can produce some massive swings in momentum.

Seven Days: March 27 -
  Before we look ahead, let’s give one last nod to the events that transpired this past weekend.

The New Kid on the Block -
  Blockman and Treasure Map are both really useful, and Hero Spirit would trade well on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fandom alone.

The Limelight: John Jensen -
  NeXus continues to get more powerful with each passing week. Both the team, and John Jensen, have nowhere to go but up!

Searching for Treasure in the Duelist Pack Special Editions! -
  Creative duelists have long awaited the Treasure Map card.

Enemy of Justice: Girls’ Night Out -
  Enemy of Justice Sneak Previews kick off on May 13, so you’d better start making your plans to attend the Sneak Preview event near you!

The Apotheosis – Gear Beast Blast -
  I don’t know about you, but ever since I got my hands on a copy of Shadow of Infinity’s Ancient Gear Castle, I’ve wanted to try my hand at an Ancient Gear deck and make ol’ Vellian Crowler proud.

Seven Days: March 20 -
  It’s Monday, March 20, and Shonen Jump Championship Orlando is over.

The Limelight: Ryan Hayakawa -
  Making the trip out to Shonen Jump Durham just a couple weeks ago sent a strong message—Ryan Hayakawa is back, and will be a major presence in top-tier competition for 2006!

The Apotheosis: Sacred Beasts Arise! -
  After weeks of hype and lead-in, the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX “Rise of the Sacred Beasts” story arc is in full swing, and all the excitement and thrills have built an incredible demand for Shadow of Infinity’s three Sacred Beast cards.

State of the Game – March 14 -
  Tempo, tempo, tempo.

Seven Days: March 13 -
  It’s March 13. Shadow of Infinity has been released in stores worldwide, and we’re just five days away from Shonen Jump Championship Orlando!

The Apotheosis: Inferno Swarm -
  I love Inferno Reckless Summon.

Seven Days: March 6 -
  Just scant days after the exciting conclusion to Shonen Jump Durham, our next Shonen Jump Championship is drawing near.

The Apotheosis: Monster-Rich Exodia -
  If you’re looking for a truly unique deck to play, and a perfect example of the power packed into Ancient Lamp, this weird little build might interest you.

Seven Days: February 27 -
  After a ten-week off-season, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has yet another Shonen Jump Champion!

The Limelight: Cindie Uddstrom -
  Of all the duelists I met at the World Championships, one of my favorites and one of the most remarkable was Cindie Uddstrom.

The Apotheosis: Rusty Toolbox -
  Cameron’s deck is a good example of how you can quickly build a tournament-competitive strategy from Structure Deck cards.

Seven Days: February 20 -
  After almost ten weeks of tension and secrecy, Shonen Jump Championship competition returns to Yu-Gi-Oh!

The State of the Game: February 20 -
  Scant days remain before Shonen Jump Championship Durham, and I’m left to reflect on how far the Advanced format has come since its inception.

And the Sneak Preview Promo Card Is . . . -
  The top-secret Sneak Preview promo has been unveiled!

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Disciple of the Forbidden Spell -
  Cards that can stop both the Reaper and the Dragon are bound to be playable . . .

Seven Days: February 13 -
  It’s February 13, and we are just five days away from the Sneak Preview launch of what is perhaps the most anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG expansion to date!

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Cyber Laser Dragon -
  Today’s preview card is the mighty Cyber Laser Dragon, one of the signature cards used by Zane Truesdale in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX!

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Doom Dozer -
  Doom Dozer is just one of the many playable Insect cards in Shadow of Infinity, and I believe that we’ll see some Insect decks come out of this set.

Seven Days: February 6 -
  It’s preview time!

The Limelight: Anthony Alvarado, Part 2 -
  “When people run through their thoughts of the top players in the world, I want my name to be one of the first to roll off their tongue.”

The Limelight – Anthony Alvarado, Part 1 -
  He’s a staple of the North American tournament scene, a Shonen Jump Champion, and he’s made a reputation out of quietly proving to the world that he’s one of the best.

The Apotheosis: Jirai Gumo Control -
  Jirai Gumo is just such a monster, and today’s contributor has looked to build an Insect deck around it.

