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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Huntik Preview: No Rest for the Wicked! -
  The Organization will stop at nothing in their quest to control the Titans. They use sneaky tricks to push their minions harder, and eliminate the competition without fighting fair.

Huntik Launch Event This Weekend! -
  Give your local hobby store a call and ask them if they will be holding a Huntik Launch Event so you don’t miss out on your chance to get these Limited Edition EXCLUSIVE cards!

Huntik Preview: Sabriel and the Everfighters -
  The card previews so far have centered on some of the strongest Seekers from the world of Huntik, but what’s a Seeker without their Titans? Today, we’ll look at one of the toughest Titans you can put in a deck: Sabriel!

One Card at a Time: Stormwind City -
  Each week, Glenn Jones takes an underappreciated single card and dives head first into it, squeezing every drop of strategy out of it. This column focuses on a place most MMO players are familiar with- Stormwind City.

Huntik Preview: Suit Up! -
  The Huntik Trading Card Game lets you build a deck using the villainous minions of the Organization, and they’ve got plenty of tricks up their sleeves to control their Titans and defeat the Huntik Foundation.

Business Casual: Stop Hitting Yourself -
  Mark Slack can weave a story like no other, and he uses the theme to build a casual, crazy deck.

Huntik Preview: Dante Vale and Bursts of Speed -
  The best cards don’t have to be a complete mystery like the lost amulets of the world, because you can read about their secrets here and now!

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: The Road to Worlds -
  All roads lead to Austin this October for the 2009 World of Warcraft TCG World Championship and its $250,000 prize pool, and there are plenty of detours for you to take if you find that one way is blocked.

Solid Ground — You’re All Going To Learn What “Marked Cards” Means -
  ...Whether You Like It or Not

Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire! -
  Join the high-flying jet-set crowd on your journey to become the top World of Warcraft TCG or Minis player. The Darkmoon Faire courses the entire globe every year to bring you the best gaming experience on Earth.

Become a Seeker, Get Your Own Huntik Card! -
  One grand prize winner will get their likeness on a Huntik TCG card they help design!

You Can Try Huntik Now! -
  Using your home computer and a little Seeker ingenuity, you can print out and assemble two Huntik trial decks, one Good and one Evil, and a Huntik Mission Map.

Huntik Guide 4: Rounds and Turns -
  The final step in learning how to play Huntik is the Mission Timer.

Huntik Guide 3: Missions and Obstacles -
  Missions come from Mission cards, and you can select a new one for every game.

WoW TCG: From Casual to Competitive - Winter Wondervolt -
  This week, we have a deck that's of the most underrated type: combo.

Agents of Judgment — Judges’ Rights and Responsibilities -
  Rights and responsibilities — and the link between the two — are the subjects under discussion for today.

Solid Ground — Players’ Rights and Responsibilities -
  Today, I want to put these rights and the responsibilities up against the wall so we can all get a good look at them, and see how important balancing them out actually is to the success of the tournament.

Huntik Guide 2: Take Actions, Make a Deck -
  Action cards are powers that you and your heroes can use to gain additional abilities, make stronger moves, and surprise your opponent.

Tools of the Trade - On the Down-Low -
  “Good Decks play Good Cards”—that is the basic rule that I have been told since I started playing TCGs.

Huntik Guide 1: The Mission Map, Heroes, and Combat -
  The Huntik TCG will be hitting stores in February, but you don’t need to wait until then to learn what sets Huntik apart from other card games.

Mission: Discover the Huntik TCG -
  Huntik is more than a battle between monsters; it is an adventure through the world's most dangerous places to collect powerful amulets and the Titans they command.

Solid Ground — Bribery, Collusion, and Concession -
  We do not go to a tournament in order to buy our way to the top spot. If we cannot earn the top spot by actually playing out the matches and having the tiebreakers to back it up, we should not be declared the winner.

Agents of Judgment — The Basics of Disqualifications and Suspensions -
  We’re going to start things off with a companion piece to this week’s Solid Ground column, and discuss disqualifications and suspensions.

Solid Ground — Disqualification and Suspension, Demystified! -
  Since I doubt any player wants to learn about disqualification or suspension firsthand, my goal here is to explain each term and give a better understanding of how these processes work.

Free Huntik TCG Downloadable Demo Decks Available Now! -
  The Huntik Trading Card Game will be in stores this February, but you can adventure with Seekers and Titans and play the game right now!

2008 World Championships -
  Check out all the action at the 2008 World Championships in Berlin!

2008 UK National Championships Live Coverage -
  Live coverage of the 2008 UK National Championships!

Arkansas Regionals Update for April 12 -
  The Arkansas Regionals tournament previously scheduled for April 19th will now take place this weekend, April 12th, at the Peabody Hotel and Statehouse Convention Center.

