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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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San Mateo Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over! At the beginning of Day 1 we started our live coverage with a feature match of Jerry Wang versus Fili Luna in Round 1, and today, Shonen Jump Championship San Mateo ended with the exact same match: same duelists, different outcome!


Fili Luna had arguably the biggest match in the playoffs of the Top 16, facing off against reigning National Champion Adam Corn. Next on the list was Charley La, wielding Volcanic Monarchs, a deck few duelists were ready to face. Skillful bluffs and a conscious goal to make La waste his Volcanic Shells led Fili to victory.


He then went on to face teammate Chris Pittao in a knock-down, drag-out comeback fight where a key Torrential Tribute swung the entire match. Finally, he defeated the legendary Jerry Wang in a 2-0 sweep to capture his third Shonen Jump Championship, his second to be won at this very venue! Two years ago Fili Luna made his name here in San Mateo, and today he’s done the impossible. Never before has a Shonen Jump Championship title been successfully defended, but tonight, Fili Luna is the undisputed Champ of this city!


The field this weekend was incredibly varied, with nine different strategies making it to Day 2. Baboon Burn, Volcanic Monarchs, Swing of Memories Demise, and Zombies made Top 16 appearances, but the definitive winner was Light and Darkness Dragon. Not only was the venerable Dragon the lynchpin card in Fili Luna’s victorious deck, but it also took six players to Day 2! The next-most popular deck was Macro Cosmos, with just three representatives in the Top 16.


Congratulations go out to all of our Shonen Jump Championship competitors, but especially to Fili Luna, the dueling world’s second three-time Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Josh Cohen
  Hugo Adame
Hugo Adame
  Jerry Wang
David Rodriguez
  Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang
  Fili Luna
John Umali
  Chris Pittao
Chris Pittao
  Fili Luna
Charley La
  Fili Luna
Fili Luna
Day 2
Yesterday these two duelists faced off in a feature match in round 1. Now they were fighting it out in yet another feature match, the final one of the weekend.
In a surprising twist, two Texan duelists were now face to face in the Top 4.
Jerry Wang and Hugo Adame are both very exciting to watch, and have made it this far with two completely different decks.
Hailing from Oakland, 22 year-old Charley La had an impressive win streak here yesterday thanks to Blaze Accelerator, Volcanic Rocket, Volcanic Shell, and Wild Fire.
This Top 8 feature match pits well-known Comic Odyssey star Hugo Adame vs. a relatively unknown Josh Cohen who's flying solo for this event.
Adam Corn is your most recent National Champion, while Fili has made his seventh day 2 appearance in a row.
While Jerry Wang was playing the ubiquitous Light and Darkness Dragon, Trias was playing Baboon Burn.
Today we will see a whopping nine different strategies face off to claim dominant roles in the current format.
Day 1
We were expecting innovation and a brand new metagame here at Shonen Jump San Mateo, and the 472 competitors in contention here at the San Mateo Expo Center didn’t disappoint!
Both of these duelists made Top 8 back at Shonen Jump Championship Anaheim, and now they were pitted against each other on the bubble.
If Reasoning Samurai was to have a proving ground, well, this would be it.
Fate had pitted two competitors from Chicago against each other.
We finally get to see Light and Darkness Dragon in action!
John Umali made his name capturing the first Shonen Jump Championship title years ago in Anaheim, and has remained a respected competitor ever since.
David Rodriguez is 3-0 with an innovative Demise build, and seems like he’s well on his way to a Day 2 qualification.
A lot of factors have made Gadgets a top pick for experienced duelists here today, and competitors like Paul Levitin and Corey Defeo are using that to their advantage.
David Rodriguez is widely hailed as the duelist who finally won a Shonen Jump Championship with Cyber-Stein back in San Jose last year.
One of the decks everybody’s wondering about here today is Six Samurai, and the different variants that have been created around the theme.
While Kulman was running Light and Darkness Dragon, So was piloting a highly metagamed build of Macro Cosmos.
It was at this very venue two years ago, the San Mateo Event Center, that Fili Luna won his first of two Shonen Jump Championships.
The dueling world has waited six long weeks since Shonen Jump Championship Durham, and now, the last big tournament of the year is finally here!
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