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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 7: Lazaro Bellido vs. James Naughton
Jason Grabher-Meyer

When two Shonen Jump Champions go head-to-head it’s always a big deal, and this feature was no exception. Lazaro Bellido was playing his new Turbo Dark Armed Dragon build, while James Naughton was playing Gravekeeper’s. This could be a telling match for the future of premier play in this format.


Naughton won the opening roll and pitched Gravekeeper’s Commandant to search his deck for Necrovalley. He activated it, set a monster, and ended. “Go.” Lazaro set a spell or trap card, then set a monster to conclude his turn. “Go ahead.” Naughton passed.


Another set spell or trap card was Lazaro’s play, and Naughton fired back with another spell or trap of his own. “End my turn.” Lazaro set a third card to his back row and Naughton passed once again. Lazaro summoned Elemental Hero Stratos.


He used Stratos’ effect to seek out Destiny Hero – Malicious, then discarded him for Destiny Draw. He discarded another Malicious for another Destiny Draw, but Naughton flipped Magic Drain: Lazaro discarded Brain Control to force through the Draw. He activated Reinforcement of the Army next, searching out Disk Commander, and flipped Dust Tornado to destroy Necrovalley! He followed it up with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Disk Commander, to clear Naughton’s monster off the field.


Monster Reborn let him bring back the Disk Commander he’d just discarded, and he started running numbers. With Destiny Draw, Dark Armed Dragon, and two copies of D.D. Crow in hand he could do a lot of damage this turn. He removed Commandant with one Crow, brought out Dark Armed Dragon, and flip summoned Card Trooper. He pumped the Trooper, attacked with all three of his monsters and Naughton dropped to 1500 life points. Lazaro ended with one card in his back row.


Naughton set a monster, activated Necrovalley, and then used Book of Taiyou to flip his set monster: Gravekeeper’s Spy. Her effect got him Gravekeeper’s Assailant. The Assailant attacked Dark Armed Dragon, turned it to defense mode, and destroyed it. The Spy then attacked Card Trooper, and Naughton set a card to his back row.


Lazaro sent Elemental Hero Stratos to attack Naughton’s Spy, but Book of Moon turned him to defense mode! Trooper bounced off Spy, Naughton pulled another from his deck in defense mode, and Lazaro set a spell or trap to finish out.


One Spy went to attack mode, and two attacks wiped Lazaro’s field of monsters. Next turn he summoned D.D. Crow, flipped Torrential Tribute in desperation, and passed. Naughton summoned Mystic Tomato and swung for 1400 damage. Lazaro just set another spell or trap card. “Go ahead.”


Naughton summoned another Gravekeeper’s Assailant, turned Mystic Tomato to defense mode, and scored a direct shot with the Assailant. He set a card to his back row, ended, and Lazaro passed. He was down to 2600 life points, and next turn he couldn’t fend off Naughton’s Tomato and Assailant: both monsters struck and Naughton captured the first duel!


James Naughton wins game 1, deflecting an aggressive push with Dark Armed Dragon to defeat Canada’s great innovator. Both duelists did some quick side decking.


Game 2 opened with Lazaro setting a card to each zone. “Go ahead.” He’d opened with two copies of Destiny Hero – Malicious. Naughton matched him with two set cards, then activated Necrovalley. Lazaro set two more cards, both to his spell and trap zone.


Naughton flipped Gravekeeper’s Guard, bouncing Lazaro’s set monster from his field. He set another spell or trap and passed play to Lazaro. “Go.” Lazaro set another monster. Naughton turned the Guard to defense mode and passed.


Reinforcement of the Army let Lazaro dig out Elemental Hero Stratos, and he flip summoned Destiny Hero – Fear Monger before summoning him. Stratos’ destruction effect targeted one of two cards Naughton had set, Reckless Greed, and Naughton chained it. Stymied by Gravekeeper’s Guard, Lazaro ended his turn.


Allure of Darkness let Naughton dig two cards into his deck next turn, removing Mystic Tomato from his hand. He summoned Gravekeeper’s Assailant, attacked Stratos, and Lazaro responded with Mystical Space Typhoon targeting Necrovalley: Naughton had no answer, and the Assailant was destroyed in battle without his ATK bonus. Naughton set another spell or trap, played a second copy of Necrovalley, and ended.


Lazaro flipped Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to spin away Necrovalley, discarding Dark Magician of Chaos. With Necrovalley gone he was free to bring back the Magician he’d just discarded with Premature Burial! He did, and retrieved Mystical Space Typhoon: Naughton responded with Torrential Tribute, but Lazaro chained Solemn Judgment!


