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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Philadelphia Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

We’ve been through a weekend full of twists, turns, upsets, and surprises here in Philadelphia, and now, after 2 days and 14 rounds of competition, we have a winner. Jessy Samek had only played in one Shonen Jump Championship prior to this one, but that didn’t stop him from posting a 9-1 record on Day 1 and sweeping through his Day 2 opponents to take home the title. He first had to face off against one of the two pure combo decks in the playoffs, the Diamond Dude Turbo deck run by Joseph Parchman. With Parchman out of the way, Jesse moved on to Paul Levitin, who had just come off a win against Jeff Jones’ Big City deck. A huge amount of aggression pulled Jesse thorough the match, and he found himself face to face with another second-time SJC competitor, Karim Ahamjik. It was a mirror match between Destiny Hero Monarch decks, but despite Karim’s strong play and excellent openers, Jessy was able to win, 2-0. Finally, Jessy had to square off against six-time Day 2 finisher, Lazaro Bellido. Jessy’s powerful Destiny Hero cards came to his aid at all the right times, and he made the most of his opportunities with solid play skills to defeat Lazaro and take home the title.


It’s been an exciting weekend here in Philadelphia. We’ve seen Elemental Heroes in the Top 16, Demise OTK beaten soundly, and a new rising star in the dueling scene. Minneapolis will bring us our first taste of the post-Force of the Breaker­ metagame, so, if you can’t make it, be sure to check out Metagame.com for live coverage from the event. Until then, congratulations to Jessy Samek, Shonen Jump Philadelphia Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Devon Schwartz
  Lazaro Bellido
Lazaro Bellido
  Lazaro Bellido
Theerasak Poonsombat
  Nick Langella
Nick Langella
  Jessy Samek
Karim Ahamjik
  Karim Ahamjik
Matt Laurents
  Jessy Samek
Paul Levitin
  Jessy Samek
Jessy Samek
Day 2
Head Judge John Williams dropped a pair of Crush Card Virus cards on the table as the players shuffled up for the match.
Both players know a guaranteed Crush Card Virus is on the line, and were all business as they shuffled up their decks.
Both of these players are in their first Shonen Jump Championship Day 2 appearance and are very pleased with the results of the last round.
Devon has been hounding me for a feature match all weekend and finally the cards have fallen in his favor.
Theerasak Poonsombat has made Top 8 yet again.
This feature match showcases two well-known players from big name teams.
This is our chance to find out what could have happened yesterday in round 10.
Day 1
Phillip Anthony made his first Day 2 back in Columbus with a Monarch build, and he’s looking to build up his reputation with another Day 2 appearance at this Jump.
Paul Levitin and Bryan Coronel need no introduction to each other as they’re both members of Team Overdose.
One of my favorite things about this event so far is all the good ideas that people have come up with today.
At X-1, both players needed this win to keep their hopes alive.
The danger in coming to these events with a family member is that if you both do well you’ll eventually have to play each other.
Anthony is still playing the burn deck his team has tried to keep quiet since Montreal, while Tom is running the dreaded Demise OTK.
For me, the most exciting part of SJC Houston back in March was Joey Skiles’ run with the Elemental Hero deck now known as Big City.
It’s an all-Canadian feature match in round 3!
Alexander Amari and George Velasquez are both natives of New York City playing here in each one's first major event.
There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on if you know where to look, so let’s check in with a few of the players I’ve been keeping an eye on.
I can say with 100% certainty that Demise OTK is the deck to beat today.
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