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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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The Champions: John Burkhead -
  The first thing I like about this deck is that Burkhead was able to do what most players weren't: cut a lot of Zombies.

The Champions: Ryan Spicer -
  In my opinion, this TeleDAD deck should have won Houston. It is better in every way than the build that everyone else was using.

Battlefields: Practice Makes Perfect -
  You need to know how games can be won because in a nine round tournament you will need to exhaust your entire arsenal. Games are won by skill, by luck, by trickery, and by the most perfect of timing.

The Champions: Jae Kim -
  Jae's been to The Champions on several occasions. Each time it's because he's accurately predicted the metagame and prepared to beat it.

The Champions: Calvin Tsang (and Ervin So) -
  I'm not going to try to claim a trap line-up with two copies of Threatening Roar and three Reckless Greed is stronger than the one that places ten to twelve people in the Top 16 of every SJC. But Calvin ran into all the best TeleDAD builds played by some of the best duelists alive, and he still made it to second place.

Battlefields: Backfire -
  The most common way people lose is something they don't even realize. What usually happens is a play they made ends up backfiring completely.

Best of 2008 - The Champions: Dale Bellido -
  Every card had a purpose and the deck performed better than anyone could have hoped for. Since then the deck has been modified and perfected for the current metagame. This is where it all started.

Best of 2008 - Battlefields: The Power of Attack Power -
  I feel like I improved my game a ton when I wrote this article by realizing just how many ways the battle phase could be used to advance your position. Perhaps more importantly, I learned how you need to apply the knowledge of what you want to do to your deck building process.

The Champions: Jerome McHale -
  All you need to do is read Black Garden to see how the deck destroys TeleDAD...

Battlefields: Let It Go -
  Whenever your opponent plays a card, you need to be able to look at it and decide, "Do I care if my opponent plays that?"

The Champions: Steven Harris -
  Harris obviously built this deck with the knowledge that his opponents would want to play out all their cards...

The Champions: Manuel Gonzalez -
  Manuel Gonzales showed up at Shonen Jump Championship Detroit with a plan to change everything...

Battlefields: War of Attrition -
  I believe there’s a new strategy available that has never been a winning game plan before.

The Champions: Felipe DeJesus -
  Felipe DeJesus took Lightsworn to SJC Atlanta, and made it all the way to the final four with what’s easily the most teched-out version of Lightsworn I’ve ever seen...

The Champions: Erin Diaz -
  At the moment it’s pretty clear what the two best monsters in the game are.

Battlefields: Maximizing the strength of Stardust Dragon -
  What many top players are finding these days is that setups with Stardust Dragon are a lot more concrete than alternatives if you build your deck properly.

The Champions: Henry Su -
  Basically, there’s no real way to play against Henry’s deck.

The Champions: Arthur Rogers -
  Every time, there’s one deck that’s singled out as the deck to beat, and likely only one more that’s considered good enough to beat the top deck consistently. In this format, that deck is Lightsworn.

Battlefields: The Process of Elimination -
  In my opinion, the most important thing you can have in a game is information.

The Champions: Chris Taporco -
  Chris Taporco made a big impact at Shonen Jump Championship Charlotte with what was quickly becoming everyone’s favorite deck of the day.

Battlefields: Magic Numbers -
  Why do some players always seem to be able to set up huge, one-turn plays while others are always forced to play a control game?

Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Gladiator Beast Retiari -
  The ability to have a D.D. Crow added to the Test Tiger toolbox is just too good to not play this card.

Crossroads of Chaos Preview: Hanewata -
  And just like that, burn decks are officially dead.

The Champions: Eric Ing -
  It’s time to say "out with the new" and "back in with the old." Gladiator Beasts can still win in today’s metagame.

Battlefields: Problem Solving -
  I talk a lot about having to use answers to solve problems. This is because to me, that’s exactly how this game should be played.

The Champions: Hector Heras -
  Going undefeated in a major tournament like a Shonen Jump Championship or National Championship is incredibly difficult.

The Champions: Teleport Dark Armed Set-Ups -
  Now Synchros have hit the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and once again we’ve got a new twist on the old game.

The Champions: Jermol Jupiter -
  Clearly prepared for Baltimore, Jupiter adjusted his deck just enough to combat Teleport Dark Armed decks as well as the Gladiator mirror.