Seven Days: January 30 -
  It’s January 30, and Shadow of Infinity and the Sacred Beasts loom on the horizon!

The Apotheosis: Panda Pwnage -
  I love pandas.

Seven Days: Monday, January 23 -
  The rumor mills are starting to ramp up as duelists begin to count the days until Shonen Jump Championship Durham.

The Apotheosis: Attack of the Slime Tokens! -
  For a deck that tries to accomplish nothing but hurl slime tokens at the opponent for the win, it’s actually a pretty solid effort

Seven Days: January 16 -
  It’s January 16, and we’re seven days into Metagame.com’s new year!

Re-Structure-d: Spellcaster’s Judgment -
  Do you want to turn your Spellcaster Structure Deck into a ready-to-play tournament powerhouse?

Seven Days: January 9 -
  We here at Metagame.com are back after our holiday hiatus, and while we’re sure that you enjoyed revisiting some of our classic articles from 2005, it’s the New Year.

Best of 2005: The Light of Play: Lemmings -
  Staunch Defender was really good when I first wrote about it months and months ago. Now, in a place I like to call “the future,” it's still an exceptionally promising card—and still one that nobody is playing.

Best of 2005: The Apotheosis: D.D.’s Revenge -
  I think the deck contained herein could be updated into a really powerful weapon in the new Advanced format.

The Apotheosis: Fixing My Own Deck—Dark World Cycling -
  If you’ve been looking for a slightly more intuitive build of Dark World Swarm/Beatdown, this deck might be for you.

The Apotheosis: Thief! -
  Admit it—the only thing in this game that’s more entertaining than destroying something of your opponent’s is taking it from them.

Seven Days: December 12 -
  Newcomer Fili Luna has won Shonen Jump Championship San Francisco!

The Apotheosis: Elemental Control -
  Today’s contributor takes a look at a new type of Control deck that’s drastically different from anything you’ve seen before.

Seven Days: December 5 -
  It’s Monday, December 5, and as people all over the world prepare for the holiday season, hundreds of duelists are readying themselves for battle!

The Apotheosis: Turbo Warrior From Another Planet -
  The Last Warrior itself can create several different degrees of soft locks if it’s summoned quickly, and that’s just what today’s contributor aims to do!

Seven Days: November 28 -
  It’s been seven days since Team Scoop took their innovative Return from the Different Dimension deck to multiple Top 8 finishes at Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles.

The Apotheosis: Cyber Swarm -
  Flip Ojama Trio, summon Cyber Dragon, summon Fiend Megacyber, and then summon something else. Good stuff.

Seven Days: November 21 -
  After going completely undefeated all weekend, Team Scoop’s Paul Levitin has won Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles! All this, and more news from the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, in this week's Seven Days column!

The Apotheosis: Revenge of the Wonder Puppy! -
  Any deck where I add copies of Outstanding Dog Marron warrants an article of its own.

Restructuring the Warrior Structure -
  Let’s look at a couple of deck designs, and show you how both budget players and well-armed veterans can use Warrior’s Triumph to create viable decks.

Seven Days: November 14 -
  We’re just two days away from Gen Con So Cal, and four days remain between today and Shonen Jump Championship Anaheim!

The Limelight: Kris Perovic -
  Literally dozens of players have earned the respect of the North American dueling community, but when I had to decide where to start this column, the decision was simple—with Kris “Superman” Perovic.

The Apotheosis: Ectoplasmer Lock -
  This is a neat deck that takes some time to figure out, but it’s a blast to play and it really makes good use of some new trends in the format.

Seven Days: November 7 -
  It’s been seven days since Dale Bellido’s stunning victory at Shonen Jump Championship Chicago, and it’s less than a week and a half until the next Shonen Jump Championship.

Elemental Energy Preview: Infernal Incinerator -
  Previously, 2500 was the highest ATK value possible for a monster that required a single tribute, but Infernal Incinerator beats that by 300 ATK—and its effect can widen the gap even more.

Seven Days: October 31 -
  Julia Hedberg will be kicking off her tournament report column soon, and we need your tournament reports.

