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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Ask Rob: Random Rulings from Rob's Inbox
Robert Smith
When I'm putting together this column, I usually look for a theme that most people seem to be concerned with, but looking through my Inbox of questions that have been sent in from readers of Metagame.com, there doesn't seem to be a common theme; instead, there's more concern over individual card rulings. So I'm going to start a new section, which I will be returning to frequently, called Random Rulings from Rob. Each time I do this review, I will be taking a handful of reader emails and answering their questions. If anyone wishes to send questions, please send email to askrobsmith@hotmail.com. Please include your name along with your question submissions.
Q: Hi! I was wondering what would happen if I had a set
Morphing Jar #2 that got flipped when it was my only monster on the field, and I didn't have any other monsters to count towards the special summon requirement if it was killed. How does this resolve?
—Danny Mandel
Rob: You know what, Danny, I've never actually seen this happen, although I've thought about this very scenario many times. When
Morphing Jar #2 resolves and there are no monsters in the deck, you pick up until there are no cards in your deck. All cards picked up in this manner are sent to the graveyard. As you are only "picking up" from the effect of Morphing Jar #2 and not drawing cards, you do not lose from this, but the next time you have to draw a card, you will lose the game. This makes Morphing Jar #2 one of the most formidable and unexpected cards in the current Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame.

Q: If
Dark Necrofear is discarded by Spirit Reaper, Delinquent Duo, or another card like that, can you still play Monster Reborn/Call of the Haunted/Premature Burial if you remove three Fiends since it was never special summoned the correct way?
Truman Ditsel
Dark Necrofear is what we call a special summon only monster. This means that the monster must be special summoned to the field in the correct manner before it can be revived with a card effect such as Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, Premature Burial, The Shallow Grave, or something like that. When Dark Necrofear is discarded due to the effect of Delinquent Duo, Spirit Reaper, Confiscation, or Don Zaloog from the hand, or if it's discarded from the deck by such effects as Needle Worm or Morphing Jar #2, it isn't considered "properly summoned," so it is unable to return. If you can somehow return the card from your graveyard to your hand, then you will have the opportunity to properly summon it to the field.
Q: Player A attacks. Player B Uses
Ring of Destruction on the attacking monster, and Player A chains with a Royal Decree. Can Player B chain Mirror Force to Royal Decree, or can Mirror Force only be activated as the first step in a chain?
John Roggenkamp

Oh, good question John. What we have to remember is that normal traps and continuous traps are spell speed 2, which means they can be chained onto one another.
Mirror Force is spell speed 2, which means it can be chained onto spell speed 1 or 2. Mirror Force also has the activation condition that it can only be activated once an attack has been declared. Once an attack has been declared, it becomes legal to activate Mirror Force. That means it can be used in a chain when your opponent declares an attack. It doesn't have to be the first card in the chain. So, John, the answer to your question would be, "Yes, indeed you can."

Q: This question concerns
Thunder Dragon. The effect says that you may discard this card during a main phase in order to add two other Thunder Dragons to your hand from your deck. Can I use this effect during my opponent's main phase since it doesn't specify "on your main phase"?
William Estela

Rob: In order for an effect to be activated on the opponent's turn, the card effect must specifically state that it can be activated on the opponent's turn. Card effects such as Sanga of Thunder,
Maryokutai, Strike Ninja, and several others state this. These card effects are also known as multi-trigger effects. Multi-trigger effects can be activated during the opponents turn because they state that they can be. In answer to your question, William, Thunder Dragon doesn't have this classification and can only be activated during your main phase 1 or 2.

Q: When
Lord of D. is on the field, will Spear Dragon shift to defense position, or is Spear Dragon unaffected by Lord of D.'s effect?
Rob: Again, a very good question, and one that was under considerable debate for a while.
Lord of D. prevents a Dragon-type monster card from being specifically designated as a target. Spear Dragon states that it switches to defense mode after it attacks. So wouldn't that effect be targeting itself, and hence be a "specifically designating" target? Well the simple answer to that is no, and here's why.

Spear Dragon is affecting itself, not targeting something else. When you specifically designate a target, you point at a card and say "that one." The card effect can't say, "I pick myself." It happens anyways. Another reason, and one slightly less difficult to explain, is that the effect of Spear Dragon is unable to target a different card. It can only affect itself.

Q: Shadow Spell reduces a monster's ATK by 700. If Shadow Spell is destroyed, and the monster isn't, is that monster's ATK still reduced by 700 points?
Aaron Barry

Rob: Shadow Spell is a continuous trap card. One thing that should be known about continuous trap cards is that once they leave the field, they no longer have an effect. So, Aaron, once Shadow Spell leaves the Field in any manner, whether it's destroyed or returned to the hand, or even if it's removed from play, it no longer has its effect of decreasing a monster's ATK by 700. 
Q: When
Vampire Lord is destroyed (not by a battle) in your hand or deck, it will be special summoned. Does this mean that when my opponent uses Confiscation, Don Zaloog, Spirit Reaper, or Delinquent Duo and destroys my Vampire Lord from my hand, it will come back?
Josh Bechtel
Rob: When
Vampire Lord is discarded from the hand by the card effects mentioned, Vampire Lord is not special summoned to the field. The reason why is that when you discard a card, you are not destroying a card. You are sending it the graveyard. These two terms are very important to remember in Yu-Gi-Oh! In Yu-Gi-Oh!, there are only two ways to destroy a card. The first is through damage calculation. A monster will be considered destroyed when the ATK of a monster attacking it is greater than the original monster's DEF/ATK (depending on its battle position). The second way to destroy a monster is when a card effect has the keyword "destroy" in the card text. A good example of a card effect that destroys a monster would be Tribute to The Doomed.

So if you are not destroying a card when you discard it, what are you doing? That is what we call sending a card to the graveyard. When you send a card to the graveyard, you are simply placing it there. Key effects that only trigger when a card is destroyed will not happen.
Thanks for the question, Josh!

Q: If
Spear Cretin is flipped and sent to the graveyard, are you allowed to special summon it back to the field by using its own effect?
Ashley Kutcher

Rob: Ashley, when
Spear Cretin has been flipped and then sent to the graveyard, it is unable to retrieve itself through its card effect. You are, however, allowed to get a different copy of Spear Cretin that may be in your graveyard. That gives you an excellent wall against your opponent's attacks and is also one of the most versatile monster revival effects in the game.

Q: The four Toon monster cards all use the phrase, "this card may inflict direct damage to your opponent's life points. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't direct damage mean you don't have to go through the monster card or trap card line to reach the life points, so
Magic Cylinder and Mirror Force could not be used against Toon attacks?
Jason Smith

Rob: The phrase, "this card may inflict direct damage to your opponent's life points" is telling you that you may attack your opponent directly with your Toon monster cards. It is not inflicting direct damage. The keywords direct damage mean that you are dealing damage through a card effect, not by a direct attack. Whenever you attack and deal life point damage to your opponent, it is referred to as battle damage, or damage done through battle. Because you have to declare an attack against your opponent in order to use the Toon monsters' effect of attacking directly, once you do so, it becomes legal to activate
Magic Cylinder or Mirror Force. Your opponent will have the opportunity to deal a bit of damage or destroy all your monsters if you don't somehow stop those cards.
Excellent questions, all. Remember you don't have to limit your questions to Yu-Gi-Oh! They can be about anything you are wondering or may be concerned about, from, "What's your favorite color?", to, "What kind of cards should I put in a Warrior deck?" The sky's the limit! I will personally address as many as possible.
Also remember that these articles can be used as a rulings reference in your games.
Until next time . . .
Duel On!

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