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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Nashville Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over, and long-time tournament veteran Jason Holloway has finally become a Shonen Jump Champion! His path to title gold was anything but easy.


His first opponent in the Top 16 was Cesar Gonzalez, the Shonen Jump Champion of Montreal and one of three players carrying Jerry Wang’s Dark Armed Dragon build this weekend. Cesar was the definite favorite for the win in the eyes of the players here in Nashville, and Jason’s 2-0 victory in that match surprised spectators here today. Next he took on Hugo Adame: another fan favorite. Adame was playing an innovative Dark Armed Dragon build high on defense and big on control, but Holloway scored yet another 2-0 win.


Confronted by one-time teammate and three-time Champion Fili Luna, the road was even harder: Holloway narrowly squeaked out a win in game 3 to get to the finals. There, he went to war against Shonen Jump Champion Jerry Wang. In a knock-down drag-out three-game battle defined chiefly by terrible hands for both players, Holloway emerged from a game 1 defeat to capture the last two duels, and with them, a Shonen Jump Championship.


The weekend was an interesting one: predictably, many players just tweaked their Dark Armed Dragon builds to accommodate the new mid-format changes, citing the lack of time to test as their reason to do so. Zombies, Samurai, and several other decks were represented in Day 1, but at the end of the Swiss rounds fourteen of the Top 16 decks were variants of Dark Armed Dragon. The builds were extremely varied: defensive control, Light and Darkness Dragon, and Caius the Shadow Monarch decks were just three of the variants that made it to Day 2. Two Monarch decks made the cut too, succeeding where faster strategies failed. The metagame was much slower than previous ones from recent Shonen Jump Championships, so the gates are wide open for the debut of Lightsworn and the new Gladiator Beasts two weeks from now in St. Louis!


In the mean time, congratulations to everyone who showed up to compete here in Nashville, and special congrats to Jason Holloway, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Jason Holloway
  Jason Holloway
Hugo Adame
  Jason Holloway
Fili Luna
  Fili Luna
Matt Peddle
  Jason Holloway
Chris Bowling
  Chris Bowling
Lazaro Bellido
  Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang
  Jerry Wang
Diego Colin


Day 2
It all came down to this: if Jason Holloway could overcome Jerry Wang in this match he’d win his first Shonen Jump Championship title. If Jerry won, it would mean his second title in six weeks.
The remaining duelists in the tournament were all big names: Fili Luna, Jason Holloway, Chris Bowling, and Jerry Wang.
Both of these competitors are world-renowned for their dueling skills, and each has a long record of impressive finishes.
Could Adame pull this match out, or would Yim’s innovation let him defeat one of the most experienced duelists here in Day 2?
Players pulled out all the stops to pull ahead of the competition, and four individual cards definitely stood out.
Strategy got them here — guts will take them to the Top 8
Day 1
Tomorrow, we’ll see one of the most star-studded Day 2’s ever, and one more day of Dark Armed Dragon domination.
Eighteen-year old Alex Bradshaw is one of the highest ranked competitors on the bubble with Caius the Shadow Monarch, but he’s paired against Lazaro Bellido.
Timothy Williams has secured a 6-1 record here today with an innovative deck: Six Samurai with Anti-Spell Fragrance.
When two Shonen Jump Champions go head-to-head it’s always a big deal, and this feature was no exception.
Ryan Spicer is the reason for this feature match. For four successive Shonen Jump Championships I’ve promised him feature matches, but the killer matchups just never came.
With the Samurai-slinging Shonen Jump Champion Jonathan Moore going up against Steven Kimball’s Zombie deck, this one was a no-brainer choice.
Follow the event as it happens!
Local favorite Bobby Lockhart is undefeated this weekend with a Royal Oppression deck packed with tech.
Coming off three consecutive wins here today, Brandon Thieben is just one of many duelists undefeated this morning with a creative new strategy.
Brandon Theiben is playing a remarkably creative deck with Chain Energy, Machines, and Zoma the Spirit.
Both of these duelists have applied their innovative insight to Dark Armed Dragon, hoping to make it to Day 2 with new twists on the old theme.
Each of these duelists was joined this weekend by teammates that would give each an edge in the last-minute testing this tournament has demanded.
While most Dark Armed duelists have opted to tweak their Dark Armed Return builds, Zombies, Macro Cosmos, and other slightly slower strategies will definitely see play here today in experienced hands.
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