Elemental Energy Preview: Not In The Face! -
  Careful balance will be the key to playing these cards successfully, and today’s featured trap will be an important part of that strategy.

Elemental Energy Preview: Golden Opportunities -
  We’re going to kick off two weeks of Elemental Energy previews with a preview of one of the hottest cards ever made!

Seven Days: October 24 -
  It’s October 24, and Shonen Jump Championship Chicago is only five days away!

The Apotheosis: Exchange of the Spirit -
  The promo cards given out to reward duelists for attending Sneak Preview events are just getting better and better.

Seven Days: October 17 -
  After the triumph of Team Nexus’s John Jensen, duelists across the world have the first Top 8 deck lists for the new Advanced format, and Shonen Jump Championship Chicago is just twelve days away.

The Apotheosis: Coffin Control -
  This deck is basically an updated version of Evan Vargas’s Soul Control deck, but this deck blends the original design with Magical Hats combos and a few new tricks to provide answers to major threats in the new Advanced format.

Seven Days: October 10 -
  Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the latest and hottest Yu-Gi-Oh! series from Japan, will finally hit American shores tonight!

The Apotheosis – Marauding Abuse -
  You’ll now be able to abuse the Captain’s effect more often in each duel, as drawing one of three copies of a card is easier than drawing into one of two.

Seven Days: October 2, 2005 -
  It’s October, and the new Advanced format lists are finally in effect!

The Apotheosis: Dual Lock -
  This deck is built on a highly original premise, using two rarely-seen lock strategies to keep an opponent off balance.

Seven Days: September 26 -
  It’s September 26, and we’re just two weeks away from the American premiere of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Examining The New Advanced Format -
  While many will debate various points of the list, it seems difficult to refute the fact that its general impact will be positive.

Tin Week: Panther Warrior -
  Panther Warrior is a great turn-one play, and should be taken seriously because of that fact.

7 Days: September 18 -
  It’s been seven days since Shonen Jump Championship Boston.

The Apotheosis: Fate of a Gambler -
  Everyone likes to take a risk now and then.

Seven Days: Monday, September 12, 2005 -
  For more than a year and a half, we here at Metagame.com have had the privilege of bringing you some of the most comprehensive articles ever written about Yu-Gi-Oh! Today we take it one step further with our newest weekly column.

The Apotheosis: Exodia’s Bistro -
  Every now and then, someone hits me with an idea that just looks fun.

The Apotheosis: Toad Control -

GX Deck Week: Jaden’s Elemental Heroes Deck -
  Though they’re not particularly strong on their own, the Elemental Heroes can be complemented by other cards that are specifically designed to level the playing field, allowing them to take down monsters far larger than themselves.

Nine SJC's and Counting: Chapter 2 -
  When last we left our tale, we’d gone as far as the conclusion of Shonen Jump Championship Orlando.

Nine SJC's and Counting: Chapter 1 -
  The Shonen Jump Championships have given duelists a great reason to reach higher and duel harder, and with a slew of great prizes and full media coverage, both loot and glory are being fought for like never before.

The Apotheosis: Lock, Stock, and Barrel Dragon -
  If you’ve been looking for a cool way to try out D. D. M. – Different Dimension Master, this deck makes a great testing ground!

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: Different Dimension Master -
  The key to using Different Dimension Master successfully is in the exploitation of synergy.

Cybernetic Surprises! -
  Today, I’m picking up the gauntlet in the hopes that I can show you why Cybernetic Magician is one of the most deadly cards in the set!

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: Winged Kuriboh LV10 and Transcendent Wings -
  Judai shares a special bond with his Winged Kuriboh card, and it seems to appear whenever he needs it most.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Cast -
  Let’s take a look at some of the students, teachers, and other personalities to be found at Duel Academia!

The Apotheosis: The Cat’s Pajamas -
  Everybody loves Rescue Cat, and the ability to deliver a one-turn KO with the most adorable Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever released is just too delicious for me—or for anyone else—to resist.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: An Introduction -
  This September, North American audiences will get their first taste of the newest anime phenomenon to hit Japan. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will give anime fans and duelists alike a whole new way to enjoy the Yu-Gi-Oh! experience!

