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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Chicago Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s all over!


Brent Yetter was forced to play against his own teammate, Edgar Flores, in a quarterfinals rematch of their round 6 feature match yesterday! If Flores could make it through Yetter, his triple Royal Decree would have set him apart from the rest of the Top 4 field, but Yetter shut him down. He was then pitted against the crowd favorite, Dale Bellido, whom he defeated in a one-sided 2-0 match. In the finals, he went up against lesser-known duelist Adam Baxter, and fate and aggression delivered Yetter the win.


For Team Rampage, this is a huge victory. Yetter is one of the team’s newest acquisitions, and with the rivalry between Rampage and Overdose heating up, this Shonen Jump win adds a lot of heat to the team’s performance at Nationals. In fact, with a copy of Shrink for their very own, Rampage may be looking at sending a lot more team members to San Francisco in two weeks.


For Yetter, this victory has been a long time coming. Making Top 8 previously at Shonen Jump Boston, he’s been a well-recognized player for Hunger Force and Team Scoop in the past, but has never managed a Shonen Jump victory of his own. Now it’s his turn in the spotlight, and like Emon Ghaneian at Shonen Jump Columbus, raw aggression and guts carried him to a decisive victory in the finals.


The stage is set for the US National Championships two weeks from now, with all of America’s biggest teams sending competitors. The weekend displayed some interesting play trends and individual card tech. Cards like Last Will, Enemy Controller, Royal Decree, and Creature Swap seem bound to make an impact at Nationals. Despite Chaos Return variants again taking the day, duelists across the country are certain to be studying the results from this weekend’s competition in preparation for the season’s final showdown.


Our congratulations go out to all the competitors who showed up to throw down at Shonen Jump Chicago, and special congrats go out to Brent Yetter, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Brent Yetter
  Brent Yetter
Edgar Flores
  Brent Yetter
Robert Morgan
  Dale Bellido
Dale Bellido
  Brent Yetter
Jeffrey Ogarro
  Jeffrey Ogarro
Mark Johnson
  Adam Baxter
Adam Baxter
  Adam Baxter
Benjamin Bradley

Day Two
Yetter and Baxter took their seats, exchanging pleasantries. While Yetter’s recent move to join Team Rampage is well publicized, Baxter’s team background is less known. In fact, he himself didn’t quite know it.
Whoever won here would be the odds-on favorite for the finals.
Yetter took down Flores in yesterday's feature match, and this was Flores' chance to get even.
Dale Bellido’s attempt to recapture his throne all came down to this: facing down Robert Morgan, now allied with Super Friends’ rival Canadian team, Team Xtreme!
Day One
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
Paul Levitin needs no introduction. A Shonen Jump title holder, he’s managed to make Day 2 at four Shonen Jump Championships thus far. Now, he’s on the bubble for a fifth Day 2 appearance.
Dale Bellido is here today to keep his title, and with a 7-1 record, he’ll probably need to win this match in order to do so.
Joe Crisara is from a local team here in Chicago, Team We Own You. He’s been a frequent face at several Shonen Jumps in the past, including Columbus two weeks ago and Indianapolis last year, but has never managed to make the Top 8 yet.
Whaddaya know, the only big star-versus-star match at the top tables happens to be Brent Yetter, again.
With Nationals just around the corner, many duelists are looking to join forces and share resources. Whether it’s your local level rivals teaming up to put together gas money, or big teams sharing hot tech and new strategies, it’s a factor on virtually everyone’s mind.
Augustin Herrera made the Top 8 here last year, and was looking to make a repeat appearance on Day 2. But Robert Morgan, the Michigan duelist who had distinguished himself two weeks ago at Shonen Jump Columbus, was now directly in his path.
Arty Stein just polished off Gustavo Reyes, a Top 8 competitor here at the last Shonen Jump Championship in Chicago. Usually there isn’t anything particularly special about securing a 2-0 record, even if it’s against a former Top 8 duelist. It happens all the time at any given event, right?
It’s not even round 3 yet, and already, there are some dominant tech trends being reflected in the deck lists of top players.
Great manners, great organization, and even better dueling skills have always set Comic Odyssey in a league of their own.
Bellido had more tech up his sleeve, too. Or, should I say . . . in his pants.
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