The Champions: Dale Bellido -
  Many players showed up that weekend in Baltimore with all sorts of Synchro decks. But only one looked this good.

Battlefields: Speed and Intensity -
  The game is so much more intense. Every play matters, every mistake is costly, and every draw counts.

The Champions: Jung-Ho Ahn -
  It’s easy to make a decklist and pack it full of cards that will help you set up and achieve a certain game state. But what’s important is making sure you win the game after you’ve established your infrastructure.

The Champions: Dwayne Delamotta -
  Dwayne Delamotta defied all odds by finishing in the Top 4 at Indy with his version of the Lightsworn.

Battlefields: Swiss Army Knife -
  In a premier Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG event like a Shonen Jump Championship or National Championship, new decks and anti-metagame strategies always make a big splash.

The Champions: Marco Cesario -
  Last Indy was won by CO Burn. One year later, with the majority of players wielding Dark Armed Dragon, Lightsworn, or Gladiator Beasts, the metagame was ripe for such a deck to break into the spotlight once more.

The Champions: Joshua Graham -
  At first glance, you look at Joshua Graham’s decklist and think it’s just another Gladiator deck. Until you notice he’s only got fifteen monsters.

Battlefields: The Power of ATK Power -
  The 2008 World Championships have come to a close, and this year’s tournament brought with it a first to the competitive dueling scene.

The Champions: Hsoros Nairebas -
  What Sorosh has done is found a Dark Armed build that can overcome Gladiators every time by skill instead of luck.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Kunai with Chain -
  Kunai with Chain is a fan favorite, and one that’s finally being brought to this side of the globe.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Nitro Warrior and Nitro Synchron -
  Synchros have a versatile toolbox set up thanks to the Extra deck, and with the right Tuners you can handle a wide spread of situations. But sometimes what you need isn’t an effect—sometimes you just need brute force.

The Duelist Genesis Preview: Gladiator Beast War Chariot & Gladiator Beast Equeste -
  If you don’t know what Gladiator Beast Equeste and Gladiator Beast War Chariot do yet, get ready to be amazed.

The Champions: Chris Bowling -
  Chris Bowling is one duelist who’s seen a lot of success this format. Similar to the path Paul Levitin made back in 2005, Bowling has made several impressive showings, diving deeply into Day 2 and taking home a national title.

Legends from the Battlefield: "Freezing" -
  Today I'm going to talk about a technique that’s only recently come into play.

The Champions: Tom Mak -
  Tom Mak incorporated a new strategy into the already consistent Lightsworn build. The combination? Monarchs and Lightsworn.

The Champions: Yannick Dubeau -
  Combined with Nova Summoner to special summon it in defense mode, The Fool is basically just a wall to get around.

Legends from the Battlefields: Morphing Jar II -
  When I entered Canadian Nationals and received two feature matches, I was very fortunate to be able to make Morphing Jar plays and show exactly how one could take advantage of a single card.

The Champions: Adam Corn -
  For a long time, players have been asking why no one was using Prime Material Dragon.

The Champions: Jerome McHale -
  Well this certainly has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?

Battlefield Legends: Morphing Jar -
  In this writer’s opinion, one of the most advantageous cards in the game is something that’s never really left competitive play, and yet hasn’t made the impact it’s capable of. The card I’m referring to is, of course, Morphing Jar.

The Champions: Dale Bellido -
  The Lightsworn deck shares a similar playstyle with the Dark Armed strategy, but with a completely different monster base. Instead of all the out-of-battle tricks the Dark monsters use, Lightsworn are dominant on the field of battle.

The Champions: Edgar Flores -
  Many players attempted to put Dark Armed Dragon into their own Monarch decks, but until Edgar Flores’s performance at Shonen Jump Championship St. Louis, few found success with that strategy.

Battlefield Legends: The Attack-and-Pass -
  Today, I’m going to take some time to address a play that has almost been forgotten. The reason for doing so is that I believe the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is currently at its peak in terms of the amount of thinking that must go into playing.

The Champions: Steven Harris -
  Six out of the eight players who made the Top 8 in St. Louis were successful with this strategy, and of the six it was winner Steven Harris whose deck is perhaps the most consistent.

The Champions: Face2Face -
  The success Mario Matheu found with Light and Darkness Dragon in Minneapolis just weeks before Nashville shed light on just how useful the Dragon could be.

