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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 4: Abel Carrasco vs. Nick Flores
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Nick Flores, from Houston, Texas has wow’d the field so far today by going undefeated with an Ultimate Tyranno OTK deck. Nineteen years of age, he’s successfully combined Ultimate Tyranno OTK and Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Mausoleum decks into one killer strategy.


His opponent, Abel Carrasco, is also nineteen years old and hails from El Paso. An independent not affiliated with any local teams, he’s gone undefeated thus far.


He won the opening roll, and began the match by setting a card to each of his zones — first a monster, then a spell or trap. Flores drew into Ojama Trio, but lost it to his opponent’s set Drop Off! He summoned Sangan, attacked, and hit D. D. Assailant, costing himself 600 life points. He then set Ring of Destruction. “Go ahead.”


Mystical Space Typhoon dropped from Carrasco’s hand next turn, but the Ring was chained to destroy D. D. Assailant. “Nice,” remarked Carrasco. He summoned Don Zaloog, attacked Sangan, and discarded Messenger of Peace from Flores’ hand, leaving him with Nimble Momonga and Giant Trunade. Flores searched his deck for Morphing Jar with Sangan’s effect and Carrasco passed.


Flores drew another Messenger. He set Nimble Momonga, contemplated setting Giant Trunade, but then activated Messenger of Peace instead. Heavy Storm ripped it off the field next turn, and Carrasco summoned Mystic Swordsman LV2 from his hand! The Swordsman destroyed Momonga, Don hit directly to discard Morphing Jar, and Carrasco ended.


Flores drew Big Bang Shot and set both of his cards to his back row. Carrasco tributed Don Zaloog for Airknight Parshath, attacked with it to draw a card, and then attacked with Mystic Swordsman LV2. He set one back row card and passed. Flores attached Big Bang Shot to Airknight Parshath, activated his set Trunade to remove Airknight from play with Bang Shot’s effect, and then set one back row card. He had just 1200 life points remaining and needed to stave off Carrasco’s attacks, but there was nothing he could do. Carrasco kept the pressure up and tributed his Mystic Swordsman LV2 for Cyber Dragon, attacking directly for game.


“I’ll go first,” announced Flores immediately. Carrasco gave his deck a quick check and shuffle, but Flores appeared to do some serious side decking. In actuality it was a pure smokescreen, and very few, if any, cards were changed out of his main deck. He gave it a precise pile shuffle and passed it to Carrasco for a final randomization. The duel began.


Flores summoned Nimble Momonga and set Ojama Trio. Carrasco activated Reinforcement of the Army, taking D. D. Warrior from his deck to his hand! He summoned it and attacked into Momonga, dishing out 200 damage and preventing the Momonga’s effect from going off! He then set two back row cards and passed.


Flores drew and passed. In his end phase Carrasco activated Dust Tornado, but it was useless: Flores chained Ojama Trio in response to place three Ojama Tokens onto his opponent’s field. Carrasco summoned Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer to attack on his turn and passed.


Cyber Dragon came down on Flores’s side, but Torrential Tribute wiped the field. Carrasco took 900 damage for the Ojamas, and ate 1000 more when Giant Germ was summoned to attack him directly. Flores set a spell or trap and ended.


Carrasco special summoned Kycoo from the graveyard with Premature Burial and then used Exiled Force to destroy Giant Germ. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer attacked directly, Carrasco set a second spell or trap, and play was to Flores. Flores set two spells or traps and ended. Kycoo attacked once more, but Gravity Bind stopped the attack! Carrasco passed, Flores passed back, and play was again to Carrasco.


He summoned Spirit Reaper, slipping under Gravity Bind to force the discard of Big Bang Shot. It was 3900 to 5300 in Carrasco’s favor and, though Flores had another Big Bang Shot set that could destroy the Reaper, it would make his job a lot harder in the long run if he lost two of his three copies of the equip spell.


He flipped the set copy though, blowing away the Reaper with Big Bang Shot before passing. Carrasco summoned Mystic Swordsman LV2 instead on the following turn, and used it to press through another 900 damage. Flores summoned Nimble Momonga, attacked the Mystic Swordsman, destroyed it, and passed. Carrasco activated Call of the Haunted on his turn, brought back Exiled Force, tributed it to destroy Nimble Momonga, and then activated Last Will. With it he special summoned Sangan, which then attacked for 1000 life points. That pushed Flores to 2000 life points exactly, which had to feel like a kick in the gut. It would prevent him from paying for both of Ultimate Tyranno’s tributes with Mausoleum of the Emperor.


Flores was forced into action. He played a third Big Bang Shot, this time on Sangan, then activated Giant Trunade to remove Sangan from play. He set two back row cards and passed. Carrasco set a card to each zone, attacked with Kycoo, and was repelled again by Gravity Bind. Flores activated Nobleman of Crossout, removing Carrasco’s set D. D. Assailant from play. He set a third spell or trap and ended.


Carrasco drew into Graceful Charity and activated it. He discarded Mirror Force and Don Zaloog, and was forced to end his turn. Try as he might, he just couldn’t get rid of Flores’ Gravity Bind! Flores set Spirit Reaper, but lost it to Nobleman of Crossout. With so few life points remaining and an inability to stay on the field, he was in trouble. Carrasco flipped Call of the Haunted to bring back Mystic Swordsman LV2 and attacked for 900 damage, dropping Flores to 1100. Flores drew and, after looking at his options, just passed.


The Mystic Swordsman LV2 attacked again, but this time Ring of Destruction destroyed it. Flores was down to just 200 life points! Carrasco set a second spell or trap and ended. Flores played Messenger of Peace, but next turn Carrasco topdecked into Heavy Storm, and it was all over!


Abel Carrasco takes down one of the most talked-about decks here today, breaking Flores’ undefeated streak!

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