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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Force of the Breaker Preview: Harpie Queen -
  Harpie Queen doubles as a field spell card and as a Harpie Lady monster. It’s safe to say she’s probably the most versatile monster card in the game.

Force of the Breaker Preview: Goe Goe The Gallant Ninja -
  In the absence of disruptive tools like Delinquent Duo, The Forceful Sentry, and un-Limited Spirit Reaper, players have begun amassing some rather large hand sizes.

New Grounds: Teching the Metagame with Aggression -
  We’ve already discussed the fact that both DDT and the Ritual OTK deck base themselves around an inordinate amount of spell cards that must resolve successfully to give them victory. However, both decks also suffer from a few more weaknesses that I’d like to exploit.

New Grounds: Teching the Metagame with Counter-Traps -
  As you can see from the results of Shonen Jump Championship Columbus, the environment seems to have shifted.

New Grounds: Revisiting the Shrink Equation -
  You heard it right on the latest Seven Days: Shrink is being reprinted, in easily accessible form in the Strike of Neos Special Edition.

New Grounds: Adjusting to a New Format, Part 2 -
  I’m back with my second installment of Adjusting to a New Format.

New Grounds: Adjusting to a New Format, Part 1 -
  To inaugurate the new format, I thought it would be a good idea to create a competitive concept deck based on the recent play trends we’ve seen.

Strike of Neos Preview: Pulling the Rug -
  Clearly this trap was created to be splashed into savvy decks that want to counter the Monarch onslaught.

Strike of Neos Preview: Card Trader -
  One of the main goals any opponent has (especially when you play a combo deck) is limiting your options. Improving them by the kind of drastic amounts that Card Trader allows is downright deadly.

New Grounds Theme: Assessing the Gadgets -
  Gadgets are unquestionably among the best of the different, varied archetypes available to the savvy deckbuilder.

New Grounds Spotlight: Introducing Wonderbox! -
  It revolves around the two most powerful Warrior monsters in the environment, and a certain combo mechanic that unites the two.

New Grounds: Normalizing Yu-Gi-Oh! -
  I thought it’d be a great idea to create a competitive deck that focused purely on normal monsters.

New Grounds Spotlight: Team Fusion’s Magic -
  A balanced duelist learns to realize the importance of card advantage without sacrificing other goals such as field presence and life points.

Best of 2006: New Grounds: Exodia, How I Love You So -
  Trying to build a top-tier Exodia deck embodies the exact goal of the New Grounds column: to build competitive decks for aspiring players that can do well at a local tournament or regionals event.

Best of 2006: New Grounds: Deck-Building with Three Shrink-Powered Duelists -
  This article capitalizes on inside information with both Team Superfriends and Hugo Adame to assess archetypes based on the expensive, rare Shrink promo.

New Grounds Theme: Gateway to the Dark World -
  Dark World is known for providing extremely powerful sources of special-summon swarms and anti-hand disruption.

New Grounds Theme: Macro-Cosmos Explored -
  When put back on its heels through crafty use of your trap cards, the Monarch deck loses all of the floaters that help create so much advantage.

New Grounds Concept: Cyberdark Impact Arrives! -
  The thought of having a huge 2200 or 2300 ATK monster that could create piercing damage in a Cyber-Stein-infested environment was too much to resist.

New Grounds: Analyzing the Side Deck -
  There are a few approaches to a suitable side deck.

New Grounds: Scouting out the Future -
  Playing Strike Ninja showed me that he was incredibly powerful and almost indestructible, but my limited knowledge back in the day made it difficult to understand precisely what made him so great.

New Grounds: Hardcore Hand Control -
  As many duelists begin to experiment with flavored variations on the cookie cutter decks and cards like Future Fusion, Limiter Removal, and Pot of Avarice work themselves into the mainstream, hardcore hand control has never looked better.

Cyberdark Impact: Flash of the Forbidden Spell -
  The first thought that comes to mind is that Flash of the Forbidden Spell boasts a rather uncanny resemblance to Raigeki, which is rightfully on the Forbidden List.

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Cyber Ogre -
  Immediately you can tell that Cyber Ogre has one of the most unique effects in the game.

New Grounds: Learning from Mister Levitin -
  I thought it would be fun take a look at one of the best young deckbuilders in the game today and analyze his mindset.

New Grounds Theme: Supercharged -
  Ever since my Power of the Duelist Preview on Supercharge, I can’t help but have a soft spot for the card.

New Grounds: Deck-Building with Three Shrink-Powered Duelists -
  Incredibly enough, all three of the latest Shonen Jump Championships featured a duelist running multiple copies of the incredibly rare SJC promo card, Shrink.

New Grounds: A Kevin Hor Production -
  The entire focus of the deck is to find a way to get the Hino on the field.

New Grounds: Destiny Heroes Continued -
  There are all sorts of directions we can go with such a promising card.