Battlefields: In Retrospect -
  One of my biggest fears in writing a column like this one is that I might make mistakes I’ve actually advised against in my own writing.

The Champions: Jerry Wang -
  Before the tournament, Jerry gave our team a peak at his deck. The build looked so good that Dale Bellido instantly dropped what he was playing...

The Champions: Mario Matheu -
  Knowing how the premier level metagame is taking shape, you would be a fool not to prepare accordingly.

Battlefield Legends: The Bait and Trap -
  Unfortunately, winning a duel isn’t as simple as watching your opponent lose it, and your opponent is going to be a lot smarter than a mouse.

The Champions: Team Overdose -
  In Minneapolis, everything just clicked.

Battlefield Legends: The Clean Sweep -
  Today I’m going to introduce a play that has no name. It’s more of a style really: a technique used by many top duelists.

Light of Destruction Preview: DUCKER Mobile Cannon -
  DUCKER Mobile Cannon does something no other card does.

Light of Destruction Preview: Destiny End Dragoon -
  If any card makes a Fusion summon deck competitive, it will be Destiny End Dragoon.

The Champions: Jerry Wang -
  Jerry Wang has maximized his deck with draw power and game-breaking cards, and creates some nasty combos that can lead to winning the game or a secure victory over the next couple of turns.

Battlefield Legends: Pro Storm Part II -
  As always, duelists adapted to the change in playstyle to both limit the effectiveness of the Pro Storm and to punish players who made it obvious.

The Champions: Erin Diaz -
  One of the more interesting questions that comes up quite often in online dueling communities is, "what is the best deck of all time?"

The Champions: Pete Navarro -
  How does one gain an edge over the competition? The key is to innovate.

Legends from the Battlefields: The Pro Storm -
  The Pro Storm got its name simply because it was originally used by only the best players.

The Champions: Kris Perovic -
  Costa Mesa was completely different. As expected, Perovic showed up with an outstanding DDT deck...

The Champions: Lazaro Bellido -
  Again, as with most Shonen Jump Championships, Lazaro Bellido made Day 2 with arguably the most consistent and strongest deck.

The Champions: Jonathan Moore -
  With all the hype around the Dragon moving into Shonen Jump Championship Houston, very few players saw Jonathan Moore and his band of Six Samurai as much of a threat.

The Champions: Paul Levitin -
  To no one’s surprise, the deck to beat at Shonen Jump Championship Houston was the Dark Armed Dragon deck.

The Champions: Danny Brown -
  One trend that’s seen success for quite some time is playing against the main strategy while still using the best parts of that strategy for yourself.

The Champions: Hugo Adame -
  Why not bring the battle phase back? Hugo Adame did just that, taking this French-inspired Macro Cosmos build to a Top 16 finish.

The Champions: Jordan Nassar -
  Jordan Nassar took this cool Gadget build to a Top 8 finish in Orlando.

The Champions: Alvaro Jirau -
  Most of the time I don’t include the side deck with the decklist, but the side deck is what makes Jirau’s build so special.

Legends from the Battlefields: The Pro Storm -
  The Pro Storm got its name simply because it was originally used by only the best players.

The Champions: Justin Trias -
  You never want to enter a tournament with one very poor matchup.

Phantom Darkness Preview: Goblin Zombie -
  In my opinion, Goblin Zombie will take the Zombie deck back into the winner’s circle.

Phantom Darkness Preview: Cyber Valley -
  This card has earned quite a bit of hype in the time leading up to Phantom Darkness.

The Champions: John Umali -
  Instead of taking the path every other player is concentrating on beating, Umali took an alternative route.

Best of 2007, The Champions: Team Superfriends -
  Through attacks, tricks, or simply summoning more monsters, the Zombie player can confidently set up his or her field knowing that very few cards can cause extreme damage.

Best of 2007, The Champions: Jens Erickson -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has taken many twists and turns through the last couple of months. The metagame has shifted to accommodate new cards, new decks, and new ideas.

The Champions: Jerry Wang -
  This is essentially a Perfect Circle deck, tuned to fit Light and Darkness Dragon in over Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch.

The Champions: Hugo Adame -
  This format is all about preparing for the matchups you will face and making sure you don’t lose to any particular deck.

The Champions: Nathan Balcombe -
  The deck Nathan Balcombe used for Shonen Jump Championship Durham provides a good skeleton for a Return deck. Some of the extra choices he made could turn out to be pivotal in a lot of matchups.

