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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Minneapolis Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s all over here in Minneapolis and we have a new 2-time Shonen Jump Champion. Shane Scurry started out in 16th place after Day 1, barely breaking through on tiebreakers to earn a Top 16 match against Thao Tong. Though undefeated on Day 1, Thao wasn’t able to stop Shane as he rampaged on to play a mirror match against Jeff Baumgartner. He made it past Jeff to reach the semifinals where he had to play another mirror match against Kyle Hintze! Just when Shane finally thought he was going to get a break, he had to play against yet another Destiny Hero deck, albeit a Monarch build, in the finals. Shane demonstrated the devastating OTK capabilities of Destiny Hero beatdown to their full extent in the finals match to finally emerge victorious over Daniel Tate and take the championship!


It’s certainly been an odd weekend here in Minneapolis, as the Jump that was supposed to give us our look at what Force of the Breaker could do only really gave us an idea of what Raiza the Storm Monarch does. The truth of what will happen in Nationals in a couple of weeks is still shrouded with mystery, as players who are preparing for the event will have to reconcile their perception of what the format could look like with the reality of what happened here. The post-Force of the Breaker metagame is still being defined, but for now, congratulations to Shane Scurry, Shonen Jump Minneapolis Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Shane Scurry
  Shane Scurry
Jeff Baumgartner
  Shane Scurry
Kyle Hintze
  Kyle Hintze
Jordan Nasser
  Shane Scurry
Daniel Tate
  Daniel Tate
Jake Vang
  Daniel Tate
Son Pham
  Fili Luna
Fili Luna


Day 2
It’s an all Destiny Hero final here in Minneapolis as Shane Scurry and his Destiny Hero beatdown take on Daniel Tate and his Destiny Hero Monarch deck.
Both players were one win away from guaranteeing themselves a Crush Card Virus, which would be the first for both of them.
You may remember Kyle from his feature match yesterday, but Jordan is likely to be a new face for most readers.
Day 2 is no stranger to Shane Scurry, and he was feeling confident about this match through and through.
Day 1
This event has defied expectations from the very beginning and, as we progress through the final round, I’d like to look back on some of the key stories from the floor that have made this event unique.
Kyle Hintz is here representing Team Outphase with a Destiny Hero beatdown deck rather reminiscent of T’s.
Kyle Huffman traveled here all the way from Missouri, while Kyle is a local player from a bit north of Minneapolis.
I think it would be a good idea to take a look at the Top 8 tables at this point to see what kind of decks are currently going undefeated.
Lue Yang is yet another Minneapolis local whose been paired up against one of the few heavy-hitters who made the trip to Minnesota.
It’s only round 3, and we’re already seeing some of the new cards making an impact.
Both of these players have come to the event independently in hopes of making a name for themselves in the new format.
These two players are friends from regionals, and each already had a good idea of what the other was playing.
I’ve decided to take to the floor to see what the players think is going to go down and what they’ve been preparing for.
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