New Grounds Concept: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun! -
  I’ve recently arrived at the conclusion that double is always better.

New Grounds Theme: Fairying Well with a New Archetype -
  Finally, the Fairy deck has many new tricks in its basket.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Return of the Vehicroids -
  Yes, you heard me correctly. The day when a Vehicroid deck can at least stand a chance against Chaos Return, Anti-Chaos Return, and the other top-tier builds in the format has arrived.

New Grounds Theme: The Big March of Small Animals -
  We’re going to build a top-class deck around the beguiling, round feline.

New Grounds Concept: New Age Soul Control -
  Because the Soul Exchange combination and the Deck Devastation Virus engine both generated some huge momentum swings in the format, I thought it’d be fun to combine the two concepts into one meaty deck.

New Grounds Theme: Metagame’s Machinations -
  With a few tweaks and the addition of Cyber Phoenix, Machines should be able to recapture some of their former glory.

New Grounds Concept: Disciple the Forbidden One -
  The ability to immediately destroy any face-up monster in the game through battle makes Disciple of the Forbidden Spell a highly intriguing monster.

New Grounds Concept: Top Tier Skill Drain -
  This week’s New Grounds concept is a version of Skill Drain with added support from the Chaos side.

New Grounds Concept: Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude is Not a Gimmick -
  The best deck reviewed on New Grounds yet!

New Grounds Concept: Jae Kim Plays Polymerization and Goes MIA -
  To those who are just tuning in, this is the episode where I play Polymerization: fusing two wonderful deck ideas to create something even better!

New Grounds Theme: The Harpie Lady Deck -
  My previews of Icarus Attack and Harpie’s Pet Baby Dragon stoked a tremendous fire for me to construct the best version of the Harpie Lady theme possible.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Harpie’s Baby Pet Dragon and Icarus Attack -
  These excellent cards are giving older themes like Fire, Machines, and Winged Beasts the chance to have a greater impact on the environment.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Cyber Phoenix -
  Cyber Phoenix has the ability to increase the draw power of both Fire decks and Machine decks, generate card advantage, or poke across an empty field for added damage without worrying about counter-attacks that destroy resources.

New Grounds Concept: Winning Through Battle -
  If we can create a neutral playing field where defenses don’t matter, the advantages generated through battle by our "advantage through battle" monsters should spur the innovative deck-builder to victory.

Tournament Pack 8 Preview: Slate Warrior -
  I’ve been invited to analyze one of the most delightfully versatile monsters in the game.

The Juncture: Concepts to Revisit While Merrily Building Decks -
  To make future New Grounds columns easier to understand, I want to introduce a new term: “concept deck.”

The Juncture: Analyzing Deck Devastation Virus -
  The mechanism of advantage behind Deck Devastation Virus still lingers, and it can’t be ignored, especially in light of its semi-limited status.

New Grounds: Winning Through Reasoning -
  “Advantage upon summon” tributes are incredibly powerful, especially with the proliferation of Soul Control decks.

New Grounds: The Elemental Hero Deck -
  Let’s get to work making a top-tier Elemental Hero deck!

New Grounds: Exodia, How I Love You So -
  I would like to do proper justice to a fully competitive Exodia deck. Is it possible? Yes. Pot of Avarice has given hope to Exodia users everywhere!

New Grounds 5: The Archfiend Deck -
  I feel that building the most competitive version of this deck would please lots of readers who are looking for a place to start with their Fiend decks.

New Grounds 4: The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s Brave and Bold -
  Without a shadow of a doubt, Freed the Brave Wanderer is the bravest monster in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

New Grounds 3: The Insect Deck -
  After witnessing firsthand the awesome powers of some of the new cards released in the set (Doom Dozer springs readily to mind), I think it’s safe to say that Insect decks have joined the top tier of elite, tournament-caliber decks.

New Grounds 2: The Top Tier Ritual Deck -
  Let’s get to work on constructing a Ritual deck that can make an impact on the environment!

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Treeborn Frog -
  The card does indeed allow you to unload free tribute monsters, making it great with cards like Mobius the Frost Monarch and Airknight Parshath.

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Ruin, Queen of Oblivion, and Demise, King of Armageddon -
  I want to take the time to truly analyze these two new Ritual monsters, since they infuse new life into a long dormant game mechanic.

New Grounds 1: The Dark Scorpion Deck -
  In this series, my main goal is to look at “rogue” deck types and analyze the extent of their effectiveness against the decks commonly seen in the current format.

The Juncture: Embracing Originality in Yu-Gi-Oh! -
  The formula looks like this: Innovation plus a Top 8 finish in a Shonen Jump Championship can equal a Yu-Gi-Oh! legend.

Analyzing the Spellcaster Archetype -
  Previewing Dimension Magic gave me the chance to catch up with an old archetype that has gotten a great boost.