The Champions: Jerome Baisey -
  This kind of deck is one of my personal favorites. It enters the game with one plan: reduce the opponent’s life points to zero any way it can.

The Champions: Augustin Herrera -
  Innovation is what keeps strong players on top, and it’s how the Kamakazi Krew fared so well in Chicago.

The Champions: David Duran -
  Recruiters absolutely hate this deck.

The Champions: Jerry Wang -
  The deck I’m taking a look at this week made it to the Top 8 due to a combination of good anti-metagame tech and an extremely talented pilot.

Gladiator’s Assault Preview: Soul Taker -
  Today’s preview card is for those players who like to take the grinder approach, and who are very careful about how they spend their life points.

Gladiator’s Assault Preview: Energy-Absorbing Monolith -
  The path burn players would hate for you to take is the one that leads to increasing your own life points.

The Champions: Donald Myers -
  As always, in times where one style of play seems to be taking over for good, a new deck or play style emerges to take advantage of it.

The Champions: Miguel Albarran -
  As the Shonen Jump Championship in Washington approached, players around the continent were talking about the expected successful decks at the tournament.

The Champions: Marc Glass -
  If there’s one thing we learned from Shonen Jump Championship Washington it’s that almost any deck can make it into the Top 16 in this format.

The Champions: Team Superfriends -
  Through attacks, tricks, or simply summoning more monsters, the Zombie player can confidently set up his or her field knowing that very few cards can cause extreme damage.

The Champions: Jae Kim -
  As I write this, the Shonen Jump in Washington D.C. is less than a week away. The Regional tournament in Toronto just took place, and the Top 8 showed no clear metagame trend.

The Champions: Kyle Lopez -
  Similar to the beginnings of previous formats, experienced players will take a look at successful builds from times when different cards were available to them.

The Champions: Billy Brake -
  The last format was one of much diversity and anti-metagaming. From Monarchs to Destiny Heroes, burn to Demise, the past six months had it all.

The Champions: Kenny So -
  If there’s one thing to be said about this format, it’s that strong deckbuilding and accurate metagaming were the two biggest factors in deciding whether or not players were successful at premier events.

The Champions: Cody Miller -
  As I write this, SJC Indy begins in only three days’ time. Like every duelist heading out to compete in the final Shonen Jump Championship of this format I’m frantically testing all the top decks to see which would be the wisest choice for the tournament.

The Champions: Dexter Dalit -
  Let’s take a look at what Dexter Dalit ran at World Championships 2007.

The Champions: Dario Longo -
  Dario Longo is one of the most accomplished duelists in the world—his bid for top honors is contested only by Theeresak Poonsombat.

Tactical Evolution Preview: Crystal Seer -
  Between Spellcaster, Water, Monarch, and Frost and Flame Dragon decks, you can expect Crystal Seer to take center stage for the next format.

Tactical Evolution Preview: Hunter Dragon and Cyberdark Impact! -
  This is exactly the type of card Cyberdarks have been waiting for.

The Champions: Korey Stoner -
  If I could sum up the entirety of this format so far with one word, it would be “explosive.”

The Champions: Bryan Rockenbach -
  Bryan Rockenbach made it all the way to the final match at US Nationalsby packing fourteen tribute monsters into his build, and that’s if you exclude his Cyber Dragon cards!

The Champions: Justin Womack -
  One aspect of the game that has stuck with the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is the possibility that your opponent could pull off some random, game-winning five card combo on any given turn.

The Champions: Matthew Lai -
  The Six Samurai have long been hailed as “the new Dark World:” strong, fast, and possessing some of the best OTK potential in the game.

The Champions: Jens Erickson -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has taken many twists and turns through the last couple of months. The metagame has shifted to accommodate new cards, new decks, and new ideas.

The Champions: Joe Whitaker -
  Nobody saw this one coming.

The Champions: Jessy Samek -
  A new Monarch variant has come out of the playtesting arena and into the limelight as one of the format’s top decks.

The Champions: Jeff Jones -
  When Elemental Hero Ocean was released, everyone wondered how he would impact the metagame.

The Champions: Andrew Novoa -
  Deciding what to play in a Shonen Jump Championship has never been harder. The last four have been won by four entirely different archetypes.

