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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 1: Kyle Andrews vs. Daniel Treacy
Jerome McHale

Kyle Andrews is here fresh off a Day 2 appearance at Shonen Jump Championship Columbus and he’s also a Top 4 competitor from 2005 Canadian Nationals. Daniel Treacy has qualified for Nationals before, but is looking for his first major Day 2 today. Today, Daniel is playing a Diamond Dude Turbo build while Kyle has elected to bring a Lazaro-inspired Monarch deck.


Kyle opened up with a set to each zone and passed over to Daniel, who pitched Destiny Hero — Malicious to Destiny Draw to draw two cards and then removed the Malicious to summon another in defense position. Monster Gate came down next and sent six cards to the graveyard before Destiny Hero — Dasher appeared. Dasher fell into a Bottomless Trap Hole, and Daniel brought out his final Malicious. He didn’t have any more Monster Gates, as he had dumped the other two into the graveyard with the first one. Destiny Hero — Diamond Dude came down next and revealed Reasoning. The Dude attacked into Kyle’s set, but it was Gravekeeper’s Spy and the Dude was repelled. Kyle summoned another Spy, but both where destroyed by Lightning Vortex (discarding Destiny Draw) in main phase 2. Kyle’s next turn consisted of Cyber Dragon and Card Trooper. Trooper knocked Smashing Ground, Book of Moon, and Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch off the deck, and both of Daniel’s monsters were destroyed in battle. Kyle set one spell or trap and passed over to Daniel, who activated Reinforcement of the Army to get Elemental Hero Stratos, which in turn fetched Diamond Dude.


Daniel pitched his Dude to his third Destiny Draw and Stratos was equipped with a Divine Sword — Phoenix Blade. Snatch Steal stole Cyber Dragon, and Sakuretsu Armor felled Stratos. Card Trooper still went down in the face of Cyber Dragon though, and Daniel ended his turn, forgetting to use his Reasoning. Kyle set Spirit Reaper next turn, and Daniel’s fresh Card Trooper on the following turn couldn’t press through it. The Reaper was tributed for Mobius the Frost Monarch, and Kyle reclaimed his Cyber Dragon. Both monsters attacked, and Daniel got to draw a card for his Trooper before Kyle set a spell or trap and ended. Daniel contemplated his next move very carefully, as he was done for if he didn’t have something this turn. He set a card and activated Card Destruction, dumping Phoenix Blade and Dark Magician of Chaos. He set one more card and summoned Diamond Dude. Diamond Dude revealed Vortex, and Daniel ended. Kyle started the turn off with Pot of Avarice and attacked with both of his monsters, but Mirror Force blew them away and he was forced to set a monster before ending. Daniel simply passed his turn, and Kyle was able to flip Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and summon Gravekeeper’s Spy for the win.


After side decking, Daniel opted to go first in the second game, and he started with two set spells or traps. Kyle opened up with a set to each zone again and passed to Daniel, who simply set another spell or trap. Dekoichi flipped for Kyle next turn and attacked, but Waboku blocked the damage. Kyle set another card to each zone and passed over to Daniel who simply passed his turn. In the next turn, Gravekeeper’s Spy flipped for Kyle and brought out another Spy in defense mode. He attacked with both monsters, and Daniel had no response this time. On his next turn though, he had Reinforcement of the Army to get Stratos. Stratos fetched out Diamond Dude and Heavy Storm hit the field. Kyle chained Book of Moon on his Spy and Ring of Destruction on Stratos, leaving Daniel in a really bad spot with only 3600 life points left and nothing on the field. He dropped to 2800 to play Premature Burial on his Stratos, and this time he searched out a Malicious. Monster Gate tributed Stratos away, and Dark Magician of Chaos came off the top of the deck. Premature Burial was returned to Daniel’s hand and he dropped to 2000 life points to play it and bring back Stratos for another round. This time, Stratos fetched Diamond Dude before attacking into Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. The Magician swung on the face up Spy, and Daniel set a spell or trap before passing.


Kyle started off his next turn by flipping his Spy to fetch the third one out of his deck in defense position. He followed it up with Brain Control on Dark Magician of Chaos, and Daniel was forced to activate Solemn Judgment to block it. It was completely irrelevant though, as Kyle had another Brain Control and a Snatch Steal in hand to end the game! Kyle Andrews scores a quick win over Daniel Treacy, 2-0!

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