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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Hamilton Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

The first Shonen Jump Championship in Canadian history is over, and the title of SJC champ has been captured by a local duelist from Toronto!


Corey Faibish was the hard luck bet going into the Top 8 today, but a favorable technical matchup against Anthony Alvarado got him off to the perfect start in the quarterfinals. Faibish had the entire match won in less than ten turns, and moved on to face Eric Blum, an impressive duelist on the rise. Blum made the Top 4 at SJC Philadelphia, and was running a very consistent Recruiter Chaos build. An explosive win in the first duel paved the way for another victory in Faibish’s favor though, and he was off to the finals.


There he met Kyle Duncan, the North American master of Recruiter Chaos and champion of SJC Philadelphia. Duncan had everything he needed to utterly roll Faibish in the first duel, but the Torontonian underdog battled back from a series of ridiculously unfavorable situations to win the second game. The last duel went back and forth, but in the end, Faibish managed to seal the deal with an unbelievable final attack. Kuribohs, insane comebacks, and a come-from-behind champion? SJC Hamilton had it all!


. . . And in three days, one thing we won’t have is Chaos Sorcerer! Shonen Jump Championship Hamilton is now in the past, and so is the invasion of Chaos. In just three days it will be rotated out of the Advanced format, and duelists are already starting to prepare for the upcoming Shonen Jump Championship Boston. The upcoming format has seemingly unlimited potential, but for now, we here at Metagame.com would like to congratulate Corey Faibish, Canada’s first domestic Shonen Jump Champion!


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Corey Faibish
  Corey Faibish
Anthony Alvarado
  Corey Faibish
Lazaro Bellido
  Eric Blum
Eric Blum
  Corey Faibish
Dwight Lloyd
  Dwight Lloyd
Eric Herdzik
  Kyle Duncan
Kyle Duncan
  Kyle Duncan
Richard Clegg



Day 2
An all-Canada final between two Ontario natives, squaring off for the first Canadian Shonen Jump Championship title ever.
Eric Blum is back from his Top 8 showing in Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia, once again finding himself in a semi-final match.
Clashing in today's Top 8 feature is Overdose Heavy Hitter, Anthony Alvarado.
“Good luck,” said Herdzik, offering Lloyd a handshake to get things started.
19-year old Anthony made the long trip up from the New York / New Jersey area to compete against the best Ontario had to offer him, and he came out pretty well, finishing in 8th place.
To the victor go the spoils, so let’s have a little talk with Richard!
Day 1
Two duelists with a history were now paired off against each other, and Eric Herdzik needed this win.
A pretty good mix of USA vs. Canada, but can any of our competitors pull it off?
Fate had pitted two crowd favorites against one another, and, with 6-1 records all around, each duelist needed this win to stay alive in the tournament.
Let’s get this Shonen on the road!
Anthony Alvarado's innovative deck is put to the test.
Robert Ackerman, of New Jersey, has been on the “duelists to watch” list ever since his Top 8 appearance at Shonen Jump Championship Durham earlier this year.
Anthony Alvarado is playing an interesting deck designed to counter the predicted metagame.
Nick Georgizas has managed to go 4-0 thus far with a very innovative Cyber-Stein OTK.
The deck is a marvel.
After a year on the bench, Theeresak Poonsombat has returned to Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG competition.
Both duelists had spent all of last night together playtesting, so they knew each other’s decks inside out.
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