The Champions: Theerasak Poonsombat -
  Ask any duelist around what he or she thinks of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning. Chances are whoever you ask will give you an odd look and cry “broken!” at the top of his or her lungs.

The Champions: West Tran -
  Another Shonen Jump Championship has come and gone, and with it, the dominance of the combo and burn deck strategies is apparent.

Force of the Breaker Preview: Raiza the Storm Monarch -
  This is it: the card you’ve been waiting for. Every now and then, a card comes along that boosts the decks of creative duelists and mainstream players alike.

Force of the Breaker Preview: Sky Scourge Invincil -
  I’m sure that every single one of you reading this article has had some sort of dream deck: a deck that looks so fun and potentially amazing that you want to find a way to make it work.

The Champions: Max Suffridge -
  It’s no secret that everyone’s scared to play against an OTK in a Shonen Jump, and it’s equally obvious that with a completely new build comes an increased chance at success.

The Champions: Lazaro Bellido -
  Monarchs have been at the top of the heap for a long time. In September 2006, three members of Team Superfriends each brought a unique Monarch deck to the Shonen Jump Championship in Boston.

The Champions: Emon Ghaneian -
  The first part of this two-part series begins with Emon Ghaneian, whose aggressive Return from the Different Dimension deck made waves at Houston and led him to his third Shonen Jump Champion title.

The Champions: Steven Arias -
  We took a look at the first Top 8 build that Adam Corn used, now let’s take a look at what could very easily become the next standard Monarch deck.

The Champions: Chris SoRelle -
  This deck aims to take advantage of the standard conservative plays most opponents make.

The Champions: Adam Corn -
  Gadgets and Monarch decks have been battling for the past month or two for the title of “most dominant archetype.” Each deck aims to achieve two completely different goals.

The Champions: Carlo Perez -
  One of the most important things in deckbuilding is making sure the deck flows smoothly. Usually, this is done by packing 40 cards that don't have any contradicting themes.

The Champions: Jonathon Labounty -
  Chimeratech Overdragon OTK had long been discarded as a deck unworthy of winning a Shonen Jump Championship.

Strike of Neos Preview: The Transmigration Prophecy -
  Creative duelists will find a lot of potential in The Transmigration Prophecy.

Strike of Neos Preview: D.D. Crow -
  It’s probably not something you’ll see in main decks during this format, but it’s definitely worth considering for the side deck.

The Champions: Mike Gonzales -
  Shonen Jump Championship Orlando is now in the past, and it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen so many original builds make the Top 8 at a Shonen Jump!

The Champions: Paul Lyn -
  The start of a format is always chock full of confusion and worry about which deck is going to come out on top.

The Champions: Edgar Flores -
  Welcome to a new format.

The Champions: Dale Belldio -
  If you find yourself able to guess your opponent’s moves most of the time, this might be the deck for you.

The Champions: Matt Murphy -
  Though two Chain Burn decks made the Top 8 of Shonen Jump San Jose, I chose to review this build.

Best of 2006: The Champions: Ryan Spicer -
  I got more feedback from this article than I did on all the articles preceding it combined.

The Champions: Kirk Leonhardt -
  Using the remove from play effects of Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos allows Kirk to shut down the graveyard effects so many decks rely on.

The Champions: Kevin Wang -
  This deck is a very refreshing take on cookie-cutter Monarchs.

The Champions: Fili Luna -
  The goal is to take as many cards out of your opponent’s hands as quickly as possible.

The Champions: Theeresak Poonsombat -
  Dark World has the aggressiveness necessary to take down Cyber-Stein, punching the opponents below 5000 life points before they can hope to get its effect off.

The Champions: Kevin Donnelly -
  What I absolutely love about this build is how it can control the game in the sense that your opponent may never get an attack off.

The Champions: Chris Moosman -
  The plan is quite simple, really. Deal 8000 damage to the opponent before he or she can deal with your tech cards or finish you first.

The Champions: Joseph Zeng -
  I don't think we've seen the end of the Machine build.

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Dark Lucius LV 8 -
  Weighing in at 2800 ATK, this behemoth not only flattens and negates almost every monster it could run into, but it removes them from play as well.

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Snipe Hunter -
  One thing is for sure. Snipe Hunter is going to have a big impact on the North American metagame.

The Champions: Ryan Spicer -
  Spicer has taken Lazaro’s Top 8 build and transformed it into one of the most powerful decks the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has seen in a long time.