Naughton had one more card set in his back row, but Lazaro didn’t destroy it with his newly-regained Mystical Space Typhoon before he attacked. Instead, Dark Magician of Chaos was sent crashing into Gravekeeper’s Guard, and Destiny Hero – Fear Monger and Elemental Hero Stratos attacked directly for 2800 damage.


Naughton set a monster and ended. Lazaro set a spell or trap, attacked with Dark Magician of Chaos to remove his opponent’s Gravekeeper’s Spy, and watched as Naughton got another from his deck. He ended, and Naughton set another monster. Lazaro set a fourth spell or trap card next turn, which, combined with his Premature Burial, left him with no free zones in his back row.


Dark Magician of Chaos attacked Naughton’s face-down monster, but it was yet another Gravekeeper’s Spy! Naughton brought out Gravekeeper’s Assailant in defense mode, but next turn Lazaro tributed his Fear Monger for Crush Card Virus! That destroyed Naughton’s Spy and Assailant. A turn later Lazaro attacked with Dark Magician of Chaos and Stratos, reducing Naughton to 300 life points. Naughton fought back with a Crush Card Virus of his own, but Lazaro had Premature Burial to bring back Destiny Hero – Malicious for game!


Lazaro Bellido struggles back, taking this match to a third game. As always, a lot of side decking ensued.


Naughton opened once again with Gravekeeper’s Commandant, searching out Necrovalley. He played it, set a monster, and ended. Lazaro immediately played a spell or trap card, set Sangan, and ended. Did he have Crush Card Virus? Naughton was suspicious of how quickly Lazaro had set that card to his back row.


His opponent flipped A Cat of Ill Omen next turn, but Lazaro chained Dust Tornado to destroy Necrovalley! That meant whatever card Naughton pulled would go to the top of his deck, not his hand, changing things drastically. He pulled Crush Card Virus anyway though, and set a card to each zone.


Lazaro tributed his set Sangan for Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, destroying his opponent’s set Mystic Tomato and searching his deck for Treeborn Frog with Sangan’s effect! Zaborg attacked the Cat, Lazaro ended, and next turn Naughton set Sangan and Crush Card Virus. He played the Virus next turn and Lazaro lost Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, Elemental Hero Stratos, and Snipe Hunter, leaving him with Legendary Jujitsu Master, Monster Reborn, Treeborn Frog, and Destiny Hero – Disk Commander.


He activated Monster Reborn, brought back Snipe Hunter, and discarded Treeborn Frog to destroy Naughton’s face-down Royal Tribute. Snipe attacked for 1500 damage and Naughton was up.


“How many cards?”


“Two,” replied Lazaro, all business. Naughton summoned Grand Mole, didn’t attack, and ended. Lazaro opted not to bring back Treeborn, instead discarding Disk Commander to try and destroy Grand Mole — it missed. He discarded Legendary Jujitsu Master next, and missed again! He summoned Fear Monger, attacked with it into Grand Mole to bounce both monsters, and then attacked with Snipe Hunter. “I should’ve done that to start,” groaned Lazaro.


Naughton activated Allure of Darkness next turn, removing A Cat of Ill Omen and setting a card to each zone. Two minutes remained in the match. Lazaro had 8000 life points while Naughton had only 3100.


Lazaro discarded Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy his opponent’s face-down Gravekeeper’s Spy, then attacked for another 1500 damage. Naughton summoned Grand Mole and attacked to get the Spy off the field. He had just 1600 life points left.


Lazaro brought back Treeborn Frog in attack mode, but when he summoned Snipe Hunter to seal the deal Naughton answered back with Solemn Judgment! Treeborn dropped him to 700 life points, and he set another card to each zone next turn.


Play was back to the Canadian, who turned Treeborn to defense and set a card to each zone. Naughton tried to use Twister in his end phase, but didn’t realize it couldn’t destroy face-down cards! Naughton flip summoned Gravekeeper’s Spy next turn, special summoned Gravekeeper’s Assailant, and normal summoned Grand Mole. Grand Mole got Lazaro’s set monster off the field, and his pair of Gravekeepers attacked just as time was called. Three turns remained after this one.


Lazaro blasted Naughton with Dust Tornado in his standby phase, destroying Naughton’s face-down Trap Dustshoot and freeing up his field for Treeborn Frog. He brought it back in defense mode, set a spell or trap and Naughton drew for his final turn.


There was nothing he could do, and he offered Lazaro a friendly handshake. Lazaro Bellido moves on, two victories away from Day 2!

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