The Light of Play: Possessed Dark Soul -
  The only thing better than destroying bothersome monsters is turning them against your opponent, and today’s card lets you do just that!

The Apotheosis: D.D.’s Revenge -
  D.D. Survivor is on everybody’s “hot this summer” list, but few duelists have come up with intriguing ways to use it. If you’ve been looking for a creative (but effective) idea, go ahead and try this deck.

The Apotheosis: Poof! Now You Have Nothing! -
  Chaos Sorcerer was quite popular at U.S. Nationals, and recent expansions keep giving us neat cards that interact with the remove-from-play mechanic.

The Apotheosis: Steven’s Summoner Deck -
  Today, we’ll look at another deck that wins in one turn, exploiting the old-school strategy of bringing out a big Fusion monster, giving it Megamorph, and attacking with it to win the game in a single blow.

The Apotheosis: D. D. Dynamite! -
  There’s not much that’s more thrilling than pulling off a surprise victory, and Josh’s deck is a great way to accomplish this.

The Apotheosis: A Deck of Sorts -
  Today we’ll look at a deck that takes Byser Shock in a different direction.

The Apotheosis: Resuscitating Rock Decks! -
  Today I'll look at a deck sent in by a reader who's decided to dust off his Rock deck and give this previously disadvantaged monster group some love.

The Apotheosis: Insects -
  Insects have been one of the most neglected monster types over the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! Despite some cool promos, some promising effects, and a 1900 ATK beatstick, they’ve been maligned by most duelists and regarded as unworthy of tournament play.

The Lost Millennium Preview: TLM-EN054 -
  Today we’re going to look at one of the more desirable cards to see your local Sneak Preview event. Card 054 from The Lost Millennium is an interesting trap card that seems promising for creative duelists in Constructed, but exceptionally powerful in Sealed Pack formats!

The Lost Millennium Preview: TLM-EN026 -
  There are a lot of good Earth monsters out there. While the Light and Dark attributes get the bulk of most players’ attention, you won’t generally hear people talking about “those awesome Earth monsters.” You know what? They should be.

The Lost Millennium Preview: TLM-EN023 -
  It’s preview time! That most glorious of times, when every site update is like Christmas and all the Metagame writers put on their elf hats.

The Light of Play: Blown Away -
  Splashable and highly versatile, Windstorm of Etaqua is a remarkable card that can shine in the new Advanced format.

The Apotheosis: King Dragun -
  If you’re looking for a way to use all those copies of King Dragun you’ve been collecting, give them a shot in a deck like this. You’ll be surprised at just how viable it can be!

The Light of Play: Lemmings -
  Today, we’re going to look at one of my all-time favorite pieces of tech. But first, let’s look at some basic equations.

The Apotheosis: Fiendish Frustration -
  Today’s deck comes from a duelist who isn’t afraid to show some love for the denizens of the underworld.

The Apotheosis: Silent Swordsman -
  The “level monsters” are one of the coolest concepts to hit Yu-Gi-Oh! in the past year or two.

The Apotheosis: Colin's Union Monster Deck -
  Ah, Union monsters. What could be more tempting than combining two cool monsters into an even cooler monster? That’s right—nothing.

The Apotheosis: William's Lockdown Burn -
  It’s no secret—if you’ve been to a Regional event lately, you’ve probably noticed that we’re in the glory days of Lockdown Burn.

The Apotheosis: Russel's Heart of Exodia -
  The removal of The Forceful Sentry and Confiscation from the environment means that there will be little standing in the way of Exodia-based wins. A Turbo Exodia deck is a great bet in the new Advanced format.

The Apotheosis: Justin’s Blinding Light -
  Even though they’ve been viable in the past, Light decks have managed to slip under the popularity radar, despite having all the needed factors for successful Tribal Beatdown builds.

The Apotheosis: The Road to Oz -
  What will Fusion players do with good old Polymerization and Fusion Gate?

The Apotheosis: Now You See Them . . . -
  Today’s deck contributor, Wes, understands the strengths that self-flipping monsters possess.

The Light of Play: Last Will -
  Love it or hate it, every veteran duelist has at one time seen Last Will win a game.