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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Columbus Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s all over! After a near miss in St. Louis, Marc Glass is back and better than ever, taking his first Shonen Jump Championship! At an event that was defined by decks based on explosively powerful card combinations, it comes as no surprise that the winner was one of the strongest combo decks ever, Diamond Dude Turbo. First, Marc had to break past Metagame.com’s own Matt Peddle, before landing in a quarterfinal match against Dan Bilbrey. Bilbrey’s Demise OTK couldn’t stand up to the heat from Marc’s Destiny Heroes, and he too fell by the wayside. Marc then had to face off against Phillip Anthony, who had just defeated Brian Long to make it to the semifinals. Glass barely dispatched him and moved on to the finals, where he faced Lazaro Bellido in the finals.


Many players had discounted Lazaro’s involvement in the creation of the popular Monarch deck from the last format just because Ryan Spicer happened to win a Jump. Today though, Lazaro proved once and for all that he would be the one to create the new face of Monarchs in our new format. With a build featuring Card Trooper, Legendary Jujitsu Master, Hydrogeddon, and Gravekeeper’s Spy, Lazaro made it to the very end before succumbing to the power of Diamond Dude Turbo. It’s been an incredible weekend, and, once again, we have a new champion. Congratulations to Marc Glass, Shonen Jump Columbus champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Marc Glass
  Marc Glass
Dan Bilbrey
  Marc Glass
Brian Long
  Phillip Anthony
Phillip Anthony
  Marc Glass
Shane Scurry
  Shane Scurry
Edgar Flores
  Lazaro Bellido
Lazaro Bellido
  Lazaro Bellido
Jeff Baumgartner

Day 2
One month after his loss in the finals of SJC St. Louis, Marc Glass has returned to the final table for another shot at a championship.
Lazaro, like Shane, had managed to totally avoid the feature match table all throughout Day 1. Now though, it’s his time to shine.
Welcome to the first, and likely only, feature match of the event that contains absolutely no combo decks.
After a bad run in Houston, Shane Scurry is back on top of his game, finishing second at the end of day 1.
Day 1
Marc Glass is on fire tonight.
If Mike Powers’ streak continues, he’ll be shining all the way through to Day 2.
Our competitors this round are both sitting at 6-1, placing them squarely on the bubble.
Ian took down Matt Peddle in the previous round and is looking to cap things off by making his first day 2 appearance.
Marc Glass has been on a roll lately, making it into the Top 8 and beyond in the last two SJCs he’s entered.
This round we’re bringing you the matchup from table 1, pitting 2005 Worlds qualifier Bryan Coronel against Ohio native Nikitas Katsourakis.
Both players are 4-0 right now and show no signs of stopping until they’ve firmly locked down their spots in the Top 16 playoff tomorrow.
Jones is playing an Advanced Ritual Art deck, while Matt is playing something that he dubs “One of Everything.”
I’m a big fan of rematches, especially when the rematch is between the two finalists of an earlier SJC.
As one of the best level 3 judges in the country, Simon is much more used to announcing the feature matches than playing in them.
All in all, SJC Columbus is shaping up to be an excellent event, and it hasn’t even started yet!
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