The Champions: Keith Gibson -
  This deck was clearly built for one reason: Stein.

The Champions: Robert Ackerman -
  Ackerman's deck was one of the best choices for an unpredictable metagame.

The Champions: Bryan Coronel -
  Bryan’s deck is packed full of synergy and advanced Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG theory.

The Champions: Chris Winkler -
  This deck lost almost nothing to the new ban list.

The Champions, Volume 15: Lazaro Bellido -
  Machines are looking strong right out of the gate, and I expect many duelists will turn to Lazaro’s build as the most recent successful Machine build.

The Champions, Volume 14: Anthony Alvarado -
  The ability of this deck to both shut down a flip-effect oriented deck and knock a player below 5000 life points is tremendous.

The Champions, Volume 13: Jae Kim -
  Jae’s Warrior Toolbox was oozing with synergy, tech, and nasty new combos.

The Champions, Volume 12: Robert Morgan -
  No matter how much I try to pretend this guy isn’t going to Top 8 another SJC with a new, unique build, Morgan keeps on coming up large.

The Champions, Volume 11: Jake McNeely -
  While you won’t be able to bully your opponent around the battle field with McNeely’s build, you can certainly frustrate him or her into oblivion.

The Champions, Volume 10: Cesar Gonzalez -
  It takes some serious guts to walk into a 10 round Shonen Jump armed with three Cyber-Stein cards in the main deck . . . especially when your deck isn’t 100% devoted to a one-turn kill combo.

The Champions, Volume 9: Evan Vargas -
  Soul Control will probably go down as the best deck that nobody ever played.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Destiny Hero - Fear Monger and Destiny Hero - Dasher -
  Drawing your level 8 monsters has never been so exciting.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Destiny Hero - Double Dude -
  The combos can get pretty crazy, but are surprisingly achievable—and Double Dude is definitely a playable monster on its own, with the potential to drive your opponents crazy!

The Champions, Volume 8: Adrian Madaj -
  Adrian's deck is aimed at being fast and tough to deal with.

The Champions, Volume 7: James Laurent -
  Cards of chance are quite acceptable when the benefits are large and the repercussions are tiny.

The Champions, Volume 6: Paul Levitin -
  A fresh new look on the game combined with some absolutely killer decklists bred a team of winners.

The Champions, Volume 5: Christopher Lamp -
  Christopher Lamp’s DDV/Chaos hybrid appeared to be very reliable, worked well against the expected metagame, and packed some wicked combos.

The Champions, Volume 4: Wilson Luc -
  The first thing you’ll notice about the deck is that it packs a whopping three copies of Royal Decree. Second, tempo is essentially how the Chaos/Return decks win games, and half of maintaining good tempo is having the monsters to do so.

The Champions, Volume 3: Emon Ghaneian -
  There are many different ways to play this deck. Despite its hyper-aggressive appearance, it takes a very good strategist to run it properly.

The Champions, Volume 2: Igor Kharin -
  Igor Kharin has built what is just about the best Cyber-Stein OTK deck I have ever seen.

The Champions, Volume 1: Jerry Wang -
  I’ll be looking at the decks that were piloted to Shonen Jump Championship Top 8 spots and high finishes in other events, as well as anything innovative and creative that captures my attention.

Back to Basics, Chapter 4: Monster Removal -
  You can’t look at a Shonen Jump Top 8 decklist without seeing a vast combination of Sakuretsu Armors, Smashing Grounds, Mirror Forces, and other cards that involve getting opposing monsters out of the way.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Majestic Mech – Ohka -
  A free 2400 ATK Light monster is never a bad thing.

Tournament Pack 8: Berserk Gorilla -
  Beastdown has always been once of my favorite archetypes, and Berserk Gorilla is the core of the deck’s strategy.

Back to Basics, Chapter 3: Spell and Trap Removal -
  Everything in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG comes back to the battle phase.

Back to Basics, Chapter 2: Effect Monsters -
  Today, I’ll look at how effect monsters can be kept in check, and ways for you to beat them.

Back to Basics, Chapter 1: Attacking and Defending -
  I’m going to tell you how things work and why, and then, I want you to take it to the next level.

Everyone's a Critic -
  The dangers of low-utility cards should be relatively obvious: any more than a handful will invariably lead to situations that you can’t handle.

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