Position Available for Yu-Gi-Oh! Associate Product Manager at UDE! -
  If you’re passionate about Yu-Gi-Oh! and have always wanted to work in the gaming industry, this is your chance.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Championships 2007 -
  Congratulations to Andres Toro of Chile, the 2007 Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Champion!

Coverage of 2007 Italian National Championship! -
  Full coverage of the big event!

Seven Days: May 29th -
  It’s Tuesday, May 29th 2007, and a recent announcement in Shonen Jump Magazine has left duelists anticipating an unexpected surprise!

Seven Days: May 21st, 2007 -
  Just weeks remain between today and the U.S. National Championships, but duelists the world over are still reeling in the wake of this past weekend’s SJC!

Seven Days: May 14th -
  It’s Monday, May 14th, and we are just five days away from what may be the biggest Shonen Jump Championship ever!

Julia Hedberg Becomes UDE Demo Team Manager! -
  Congratulations go out this week from everyone here at Metagame.com to veteran staff member Julia Hedberg.

Seven Days: May 7th -
  It’s Monday, May 7th, and with Force of the Breaker Sneak Previews now behind us, the dueling world is setting its sights to twelve days from now, as we anticipate what may be a record-breaking Shonen Jump Championship!

Seven Days: April 30th -
  One of the biggest Shonen Jump Championships of all time took place this weekend, and the dueling world has a brand new Champion!

National Championships Invite List Now Released -
  The invited players list for the United States and Canadian National Championships has been posted! If you’ve earned an invite through a Regional Top 4 or Shonen Jump Championship Top 8 qualification and are interested in competing to represent your country, make sure to check the list for your name.

Seven Days: April 23rd -
  It’s Monday, April 23rd, and we’re in the midst of one heck of a busy time in the world of dueling!

Seven Days: April 16 -
  It’s Monday, April 16, and this past weekend’s Shonen Jump Championship was full of surprises!

Seven Days: Monday, April 9th -
  Get ready, because the SJC circuit is about to head north!

Seven Days: April 2nd -
  It’s Monday, April 2nd, and we are less than two weeks away from the first ever Shonen Jump Championship in Montreal!

Seven Days — March 26th -
  It’s March 26th, and the dueling world has a brand new star!

Seven Days: March 19th -
  It’s Monday, March 19th, and as the days tick down to Shonen Jump Championship Columbus, everybody’s trying to get their hands on Shrink!

Seven Days: March 12th -
  It’s Monday, March 12th, and only twelve days remain until the next Shonen Jump Championship!

Seven Days – March 6th, 2007 -
  It’s Tuesday, March 6th, and as news spreads about Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s first ever three-time Shonen Jump Champion, the dueling world continues to feel the impact of the latest Duelist Packs!

Seven Days – February 27th -
  It’s Tuesday, February 27th, and after Diamond Dude Turbo’s rampage at Shonen Jump Championship St. Louis, the dueling world is ready for a brand new format!

Assessing The New Format -
  Every six months or so, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG gets some scheduled maintenance. Arriving in the form of the Forbidden and Limited lists, the changes it brings always create some interesting new trends that players have to adapt to in order to remain successful.

Seven Days: Monday, February 19th -
  This format has been a turbulent and exciting one, and it’ll all come to a close in St. Louis.

Seven Days: February 12th -
  It’s Monday, February 12th, and the dueling world is still reeling from the latest Sneak Preview promo!

Strike of Neos Sneak Preview Promo Revealed! -
  Yes, you read that right: it’s basically better than Cyber Dragon, and it’s only for Six Samurai decks!

The Apotheosis: Robbin’ Hydro -
  Hydrogeddon entered this format as a defining card, and the fast tempos it created in conjunction with Cyber Dragon really set the pace back in September.

Seven Days: February 5th -
  Monday always marks the start off a new week, and this week we get two new Yu-Gi-Oh! sets with some really great new cards!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nominated for Scrye’s 2006 Player’s Choice Awards! -
  Scrye has announced their awards for 2006, and Yu-Gi-Oh! is eligible for the following categories . . .

UDE’s William Estela Featured as a Make-A-Wish Celebrity Spotlight! -
  Upper Deck Entertainment has always been very active with charities, and Tournament Support Specialist William Estela was recently featured as their “Wish Star” for his work with the organization and the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

New Products Announced for the Holidays! -
  Two hot news items have just come in! It looks like UDE has announced a couple of surprise products for the holiday season.

North Carolina Elemental Energy Sneak Preview Clarification -
  The North Carolina Yu-Gi-Oh! Elemental Energy Sneak Preview will be held on Sunday, November 6, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Orlando Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament -
  Check out coverage of the Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series tournament from Megacon in Orlando, Florida!

Live Coverage of the Shonen Jump Tournament Series in Columbus! -
  The big tournament series comes to Ohio!

Battle City Amsterdam 2004 -
  Check out coverage of Battle City Amsterdam 2004!

Yu-Gi-Oh! U.S. Nationals Coverage -

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