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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Orlando Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Cedric Sequerra set out this past week to accomplish one thing: to make a name for his new two-man team, FaceToFace. Both he and teammate James Neumann made it to Day 2, and both catapulted their team to fame this weekend, but in the end it was Sequerra who brought home the greatest glory, and Light and Darkness Dragon reigns supreme once again.


First, Sequerra took on local favorite Glenn Lightfoot, the leader of Team Villains. Unfazed by Lightfoot’s substantial bluffing skills, Sequerra chalked up another victory for Light and Darkness Dragon over Perfect Circle. Then he had to face Alonzo Peters, a duelist he was defeated by in the Swiss rounds yesterday. Once again, Sequerra triumphed under pressure.


From there he dueled Matt Tuxford and his stunningly effective Gadget deck, winning out of what was arguably a very bad matchup. Finally, he dueled Hector Heras in a 2-0 victory that ended with an absolutely crushing, totally overwhelming victory.


A lot has happened this weekend. Light and Darkness Dragon has proven itself as the deck to beat yet again. Volcanic Monarchs made Day 2 once more, establishing itself as a serious contender. Duelists from as far as Puerto Rico, Canada, and the UK comprised a fourth of the Top 16 field, continuing the trend of Shonen Jump Championships becoming international-level events. And of course, Gadgets made a stunning return to competition with four Day 2 qualifications!


But for now, the biggest news is our latest Shonen Jump Champion. Congratulations go out to Cedric Sequerra of Montreal’s FaceToFace Games, your new Shonen Jump Champ!


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Wayne Trader
  Matt Tuxford
Matt Tuxford
  Cedric Sequerra
Cedric Sequerra
  Cedric Sequerra
Alonzo Peters
  Cedric Sequerra
Danny Brown
  Chris Bowling
Chris Bowling
  Hector Heras
Hector Heras
  Hector Heras
Jordan Nasser
Day 2
Hector Heras, was representing South Florida and Team Untouchable, while Cedric Sequerra hails from Canada and is here for Team FaceToFace.
Chris Bowling was armed with Light and Darkness Dragon, while Heras was playing Perfect Circle with Zaborgs.
Cedric Sequerra is one of two players here this weekend representing FaceToFace Games in Montreal. He’s up against Los Angeles’ Alonzo Peters.
Adame came so close to a Shonen Jump Championship title at San Mateo, and he’s back this weekend with a brand new build of the deck that carried him to the final four.
After nine rounds of competition yesterday and ten hours of the decklists being public, we now know the Day 2 metagame.
Day 1
What a day!
A few recent changes to the tournament policies resulted in some new conditions here in Orlando, and they’ve definitely caused some subtle changes to the tournament environment.
A win here would launch either of these duelists into a very good position to make Day 2, but a loss would leave the loser hoping for luck and tiebreakers.
The 18 year-old James Neumann has traveled all the way here from Montreal, Quebec to represent Team Face2Face.
Kris Ferber traveled here from Albany, New York, and at age 19 has managed to go undefeated for five rounds here today.
Adam Thomas hails from Jacksonville, Florida, and at nineteen years of age he has managed to score a 3-1 record with Exodia.
This deck is scary, and it does mean, mean things.
Both of these competitors have made repeated Day 2’s, but neither has ever won a Shonen Jump Championship.
Both of these competitors have made it to Day 2 before at Shonen Jump Championships, but neither has really scored a breakthrough showing quite yet.
This was going to be an interesting start to the day.
Welcome to the first Shonen Jump Championship of 2008!
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