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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Simon Says: Don’t Fear the Ring
Simon Sangpukdee

With the rotation of Ring of Destruction into the current format, players are trying to determine how to effectively utilize this card. After all, it’s considered a staple by many players. Its utility makes it an easy fit for a variety of deck types, such as burn, control, and plain old beatdown. Since it’s obviously a force to be reckoned with (at least in the current format), I would like to talk about certain cards you can use to minimize or even nullify the devastating power of Ring of Destruction.

Counter Trap Tricks
Let’s face it, hand management is critical when it comes to playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and winning the duel often depends on how you use your available options. Trap of Board Eraser will not only protect your life points from effects like Ring of Destruction, but your opponent will be forced to discard a card from his or her hand as well. This move can be especially brutal mid- to late game, when both players are trying to conserve their hands in order to set up that one decisive play later on. While your opponent may destroy a monster, it will cost him or her two cards (the trap and a card from his or her hand) to do so. Note that Trap of Board Eraser cannot be activated if your opponent has no cards in hand, so be sure to use it when he or she actually has something to discard. You may also want to side this card out after game one if your opponent has an affinity for using Dark World monsters. Be prepared!

Then there’s Barrel Behind the Door, a very nasty card that can suddenly end duels . . . especially when used to counter (or in conjunction with) Ring of Destruction. With the one, random Cyber-Stein being the tech of choice nowadays, staying above 5000 life points and pushing your opponent below that threshold is always in the back of most players’ minds. Nothing ruins that strategy more than if you blast the damage from Ring of Destruction right back at your opponent. The huge loss of life points can radically alter the tempo of duel, especially if something big like Cyber Dragon gets blown into scrap right before you chain Barrel Behind the Door. Suddenly, your opponent has to eat 4200 points of direct damage. Most players don’t expect huge life swings like the ones this trap can cause, and the demoralizing impact can play to your advantage.

A word of caution about using the two traps I’ve just mentioned. Counter traps need to be immediately chained to the effect they are trying to counter (in this case, Ring of Destruction) or else you cannot activate them. Suppose you activated your own Ring of Destruction, and your opponent, for some strange reason, activates Scapegoat; unfortunately, you cannot activate that set Barrel Behind the Door in that particular chain.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Solemn Judgment in any discussion of counter traps. While I’m a big fan of the card, you need be careful when using it to negate Ring of Destruction. Sure, it will also prevent the destruction of the targeted monster, but paying half of your life points might not be worth it, depending on the kind of situation you’re facing.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Quick-Play Spells Are Your Friends
The first quick-play spell that I think of when I want to counter Ring of Destruction is the face-down flipping powerhouse Book of Moon. This incredibly versatile card not only lets you reuse your flip effect monsters and set up combos with Nobleman of Crossout, it also helps save your monster (or your opponent’s) from being blasted apart by Ring of Destruction. When your opponent targets a monster with the trap, you can chain Book of Moon, turning the monster face down and preventing it from being destroyed (not to mention saving your life points as well). Most uses of Ring of Destruction involve a calculated plan of some sort involving a specific monster that has to be destroyed. Book of Moon forces your opponent to explore other, potentially riskier options in order to take out your monster.

Another quick-play spell you can use is Enemy Controller, specifically its second effect. You can only pull this off when both players have at least one face-up monster on their respective sides of the field. The premise is that, when your opponent targets your monster with Ring of Destruction, you chain the secondary effect of Enemy Controller, tribute the target, and temporarily gain control of one of his or her monsters. Of course, a move like this is highly situational, but it can potentially save your life points so you can fight on for another turn. John Umali, the first-ever Shonen Jump Champion, used a very similar move as he was about to eat 1700 damage from a Ring of Destruction targeting his Reflect Bounder. Eventually, that move allowed him to win and become our first SJC Champion (For you trivia buffs, the card Umali used to get out of this situation was Raigeki Break).

He Shoots Laser Beams from His Eyes
Sometimes, it’s the simple solutions that are the best and most effective. Since we’re talking about a trap card, why not use the one monster that laughs and sneers (in a mechanical fashion of course) at traps? Yes, I’m referring to Jinzo. It has 2400 ATK points and that nasty continuous effect. Unless the opponent negates its summon with Forced Back (and that’s if you normal summon it) or Solemn Judgment, then those traps he or she has set down are useless. I think we all know what happens at this point. Seriously, while I realize that Jinzo has taken a back seat to the Monarchs, it is far from a useless card and, with Ring of Destruction back on the block, we may need everyone’s favorite android to keep it in check.

That’s all for today’s article. For those who sent me an email at baldnbeautifuljudge@yahoo.com, I promise that I will eventually send you a reply. I’ve just been a little swamped with work and school. Please be assured that I do read your emails, and I’m always happy to hear from you. Thanks again for reading!

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