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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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2007 Canadian National Championships
Metagame Staff

It’s over! From a field of more than 100 competitors, one duelist has risen to capture the title of Canadian National Champion, and the results today are more than surprising. In 2005 Dexter Dalit won this very tournament, and today he’s done it again!


North America’s first-ever two-time National Champ fought through duelists like Ervin So and Rob Cedar on his way to the Top 8, losing only to Matt Lai, who went undefeated in the Swiss rounds with his unorthodox Six Samurai deck. Then, Dalit took on Richard Clegg in the quarterfinals and Richard Piper in the semifinals, on his way to an utterly astounding 2-0 victory over Vinh Lam in the last match of the day.


How did Dalit do it? While many duelists had written off Gadgets as uncompetitive in the current environment, Dalit wielded a build very similar to that used by Joe Whittaker in the UK National Championships, adding Banisher of the Radiance and Snipe Hunter instead of Hydrogeddon. Royal Decree won game after game all day long, and Dalit’s superior level of experience and expertise let him thrash a vast number of strong up-and-coming duelists.


Our congratulations go out to all competitors who played in the 2007 Canadian National Championships, but especially to Dexter Dalit, two-time Canadian National Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Matthew Lai
  Richard Piper
Richard Piper
  Dexter Dalit
Richard Clegg
  Dexter Dalit
Dexter Dalit
  Dexter Dalit
Matthew Peddle
  Matthew Peddle
Dale Bellido
  Vinh Lam
Ryan Peddle
  Vinh Lam
Vinh Lam


Day 2: Canadian National Championships
One duelist will emerge victorious, and claim the title of National Champion. This is it.
Dexter Dalit has a chance to become the first ever two-time National title holder, and take a second shot at becoming World Champion.
This match pits the stunning force of The Six Samurai against a very basic, but effective Monarch deck with interesting tech, so it should be an exciting confrontation.
After seven rounds of Swiss, three members of Superfriends have made Top 8.
It was a small challenge, but we managed to get two winners — check it out!
One of Canada’s perennial underdogs, Ervin So, was now just one match away from winning his way into the Top 8 of the National Championships.
Another feature match, another pair of Superfriends forced to compete!
Fate had pitted two Windsor boys against each other, both with 3-1 records.
Shane Morris is undefeated going into this round with Big City, one of the few players at the top tables not playing Monarchs or Destiny Heroes.
This was the exact same match these two competitors had fought last year, also in round 3.
There are some noted names here already!
So, which provinces were the most represented at today’s event? Out of 109 players . . .
The amount of sheer damage Dubeau can churn out should give him an edge, but Destiny Hero beatdown is still an incredibly deadly, versatile archetype.
We figured we’d revive the Scrub Brush Challenge one final time.
Peddle’s had a successful, albeit somewhat low key year, and is at the top of my list for a Top 8 seat this weekend.
Day 1: Last Chance Regionals
This was the last shot for today’s aspiring hopefuls, and it boiled down to two final competitors.
Matt Abrams is a relatively well-known duelist in the local Toronto scene, and nearly made Top 8 at last year’s National Championships.
After the unfortunate turn of events we witnessed in the feature match coverage earlier today, Karl Davidson appears to have hung up his Demise OTK deck.
Today’s been an interesting day for a lot of reasons.
This is John Marchand’s first feature match this afternoon, in fact his first ever, and he’s packing one of the more interesting decks today.
This match began in a rather unconventional way — with a hug.
Stephen Chin’s next opponent was 20 year-old Russell Melia, a native of Kingston, Ontario attending school in Peterborough.
Stephen Chin had defeated his first opponent of the day, and needed to defeat four more to make it to the National Championships.
Stephen Chin is our first big story of the day, and his round 1 opponent is just as hungry as he is.
Despite being ousted in last year’s tournament only by the National Champion of that event, Chin is as-of-yet unqualified for tomorrow’s main event.
The Canadian National Championships are an invitation-only event, restricted to Canadian duelists who have distinguished themselves as top competitors.
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