The Juncture: Entering the Magical Dimension -
  The release of Magical Dimension in the new Spellcaster’s Judgment Structure Deck has provided the missing link and driving impetus for all duelists to begin using Spellcasters competitively!

Best of 2005: Tin Week: Dark Magician Girl -
  Most of my columns on this site try to take at least a new or unorthodox way of viewing previously overlooked options, and this article is a great example of what can be done with some originality and desire.

Best of 2005: The Juncture: Assessing Trap Lineups in the Metagame -
  Knowing that readers such as yourself can take a look and work on your own decks through our advice is quite literally one of the best perks of the job.

The Juncture: Analyzing the Water Attribute -
  If a 2650 ATK monster with no tribute cost sounds like your type of delectable delight, the Water deck just might be for you.

The Juncture: Getting Wind of a New Archetype -
  There’s a veritable treasure trove of solid Beatdown monsters that can fit the bill for your burgeoning Wind deck.

The Juncture: The Light of Play: The Lights of Play -
  Next on the table is a favorite attribute of many a duelist—Light!

The Juncture: Dark! -
  I’m almost tempted to skip this section, since Dark monsters are unquestionably the best attribute type in the game.

The Juncture: Earth -
  Earth monsters are easily some of the best in the game.

The Juncture: Breaking Down the Elements -
  In celebration of the upcoming release of Elemental Energy, I’ll be reviewing a key set of support cards (in six flavors) that have gone unjustly ignored for a long time.

Elemental Energy Preview: Reaching a New Level -
  The bottom line is that packing Alpha Zone Delta Barrier 2005 will enable you to automatically counter at least four or five monsters in your opponent’s deck.

Elemental Energy Preview: Pot of Advantage -
  We already know that the new Dark World monsters are some of the best to be printed in recent memory, but the true impact of Elemental Energy rests on a single spell card.

The Juncture: Reviving Chaos Control -
  The inclusion of Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End on the previous Forbidden list and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning removal from the new Advanced format has made it impossible to create a working Chaos build . . . right?

The Juncture: Assessing Spell Lineups in the New Metagame -
  As there were typically sixteen to twenty spells in every player’s deck prior to the new Forbidden list, the loss of seven to nine cards from each deck type will have a huge effect on the new Advanced format.

The Juncture: Concepts to Revisit and Expand in the New Format -
  The new Forbidden list is upon us, and it’s changed the metagame in both sweeping and subtle ways.

The Juncture: Assessing Trap Lineups in the Metagame -
  I’ll now argue that in this new metagame, your trap lineup will determine the rest of your deck.

Tin Week: Dark Magician Girl -
  Fans recognize Dark Magician Girl almost as well as they recognize the face of Yugi himself.

The Juncture: Analyzing the New-School Water Deck -
  Among the very small list of “Best Monsters in the Game” rests a diminutive level 1 critter by the name of Sinister Serpent

The Juncture: Analyzing the Machine Deck -
  The obvious beneficiary of the new set’s rush of hot additions to the arsenal is the Machine deck, an explosive archetype that I’ll scrutinize in this article.

GX Deck Week: Zane Truesdale’s Cyber Dragon Deck -
  Zane Truesdale is clearly the shining star of GX’s Duel Academia, and today we’ll be working on tweaking his Machine deck for real-life play!

The Juncture: Analyzing the T.A.D.P.O.L.E. Deck -
  Welcome, fans, to the wonderful world of the T.A.D.P.O.L.E. deck!

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: D. D. Trap Hole -
  D. D. Trap Hole might be the only card in the entire set that can deal with some of these dastardly new effect monsters.

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: Cybernetic Magician -
  You can expect Cybernetic Magician to be a powerhouse in the Booster Drafts that take place at the Sneak Preview events.

The Juncture: Meek Prevention Vs. Secure Destruction -
  With the rise of counter cards that are designed to either prevent or destroy many lovable mainstays, such as Scapegoat and Torrential Tribute, we should reexamine the principles behind the effectiveness of both prevention and destruction effects.

The Juncture: Exploiting Deck Synergy -
  One of the leaps of logic that an advanced player must take is to understand that every deckbuilding decision can either enhance or disrupt the deck’s overall synergy.

The Juncture: Exploiting the Metagame -
  The recent ruling changes on battle position have given rise to yet another “sinister new force.”

The Juncture: Analyzing the Low-Budget Deck -
  Let's take a look at a low-budget deck that has the potential to win any matchup.

The Juncture: Disarming the Samurai -
  For those of you who haven't followed the latest Shonen Jump Championship events on Metagame.com, this warning will be crucial.

The Juncture: Building Balanced Ratios -
  Forty cards stand between victory and defeat. Monsters, spells, and traps form the fabric of your deck, so they have to be arranged in harmony.

The Juncture: Side Decking for the True Tactician -
  Today, I’m going to talk about the side deck, a fifteen-card arsenal that can often turn the tide of a match in your favor.

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